God of Fishing - Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: Sea Quelling Painting

Chapter 234 Sea Quelling Painting

Han Fei wasn’t in a hurry to get out . He did not mind Jiang Qin waiting a few days outside .

For the sake of his safety, he began to practice the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies . A few days later, he suddenly felt all the major acupoints in his body twitch and then the energy circulating among them suddenly increased a little . Although it was not much, it increased by nearly 5% .

At this moment, Han Fei felt that out of the gully, wisps of spiritual energy gradually permeated into his body through the skin, which never happened before .

Good! I made some progress in this art .

He had been practicing the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies for long but failed to gain any progress . At least, his body couldn’t absorb the spiritual energy floating in the air! To his surprise, he made it now .

He looked at his data .

: Han Fei

29 (Advanced Great Fishing Master)

122,561 (2,799)

Level-Four High-Quality

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers

Water Vein Technique, Volume Three of Void Fishing (Spirit-Level, Divine-Quality)

Han Fei couldn’t help blinking his eyes . This time, his upper limit of spiritual energy increased a lot! If it increased by one more point, he would be able to break the bottleneck .

At this point, Han Fei discovered that his upper limit of spiritual energy was almost twice that of others . What did this mean? This meant that his physical endurance was twice that of other people . It also meant that his meridian toughness and breadth, and physique are two times higher than those of ordinary advanced great fishing masters .

At this moment, Han Fei felt that he was in top physical condition . Then he saw the rod stuck in the ground in Forge the Universe . After pulling it out of the shell of the Rock-Holding Turtle, he only touched it once . He had tried to drip blood onto it to become its master, but it didn’t work at all . Since then, he hadn’t touched this stick because it was too heavy for him to carry . Now, he wanted to have a try .

“Up!” Han Fei grabbed the stick with both hands, but couldn’t pick it up, although his face had been all red .



Han Fei gave up . It was still too heavy for him to carry . He was able to lift at least eight thousand kilograms now, but he still couldn’t carry it! It was simply too heavy .

“Fine, suit yourself! When I become a Dangling Fisher, I’ll use you as a stove poker . ”

Han Fei didn’t try anymore but took a deep breath . The next moment, he appeared in that darkness .

His body was still falling, but only after two or three minutes, he hit the bottom .

BAM! Han Fei didn’t know what he had hit through . Anyway, with a thud, he fell through something

“Huh! Wood?”

Han Fei picked up the crumbles under his feet and found that he hit through some decayed wood that had faded .

“Huh! Decayed wood? Strange!”

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Han Fei looked around . It was a big room of about one hundred square meters, and the floor of the room was littered with ornaments that had long been covered with moss .

On the surrounding walls, there were various exquisite murals . As for the furnishings in the house, they were either cracked or broken . There were many cracks in the walls of this room, through which he could see other

rooms .

“Room? Why is there a room on the bottom of the sea?”

Han Fei did not hurry to go out but began to rummage around . Then he found that the room seemed to have been rummaged through . Many decayed wooden boxes had been opened, so had a cabinet .

Someone has been here . Were they looking for something here?

Han Fei frowned . Did they come to look for something? But why is the entrance sealed with a seal?

Han Fei’s face changed slightly . It was certain that someone came here to look for something that must be so precious that someone put a seal on the entrance above . But if the thing had been found, why was the seal still there? But the seal was still there . Had those people gone out?

Han Fei frowned and released his spiritual perception around .

He drew out his double knives and walked through the door . He’d better figure out where he was first .

The other room was also messy and all sorts of stuff was scattered around . At the corner of the wall, there was a long bench . However, unlike the previous room, Han Fei saw traces of a fight . There was a big hole in the wall of this room, leading to the outside .

Han Fei quickly ran over, but what he saw made his heart miss a beat .

A ship?

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It was a huge ship . The width of the hull alone was nearly 100 meters . Han Fei couldn’t see how long it was, but it wouldn’t be shorter than 500 meters .

How could such a big ship appear in an ordinary fishery? Why?

On the deck, there were a lot of fighting traces . Han Fei saw knife cutting marks on the deck, as well as a string of small holes spanning the entire hull .

Someone had fought with some mysterious creature here . Those small holes were actually footprints . Having this kind of footprints, it must have belonged to a crab or myriapod . But crabs crawled sideways, so it could have been some big bug, such as a sandworm…

Han Fei became more careful . He had to find a way to remove the seal . Otherwise, if he just strolled around here aimlessly, he didn’t know what danger he would encounter .

With doubts, Han Fei walked around carefully . The thing those people were looking for certainly didn’t break easily .

With a flash between Han Fei’s eyebrows, Little Black and Little White appeared . Han Fei touched Little White’s head and asked, “Little White, can you feel anything special here? Something with spiritual energy…”

Little White blinked its eyes, turned around, and then swam straight away . Han Fei was overjoyed . Wow, Little White is literally a treasure radar!

But when Han Fei saw the place Little White found, he was stunned . What the hell is it? A piece of jade slip?

Han Fei immediately picked up the jade slip, injected spiritual energy, and then he saw a combat skill .

“Huh? Double Knife Art, a spirit-level low-quality combat skill… What kind of junk is this?”

Han Fei wanted to throw it away but then he thought, Although I don’t need it, it’s a spirit-level combat skill anyway! I can give it to the members of The Fish Dragons . So he threw this combat skill into Forge the Universe . “Little White, can you feel anything else? Anything different…”

After searching seven or eight places in a row, Han Fei was almost speechless! F*ck! Isn’t there a decent thing in this big ship? Just seven or eight high-quality pearls . What’s the use of these things?

This time, Little White jumped to the inside of the cabin, wagging his tail against a decaying wooden wall .


Han Fei grinned and immediately pried open the decaying wooden board . Sure enough, he saw a delicate wooden box placed behind the board . The wooden box looked rather aged and was still sending out bits of spiritual energy . If it weren’t for Little White, he wouldn’t have found it .

The wooden box was engraved with complicated seaweed patterns and quirky array maps with three words written on it: “Sea Quelling Painting” .

“Sea Quelling Painting?” Han Fei didn’t know what this painting was, but its name sounded terrifying . Sea Quelling Painting? Can it quell the sea?

Han Fei tried to open it and found that the box was sealed, and it seemed impossible to open it from the outside . He was about to split the box, but then he thought, What if what’s inside the box is broken? I’d better keep it first .

Just as Han Fei was about to put away the box, Little Black suddenly swooped out .

“Little Black! What are you going to do…”


Then he heard a crash and then came the clicking crawling sound .

Han Fei’s face immediately changed . With a flash on his body, Nine Tails was called out . He was about to hammer the floor when Han Fei kicked him to the side .

“Behave yourself! There may be one of your kind outside . Let’s go check it out . ”