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God of Fishing - Chapter 232

Published at 18th of October 2020 09:21:37 PM

Chapter 232: Try Next Year

Chapter 232 Try Next Year

Han Fei’s assessment was very simple, and even the village leader was surprised .

“I’ll reduce my strength to the level of a level eight fisher . Now attack me . Try your best!”

Xu Ya was a bit stunned . Han Fei was only one year older than them . How dare he speak so arrogantly? Reduce his strength? The three of them all got a bit angry . Yes, you won first place last year, but we are not weak!

The village leader frowned . “Level eight? No . You have learned combat skills . I think level seven is better . ”

Han Fei was helpless . “Come on, Leader, I won’t hurt them… Fine, let me make it level seven . ”

Soon, Xu Ya took the lead to attack him . Humph, reduce your strength to fight me? I’ve never been defeated!

Xu Ya took out her rod and smashed a spiritual energy explosion at him . But to her surprise, Han Fei just slightly tilted his body and gently patted her rod with a hand that was wrapped with spiritual energy, and the rod was hit deep into the ground .

This scene stunned Zhao An and Yang Qi . Is this guy so powerful? He fought Xu Ya barehanded?!

Han Fei smiled . “Hey, little girl, don’t use up your spiritual energy too soon . ”

Xu Ya narrowed her eyes and suddenly thrust her rod at him but Han Fei easily dodged it .

Xu Yashi tried her best but couldn’t even touch Han Fei’s clothes . The rod in her hand was easily taken by Han Fei and was thrown aside .

“Fuse . ”

She fused with Spirit Entangling Grass and a large sheet of Spirit Entangling Grass pounced at Han Fei . Han Fei shook his head and said, “You’ve just got your spiritual plant, which doesn’t cooperate well with you yet . It is useless against me . ”

Han Fei took out a knife and casually slashed, and the Spirit Entangling Grass was immediately shattered . In the end, Xu Ya sank down on the ground looking shocked, sweat dripping from her head .

The village leader sighed slightly . After all, he was already a great fishing master . Han Fei had experienced a lot more than Xu Ya . Even if he reduced his real strength, he was still too strong for Xu Ya to resist .

Then, Han Fei hooked a finger at Yang Qi .

Yang Qi got what he meant and immediately jumped at him . Yang Qi didn’t consider whether to fuse with his spiritual beast or not . Xu Ya had tried it and it didn’t work at all . He might as well fight Han Fei head-on with all his spiritual energy . Yang Qi attacked quite fiercely . Many times, he tried to hurt Han Fei at the expense of hurting himself but all his attacks were easily defused by Han Fei .

After a moment, Yang Qi also sank down on the ground, running out of spiritual energy . The village leader quickly said, “What do you think? Are they qualified?”

Han Fei pointed at them and two columns of spiritual energy poured into Xu Ya and Yang Qi . Under their shocked stare, he shook his head and said, “No, not yet!”

The village leader’s eyes dimmed and he sighed . “Well, then forget it . At least, they learned some experience from you . ”

However, Han Fei said, “The next month will be the admission season . By then, they should be familiar with their spiritual plant and spiritual beast and can go to the Fourth Academy to have a try! Of course, if their strength remains like this, they certainly won’t be qualified! And Yang Qi, his fighting style is very fierce . I don’t think he’s suitable for the other three academies . If he can quickly become a fishing master, maybe he can have a try at the Fourth Academy next year after cultivating in the level-one fishery for a year . ”

The village leader’s eyes lit up . “Really?”

“Yes! But even so, I personally think that the probability of him passing the assessment is only 20% or 30% at most . It’s all up to you to decide!”

The three teenagers were all shocked . What the hell? Is this Fourth Academy so hard to enter? They aren’t qualified?! But they are the most outstanding talents of the Heavenly Water Village this year!

Han Fei was pulled to the side by the village leader . “Han Fei, tell me honestly how strong the Fourth Academy is?”

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Han Fei shrugged . “It’s for sure that it is better than the other three academies . It used to sweep through the 36 towns and crush the heavenly talents of the Thousand Star City . Do you think that sounds strong or not?”


The village leader gasped in shock . Was the Fourth Academy that strong?! Han Fei said with a smile, “Grandpa Leader, then I’ll be leaving . No one is qualified . ” But the village leader hurriedly stopped him . “Wait, didn’t you forget something? Don’t you give your juniors some gifts? The strongest one among them is only a level-8 fisher . How is it possible for them to pass your assessment next month?”

Han Fei was helpless . The village leader was always trying his best to get more resources for the kids in the village!

Han Fei looked back . “Fine, fine . ”

Han Fei waved and two five or six meters long Plate Rays were thrown on the ground .

Han Fei said with a smile, “Here you are . I caught these Plate Rays in the level-two fishery, which are level-30 rare creatures . They should be enough to help them become fishing masters!”


The village leader was stunned and he gasped . Where did Han Fei conjure these things… From a Sea Swallowing Seashell?What on earth did Han Fei experience at the Fourth Academy? He even had a Sea Swallowing Seashell?!


Then the village leader realized that Han Fei actually took the level – 30 rare creatures as his food!

The village leader shouted at Han Fei who had slipped away, “You damn spendthrift!”

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Han Fei left, leaving the angry village chief and the three dumbfounded teenagers .

After a long while, Xu Ya asked, “Grandpa Leader, is Brother Han Fei…”

The village leader sighed . “The Fourth Academy is not what you think . It is actually an elite school . Only five people have joined that school so far . However, the five of them overwhelmed all the excellent students of the other three academies . And Han Fei is one of the five . You can imagine how strong he is!”

The three were shocked . Are you kidding? The five of them overwhelmed all the excellent students of the other three academies?!


Yang Qi asked awkwardly, “Grandpa Leader, so what’s Brother Han Fei’s real strength?”

The village leader said frankly, “He is at least an intermediate great fishing master! But I’m afraid that his real strength equals that of advanced or peak-level great fishing masters . ”


As if a thunder rambled in their minds, the three of them gaped . Really? But he was only 13 years old! Just one year older than them! They were still fishers, but Han Fei was already so strong! How shocking!

Zhao An was a bit regretful at the moment . Why did he never hear of the Fourth Academy before? He thought the Blue Sea Academy ranked first!

The village leader looked at Zhao An . “It’s not easy to enter the Fourth Academy . Didn’t you hear what he said? Try the First Academy . Perhaps you may have a chance . ”

Then, the village leader looked at Xu Ya and Yang Qi . “I don’t think… You can eat these two fish in half a month . Can you spare some for Zhao An? Of course, it’s up to you . ”

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He knew it was cheeky to say that, but he had to say so . Han Fei didn’t want to give a fish to Zhao An, but he, as the village leader, had to consider the kids .

Xu Ya and Yang Qi did not speak, but they didn’t want to give anything to Zhao An . Why should we give it to him? This is our chance . Suddenly, Yang Qi got up and said, “Leader, I want to stay in the village . ” The village leader froze, and after a while, he nodded slightly . “OK, although your spiritual beast is very strong, your spiritual heritage is not strong enough . Just like you, Han Fei once stayed in the village for a long time and refused to leave…”

Thinking of the past, the village leader suddenly smiled . Yes, he eliminated The Tigers, founded The Fish Dragons, and plowed in the plantation…

How long had he been in the town? Even less than half a year! His speed of progress was simply terrifying! Zhao An stared at the two Plate Rays on the ground, regretful and jealous . If he had kept silent just now, would he have also got one?

Han Fei had left . He had no intention to get these teenagers into the Thug Academy with his influence . Even if he did, Luo Xiaobai would have kicked them out, so he just gave them some fish!

Han Fei spent the whole day clearing the weeds and planting wheat . Han Fei also made a recliner and lay on it eating strawberries . “Grandpa, take care of the wheat carefully . After it matures, take out the seeds and grind them into flour, and then you can make dumplings with it . ” Old Jiang snorted . “My granddaughter will do it . ”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . You sluggard!

When Jiang Qin returned, the meal had been made . Jiang Qin asked, “How is it? Is anyone qualified?”

Han Fei shook his head . “No . ”

Jiang Qin grunted and didn’t pay much attention . She knew the Thug Academy well . If everyone could enter it, it wouldn’t be the Thug Academy .

She said, “Come out with me tomorrow . ”