God of Fishing - Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: Absorbing Centipede

Chapter 235 Spirit-Absorbing Centipede

Han Fei and Nine Tails rushed out .

Little Black was the most aggressive one and always rushed in front in combat because he was invisible .

Han Fei rushed out, only to see a black giant centipede nearly 20 meters long crawling on the deck, and Little Black was on the head of the centipede, opening his mouth wide and about to bite its head .

“Little Black…”


Seeing sparks flash on the centipede’s head, Han Fei shuddered . How strong was Little Black’s bite force? He could even eat spiritual stones and metals . But sparks flashed when he bit on the head of this big centipede, which showed how hard the carapace of this centipede was!

Data for the big centipede appeared in front of his eyes .

Spirit-Absorbing Centipede

Living in forbidden places, so extremely lacking spiritual energy . As time goes by, they mutate into Spirit-Absorbing Centipedes . Able to absorb spiritual energy drifting in the air and absorbing its enemies’ spiritual energy with each attack . They produce Spirit Absorbing Beads . Taking the beads can enhance the effect of cultivation and affinity of spiritual energy .


Exotic (Ultra-quality)

4,448 Points


Spirit Absorbing Bead

Han Fei was shocked . Level 37? Eight levels higher than him and also an ultra-quality exotic monster!


Nine Tails rushed towards the big centipede . But he was too small compared to the centipede! “Damn it, Nine Tails, come back . ”

Since Nine Tails fought the Purple-Tailed Scorpion King last time, he hadn’t fought a strong enemy! Could he beat this Spirit-Absorbing Centipede? Nine Tails wagged its tails and pounced over . Seeing Nine Tails, the centipede was annoyed . How dare this dwarf provoke me?!


When the two were going to collide, Nine Tails threw two punches at the centipede in a flash . He attacked so fast that Han Fei could only see the shadows of his pincers .

With two loud bangs, the nearly 20-meter-long centipede was hammered over . It was stunned . What the fuck is this thing?! What happened to me?!

Han Fei couldn’t help but take a deep breath . Nine Tails’ attack left two dents appeared on the armor-like hard carapace of the centipede . And then, he jumped at the centipede and punched it two more times .

The centipede was stunned . It had never encountered such a strong enemy . It immediately shook its nearly 20-meter-long body, trying to entangle Nine Tails .


Similarly, sparks flashed and countless legs of the centipede rubbed Nine Tails’ shell . Seeing this, Han Fei felt his heart skip a beat . Clang! Clang!

Not only could Nine Tails hammer his enemy, but his pincers were actually hooks .

Nine Tails seemed to transform into a mantis and his two claws were inserted into the body of the centipede . At the same time, its seven tails were whipping the centipede hard like seven long whips .

However, Han Fei’s face changed immediately . Nine Tails’ spiritual energy was reducing? He no longer hesitated and instantly threw Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers at the centipede . Unexpectedly, the centipede’s defense was stronger than he thought! The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers just cracked its carapace, but did not shoot through

The centipede was furious as it let go of Nine Tails .

The moment Nine Tails was loosened, he swished to Han Fei . Seeing that he was covered with scratches and his shell was broken, Han Fei frowned .

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Was Nine Tails’ defense power weaker than that of this centipede?

Yes, the gap in levels was almost insurmountable . Nine Tails was looking at him with his big round eyes and seemed to be… Crying? Han Fei was taken aback . Did he see it wrong? The next moment, Nine Tails hugged his thighs, his body trembling .

“Oh! Are you crying?”

Han Fei was helpless and kicked him away . “Get lost! How do you have the cheek to cry? You cry like a little girl just because you are beaten?”

“Attach . ”

Han Fei had Nine Tails attach to him and his strength was improved to that of a peak-level great fishing master . With the help of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, he might be able to beat this centipede .

He controlled the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers remotely and held the Water Stirring Seal in his hand, ready to smash this centipede to death .


The centipede sprinted towards him frantically and its countless legs tore the deck, its mouthpieces opening and closing .

Looking at the huge bug dashing at him, Han Fei snorted . Nice try!


The Water Stirring Seal turned into a huge shadow and smashed at the dense centipede legs . The deck was smashed through and the hull made a creaking sound . Han Fei and this huge centipede bombarded each other with attacks in the dark sea . Soon, hundreds of square meters of the deck were crushed into tiny pieces of wood .

Han Fei overestimated himself . Being struck by this centipede, he felt that his intestines were about to be knocked out .


At this time, he suddenly glimpsed more than one skeleton in a corner under the deck .

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He was shocked . Why did these corpses lie there?

“Little Gold, come out . ”

As soon as Han Fei summoned, the Feather God Ray appeared . Seeing Han Fei fighting the centipede, the Feather God Ray glared at the centipede and he struck it while it was crawling towards him with its hard head .


The centipede was a bit stunned . This guy’s head is really hard! Even harder than mine!

The centipede seemed to be considering whether to escape or stay fighting . First came a damn boxer and then an Iron-Head? What is with today?


Little Gold’s two wings swept across the legs of the centipede . In Han Fei’s shocked gaze, the sharp legs were cut off by the dozen by Little Gold’s wings .

“Wow! Little Gold is really a worthy ultra-quality legendary creature! He is only at level-28 now!”

Noticing that it was no match for Little Gold, the centipede was about to slip away . “Little Gold, hit it . Don’t let it go . ” Han Fei certainly wouldn’t let it go! In order to upgrade Nine Tails, Han Fei had refined countless rare creatures . But Nine Tails’ eighth tail still hadn’t grown out yet, so how could he let an ultra-quality exotic creature go?


Little Gold spread his wings and rushed past like a bird . Han Fei thought it was going to bite with his beak, but he still rammed with his head .


The cabin was penetrated again, and the head of the centipede was rammed, dented and a wound ruptured, causing it to roll in the wood chips in pain .

And Little Black who had been waiting beside took the opportunity to drill into the wound and began to bite like crazy .

Han Fei felt really sorry for this centipede . God bless you, poor centipede!

Han Fei shouted, “Little Black, don’t kill it!”

Han Fei terminated the fusion with Nine Tails who immediately rushed at the centipede .


At this moment, Nine Tails was striking a victorious pose and kept punching the centipede while it had nowhere to escape .

Looking at the scene, Han Fei shook his head . Yes, you’re level-37, but so what? Can you resist the two legendary creatures and one mysterious creature that are ganging up on you?

After a while, Han Fei forcibly took Little Black back and then Nine Tails and Little Gold . Looking at the dying centipede, he beamed with a smile .

“Collect . ”

Without any resistance, the dying centipede was easily collected into the Demon Purification Pot by Han Fei .

Han Fei kicked Nine Tails . “I’ll refine it for you . If you don’t grow one more tail, I’ll chop all your tails off!”

Han Fei searched through the ruins for a long time before turning out the three bodies .

Han Fei’s face changed slightly . The bones of the three people turned black and someone’s bones were broken . They must be hiding here because they didn’t want to be food for the centipede . There were a few swords scattered around the three men and they were broken . And half of a sword was inserted in the chest of one of them .

Han Fei raised his eyebrows . Were they fighting one another? Shaking his head, Han Fei noticed that the person with a sword inserted into his chest covered his belly with his hand . Under his torn clothes, there seemed to be a piece of fish skin .


He opened the fish skin and saw a few big words on it: “There is a traitor, and the Sea Quelling Painting is in the Bone Yard” .