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God of Fishing - Chapter 233

Published at 18th of October 2020 09:21:35 PM

Chapter 233: The Unknown Land of the Ordinary Fishery

Chapter 233 The Unknown Land of the Ordinary Fishery

When he went out with Jiang Qin, Old Jiang was lying on the recliner, glancing at Han Fei without saying anything . However, Han Fei felt there was something wrong .

Han Fei wondered, “Sister Qin, where are we going?” Jiang Qin said, “Some days ago, someone was fishing in an ordinary fishery and accidentally caught a very large Green Turtle in the sea . This was normal, but there were remnants of a magic array on the shell of the Green Turtle . I went to investigate and found that the creatures in that place are larger than in other places, and I also caught many Green Turtles with magic remnants . ”

The first place Han Fei thought of was the Boat Burying Pit where the fish were big, but that was because there was a spiritual spring, which no longer existed now!

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Sister Qin, what else did you find there?”

“I found a seal . ”

Han Fei gasped . Could it be the seal left by Ren Tianfei?

Han Fei asked carefully, “What seal?”

“You will find out when you get there . I tried getting in but I couldn’t break the seal, because I’m too strong, and if I forcibly break the seal, the small secret area will be destroyed by me . ”

Han Fei blinked . “Then can I get in…” Jiang Qin shook her head slightly . “Not sure! You should be able to get in . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “Is it possible that the person you are looking for is in that seal?”

Jiang Qin shook her head . “No, that seal is not strong enough to trap him there . ”

Han Fei blinked . She seemed not to be talking about the Boat Burying Pit . Ren Tianfei was determined to overthrow the Thousand Star City alone . If it was the Boat Burying Pit, the seal would not be weak .

Han Fei questioned, “Then why should we go there?”

Jiang Qin sighed . “That place won’t be able to trap him, but there may be a clue about his whereabouts . There was definitely a reason why he appeared in the Heavenly Water Village . We are now looking for this reason . ”

Han Fei suddenly asked, “Hey! Sister Qin, who is he? Is he your boyfriend?”


Jiang Qin rolled her eyes at Han Fei . “You have too many questions!”

“Wait, Sister Qin, what if there is a super strong creature in it?”

Jiang Qin shook her head . “No . I caught a level-40 creature but couldn’t throw it in . Then I caught a level-36 White Bone Fish but this time, I successfully threw it in . This shows that this seal allows people below Dangling Fishers to enter . ”

Han Fei was helpless . “But I’m only an intermediate great fishing master!”

Jiang Qin looked at Han Fei seriously . “I know that you have been to many dangerous places in the level-two fishery . This place won’t be more dangerous than those places . Believe me . ”

“…How do you know?”

Jiang Qin blinked at Han Fei .

Han Fei was helpless . Forget it, she won’t tell me the real reasons . She just works in the port . Why does she seem to know everything?

However, Han Fei certainly wouldn’t put himself in danger . If it was really the Boat Burying Pit, he would go in, upgrade to an advanced great fishing master, and then tell Jiang Qin there was only a little spiritual spring in it .

If it was not the Boat Burying Pit, the first thing he would do after entering it would also be upgrade to an advanced great fishing master, so as to ensure that he wouldn’t be in danger .

Having figured this out, Han Fei was not afraid anymore . Anyway, if it was really dangerous, he could hide in Forge the Universe .

They went to sea .

Han Fei was relieved to find that they were not heading for the Boat Burying Pit . However, as the fishing boat sailed further, Han Fei felt that something was not right . Why did this place look a bit familiar? Suddenly, Han Fei remembered, Wasn’t this place the Spirit Absorbing Jellyfish Settlement? The leader of The Tigers, Li Jue obtained his Baby-Mother Tiger-Headed Fish here .

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At that time, Han Fei felt there wouldn’t be any precious resources here, so he didn’t come here . But now, he was back .

At that time, even rare spiritual fish were very precious to him . But now he had seen countless rare creatures in the level-two fishery . Something like a Tiger-Headed Fish was nothing to him .

Noticing Han Fei’s look, Jiang Qin asked, “Huh? Do you know this place?”

Han Fei nodded . “It’s the Spirit Absorbing Jellyfish Settlement where Li Jue obtained his Tiger-Headed Fish . ”

“Yes! It is not normal for rare spiritual fish to appear in the ordinary fisheries . Li Ju must think he was lucky . However, even if he found that sealed place, he wouldn’t be able to get

in . ”

Han Fei nodded . Jiang Qin was right . Even if he found that place back then, he wouldn’t be able to get in .

“This is it . Let’s get underwater . ”

After the fishing boat stopped, Jiang Qin led Han Fei to jump into the water .

Han Fei followed her . The two were like two big fishes, quickly shuttling through the jellyfishes . The jellyfishes that wanted to attack them were immediately shattered by Jiang Qin with spiritual energy . They swam very fast and soon reached the seabed .

This seabed looked very common, only with some bare rocks and dead white coral clumps .

At this time, a group of oncomelania snails skipped over and some tried to attack them . Jiang Qin waved her hand and a wave of water directly sent them flying .

Han Fei looked around . “Sister Qin, where is


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Jiang Qin swam slowly to the side . After a few minutes, the two appeared in a huge seaweed-covered area, and under the seaweed, there were shattered rocks .

Among the rocks, Sea Green Vines grew from underneath .

Jiang Qin said, “Sea Green Vines, a common underwater spiritual plant in the ordinary fisheries, nothing precious . ”

Jiang Qin shoved a piece of vine leaf away, and the Sea Green Vine beside rushed towards her frantically, trying to entwine her . However, as soon as Jiang Qin stomped her feet, the waves surged and these sea vines shrunk into a ball .

Han Fei followed in . After walking about 200 meters, Han Fei saw an open space with a diameter of more than five meters, which seemed to have been cleaned by man, and he guessed it was Jiang Qin .

Han Fei wondered, “Sister Qin, there is nothing here . It’s just an empty space . ”

Jiang Qin didn’t speak and casually caught a Green Turtle with her fishing rod . Then she threw it onto the open space . Then to Han Fei’s shock, the Green Turtle was gone . “This is why this place has never been found . It is too ordinary, too unremarkable . If I hadn’t found the traces of a magic array among the rocks, I would not have found this place either . ”

Han Fei took a deep breath . “So, should I jump in from here?”

Jiang Qin nodded .

Han Fei felt a chill down his spine and got a bit panicked .

As a veteran gold digger in the sea, he liked adventuring, but this place didn’t seem to be worth it! There was only a hole here and all the fish thrown in there were gone . This didn’t seem like a good deal!

Looking at the mud under his feet, he knew what he saw was an illusion . This was actually a hole . God knew where this hole led?

Han Fei was thinking . But Jiang Qin’s experiment showed that theoretically it only allowed people below Dangling Fishers to enter, so perhaps it wouldn’t be very dangerous inside . But after all, this place might concern the secret of Jiang Qin, which couldn’t be simple, so he’d better be careful .

Han Fei said calmly, “Sister Qin, I’m going down!”

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“Be careful . ”

Han Fei, without a word, jumped on the illusion soil . Then he fell down at once .

It was all dark below . Han Fei counted silently, One, two, three…

Then, he appeared in Forge the Universe . This place looked a bit strange, so he decided to upgrade first before he went further down!

Han Fei issued an order in his mind and Forge the Universe instantly changed . A gully appeared on the ground, the spiritual spring was poured into the gully, and he sat on the ground activating the Void Fishing .

The billowy spiritual energy poured out of the gully and surged throughout Han Fei’s meridians .

One hour later


With a slight cracking sound, the barrier of the advanced great fishing master was broken and spiritual energy rushed into his body more quickly, and in a moment, Han Fei’s strength began to soar…

After more than three hours, Han Fei finally became an advanced great fishing master .

Han Fei got up and jumped a bit, feeling his body full of strength . After upgrading, his strength had improved by nearly 20% .