God of Fishing - Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: Your Struggle Is Useless

Chapter 236 Your Struggle Is Useless

Han Fei wondered to himself, Wasn’t the Sea Quelling Painting in that box? Was the box empty?

Forget it . Let me find out how to unlock the seal first .

The huge ship was now in a mess . It was not that the ship’s quality was not good . On the contrary, the quality of the ship was quite good, but no matter how sturdy it was, it couldn’t stand the trampling of this Spirit-Absorbing Centipede! After collecting the centipede, Han Fei began to search inside the big ship and then found a huge hole in the bottom of the ship .

There was no seal here and he could go straight down . Han Fei was not afraid . Before going down, he hooked the hull with a fishhook . If there was any danger below, he could immediately pull himself out . As soon as Han Fei fell to the bottom of the hole, he felt a chill down his spine . There was a huge Spirit-Absorbing Centipede, twice as large as the one outside . “Hiss!”


Han Fei was about to escape but found a sword inserted in the head of this centipede, which was a big sword nearly one meter wide and seven or eight meters long .


Spirit-absorbing Centipede

Living in forbidden places,


44 Exotic (Ultra-quality) 5,886 Points Inedible Spirit Absorbing Bead

“Is this centipede sealed?”

Han Fei gave up the plan to escape . So this sword inserted in the head of this centipede was used to seal it?

When Han Fei fell down, he saw this centipede was struggling hard, but no matter how hard it tried, its head couldn’t move at all .

Han Fei boldly landed on the head of this centipede and immediately felt that the spiritual energy in his body was escaping away .


Han Fei kicked it hard . “Shit, how dare you suck my spiritual energy? Don’t you know you have been trapped?”

Han Fei took out the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and struck the centipede with all his strength, but unexpectedly, he couldn’t even crack this thing’s carapace and only left a shallow white mark on it .

Han Fei was shocked . He must not pull up this sword . Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to handle this big thing . He immediately summoned Nine Tails and Little Gold .

Han Fei instructed, “Beat it . Smash its head . ”

Nine Tails immediately hammered on the head of this large centipede, but this time, its carapace didn’t dent at all .

Nine Tails looked at Han Fei in confusion and Han Fei kicked it away . “Useless! Now you know your distance?” Han Fei looked at Little Gold who was hacking the centipede’s head with his two wings with clanging sounds . Han Fei said, “Stop it . It doesn’t work . Try cutting its joints . ”

After a while, Han Fei and his two contractual spiritual beasts looked at each other in speechless despair . They could not break this centipede’s defense! This was the first time that a big sea monster was lying defenseless under their feet but they could not do anything to it .

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“Fuck, is a level-40 sea monster so strong?”

If Jiang Qin were here, she would definitely have been able to kill this big centipede, but he was not Jiang Qin! He didn’t have the strength of a Dangling Fisher . How could he help Xiaohei eat this centipede?

Then, Han Fei’s eyes suddenly lit up . Yup! He had the Demon Purification Pot!

Han Fei casually sat on the head of the centipede . “Dear Calabash, suck its spiritual energy! Suck it dry…” Han Fei’s spiritual energy was being sucked out, while the Demon Purification Pot was also sucking the spiritual energy of the big centipede . After about ten minutes, Han Fei smiled . Poor centipede, you are simply no match for my calabash!

After an hour, this centipede gave up and its huge body collapsed to the ground .

Han Fei sat on its head, holding its two whiskers in his hand, and said, “Big Centipede, surrender! I will give you a painless death . ”

But the centipede couldn’t speak . Hearing Han Fei’s words, it shook feebly, trying to shake Han Fei down .

Han Fei smiled . “Just give up . Your struggle is useless . Your kin is already dead . If you die quickly enough, you may be able to catch up with it on the way to hell . ”

Han Fei collected the centipede into the calabash . I don’t want a centipede as my contractual spiritual beast . It looks too scary . I’ll use it to upgrade Nine Tails . Maybe Nine Tails would grow the ninth tail after this giant centipede .

After about thirty minutes, the fusion was completed . When Nine Tails came out, all his wounds were gone and he had eight tails .

Han Fei was overjoyed . Does he have eight tails now?

Damn! He fed Nine Tails so many rare creatures, but they didn’t work at all . Now he finally grew the eighth tail after assimilating an ultra-quality exotic creature!

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And Han Fei found that Nine Tails was also upgraded to level-28 . “Haha! What if Nine Tails uses this big centipede? Then its ninth tail will definitely grow out . Then Nine Tails will reach the top of its life!”

An hour later, the centipede was still holding on .

Two hours later, it was still alive and still had 1,000 points of spiritual energy left . Two and a half hours later, when Han Fei found that the big centipede only had a hundred points of spiritual energy left, he said to it, “Big Centipede, give up, OK? Go reunite with your kin, OK?”


The big centipede bounced and seemed to be struggling for the last time . Han Fei slashed it in the head . “Die! Without spiritual energy, you will only starve to death…”

To Han Fei’s surprise, although the spiritual energy of this centipede was almost exhausted, its strength was still great . Unlike this centipede, the creatures he encountered before would die as soon as their spiritual energy was sucked up . But this big centipede, whose spiritual energy was already sucked up, was still struggling .

The Dragon Eel he once encountered was very strong as well but it surrendered as soon as he used the Demon Purification Pot, but this 44-level big centipede was different . It still seemed to be quite energetic .

Han Fei was very unhappy . “Suck it dry!” After a few minutes, the big centipede didn’t have any spiritual energy left and lay on the ground motionlessly although it was still alive .

“I’ll give you one last chance to surrender or not . If not, you will starve to death . ”

In the end, the big centipede was collected by the Demon Purification Pot . It had no choice!

Han Fei just wanted to laugh out loud . Yes, your carapace is sturdy, but so what? You still ended up in the Demon Purification Pot!

As soon as the big centipede disappeared, however, the ship began to sway . Han Fei frowned, quickly took back his pets, and swam out with this long sword seven or eight meters long .

“Good! It’s much lighter than the rod . ”

Han Fei just swam outside the cave and saw Jiang Qin suddenly appearing in the dust .

Jiang Qin took a look at the huge sword on Han Fei’s back and then looked around . “Is that a ship?”

“Let’s get out first . I searched the ship and found some information . ”

Jiang Qin nodded and grabbed Han Fei . Then she punched and swept away all the dust within a kilometer .

In a few seconds, Han Fei was carried to the sea .

On the fishing boat, Han Fei gasped . “Sister Qin, this sword is the seal . It’s really big though . Can it be smaller?”

Jiang Qin stared at Han Fei with shining eyes . “Yes, it’s a spiritual weapon with a spirit sealed in . You can make it smaller after refining it . ”

This was the first time Han Fei used a sword . After a moment, this huge sword seven or eight meters long became a normal-sized sword and was easy to carry .

When Han Fei stroked the sword, he suddenly glimpsed Jiang Qin’s fiery gaze . Han Fei smiled awkwardly . “Sister Qin, do you know of the Sea Quelling Painting?” Hearing this name, Jiang Qin suddenly shuddered and flushed a little . “Did you find information about the Sea Quelling Painting below?”