God of Fishing - Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: Visiting the Village Leader

Chapter 231 Visiting the Village Leader

Han Fei vaguely guessed that Jiang Qin was once a student of the Thug Academy too, so was old Jiang; that was why they knew so much about the Thug Academy .

The next day .

The Soul Awakening began . Han Fei heard that the casualty rate of the Fishing Trial this year was said to be 50% lower than last year . It was just because Han Fei and his teammates won the Resource Competition that the casualty rate was so low . But first place seems to have only scored 4,000 points . Han Fei thought maybe he could check out the top ones .

Soul Awakening Pool, Heavenly Water Village .

Han Fei sneaked into the crowd and the top ten students had entered the pool, awakening their spiritual beasts .

After a while, noises broke out from the bottom of the water .

The village leader shouted excitedly, “Zhang Min has got a Swift Squid as his spiritual beast!”

Han Fei didn’t pay much attention . The so-called “Swift Squid” was a rare squid in the level-one fishery . He might think it was good before but now he didn’t feel anything about it!

“Chen Yi, a Big Meat Turtle…”

“Zhang Kang, a Tentacle Lobster…”

When it came to the last person, a lot of plants suddenly appeared in the pool . Han Fei’s eyes lit up . Spirit Entangling Grass?

The village leader also excitedly shouted, “Xu Ya has got Spirit Entangling Grass as her spiritual plant . That’s really special…”

Standing under the sculpture, the village leader began to brag, but Han Fei just nodded slightly . Now that she had gotten Spirit Entangling Grass as her spiritual plant, she could only be a manipulator in the future!

After Xu Ya came out of the pool, she raised her hand and waved to the audience, but there was no smile on her face .

Han Fei thought to himself, Let me find a chance to ask the village leader about this Xu Ya . How is her spiritual heritage, combat power, and character? After all, although there were many manipulators in this world, only Luo Xiaobai could enter the Thug Academy…

Luo Xiaobai was very strong, which was definitely beyond doubt . When they were in the level-two fishery, she helped a lot . Her combat power might be weaker than the other four, but not by much . Besides, she could control, fight, defend, and predict dangers . On the whole, her comprehensive strength was very strong .

Among the last batch of one hundred people, someone got an Armored Turtle as his spiritual beast, just like Wang Baiyu . However, in Han Fei’s view, this spiritual beast was too weak . It was just a rare spiritual beast, not very outstanding .

Next, nearly 3,000 people entered the pool at the same time . Because the Spirit Awakening Liquid was exceptionally sufficient this year, the village leader also had confidence . Han Fei watched ordinary spiritual beasts appear one after another in boredom . Finally, among these people, a boy had got a mutant Spider Crab as his spiritual beast . Except for that, most of the spiritual beasts were from the ordinary fisheries .

Being a looker-on, Han Fei just remained silent hanging his head low no matter how excitedly the people around him shouted .

When the Soul Awakening was about to end, he quietly left, ran to the village leader’s house, lay down on the chair in the yard, and took out two big strawberries to nibble on .

About half an hour later, the village leader returned home with three teenagers . The village leader said, “Xu Ya, it’s really one-of-a-kind to have a spiritual plant . You shall not waste your talent . I will help you apply for admission to the First Academy . . Yang Qi, your spiritual beast is an exotic Spider Crab . That’s very rare . Its grade is even above the Spirit Entangling Grass . Among the thousands of people, you are the only one . Although your spiritual heritage is not very good, I can also get you to study at the Second Academy… As for Zhao An, last time, Wang Baiyu also got an Armored Turtle as his spiritual beast and now is at the First Academy . I’ll try to get you there and you two can take care of each other in the future…”

The village leader talked and suddenly stopped when he saw a person lying on his favorite recliner, chewing on strawberries while looking at him .


“You… Are you back?”

Han Fei lazily got up from the recliner and smiled . “Grandpa Leader, long time no see!”

The village leader didn’t know what to say . He had heard of Han Fei’s deeds in the town, which he had never imagined .

The Fourth Academy, which he despised, turned out to have five peerless talents .

Now everyone knew that they won the hundred-game winning streak in the Blue Sea Arena, crushed the top 100 students of the other three academies, and beat advanced great fishing masters although they were only junior great fishing masters…

Each of these achievements had deeply shocked him .

So, seeing Han Fei, he didn’t know what to say .

How could this boy who only had a level-three mid-quality spiritual heritage grow up to this point? A few months ago, he went to the Fourth Academy to find Han Fei when he went to Blue Sea Town . However, the old man of the Fourth Academy said that Han Fei went to the level-two fishery for trial .

He was shocked to hear that . Went to the level-two fishery for trial? But how long had Han Fei only been in the Fourth Academy? The students of the other three academies were still having trials in the level-one fishery as led by their teachers, but they had gone to the level-two fishery already?

Beside the village leader, Xu Ya and the other two looked at Han Fei curiously . Zhao An suddenly said, “Were you first place in the Fishing Trial last year, Han Fei?” Han Fei smiled . “Yes! Surprised? Happy?” The other two didn’t speak but were curious, wondering how the first place of the last year was doing

The village leader was a little surprised . “When did you come back? Did you see the Soul Awakening today?” .

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Han Fei nodded lazily and handed a strawberry to the village leader . “Yes, for a while . Are the three of them the best this time?”

It suddenly occurred to the village leader that Han Fei may have come to find talent . The Fourth Academy had just debuted but had almost swept the other three academies . Its strength could not be underestimated!

The village leader quickly said, “Yes, they are the best this year . Xu Ya has got Spirit Entangling Grass . Zhao An, an Armored Turtle, and Yang Qi, a mutant Spider Crab…” Zhao An seemed not to like Han Fei . He said coldly, “Grandpa Leader, why did you bother to tell him this?”

The village leader gave him a warning stare and turned to look at Han Fei . “Do you think any of them can enter the Fourth Academy?”

“Fourth Academy?”

The three teenagers were stunned . Did Han Fei come here to recruit them into the Fourth Academy?

Zhao An responded first . “Grandpa Leader, I’m going to the First Academy . ”

The other two didn’t speak but seemed a bit reluctant . If we can go to a better school, why should we go to the Fourth Academy, which ranks last?

The village leader shouted in a low voice, “Shut up . ”

Han Fei smiled . Ignoring Zhao An, he asked lazily, “Grandpa Leader, I just came over to have a look . How about their spiritual heritages?”

The village leader immediately pointed to Xu Ya . “Xu Ya has got a level-four low-quality spiritual heritage, not worse than Xia Wushuang’s . Zhao An, level-three high-quality . Yang Qi’s spiritual heritage is not that good, but it’s also a level-two high-quality one . ”

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Han Fei nodded slightly . “How about their strength?”

The village leader continued, “Xu Ya is a level-eight fisher, and Zhao An and Yang Qi are both level-seven fishers . ”

Han Fei was a little surprised . Yang Qi managed to become a level-seven fisher with a level-two high-quality spiritual heritage? Not bad . He must have gotten some special chances . “Grandpa Leader, do you mind me assessing their strength now?”

The village leader immediately grinned . “No, of course not . Go ahead . ”

The village leader’s eyelids twitched . He had long learned the real strength of the Fourth Academy, not to mention that He Xiaoyu and the others had told him that Han Fei had already become a great fishing master . Standing in front of Han Fei, he could feel the overwhelming aura of him . Perhaps he was at least an intermediate great fishing master now . Could he be progressing so fast in any of the other three academies?

Xu Ya frowned . “Assess us?”

Zhao An took a step back . “No, I’m going to the First Academy . ”

Yang Qi didn’t mind though because he didn’t think he had any chance to enter the First Academy .

Han Fei smiled . “Okay, Zhao An, right? You can refuse to be assessed by me but don’t influence the other two!”

The village leader sighed slightly . Why is Zhao An so stupid? If this Fourth Academy does rank last, why would I have asked Han Fei to assess you?