God of Fishing - Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: Back to School

Chapter 240 Back to School

Han Fei accompanied Xia Wushuang and the others to the door with a smile . After all, He Xiaoyu was his good friend in the village and he was also on good terms with Wang Baiyu, Xia Wushuang and the others .

On the way back .

He Xiaoyu frowned . “Do you find him too polite with us now?”

Xiang Nan took a deep look at He Xiaoyu and said nothing .

Xia Wushuang carried the Plate Ray on his shoulder and clicked his tongue . “Do you want him to be impolite with you?”

Wang Baiyu shook his head slightly . “He is estranged from us, although Han Fei tried to act the same as before . That’s because we are at different levels now . Do you really think this ray is easy to catch? As far as I know, rays are social animals . If you want to catch one ray, you’ve gotta face a group of rays . ” “Secondly, I never heard that there were ray fish in the level-two fishery, but it’s said that there are some of them in the Deep-Sea Jungle . ”

He Xiaoyu asked, “Where is the Deep-sea Jungle?”

Wang Baiyu gave a wry smile . “Did you hear that some people entered the Stone Forest a few days ago? That’s one of the four Dangerous Places . The Deep-Sea Jungle ranks second, the Fiery Mountain first, the Stone Forest third, and the Piercing Electricity Zone fourth…”


Xia Wushuang took a breath of air . “Do you mean to say that Han Fei has been to the Deep-Sea Jungle?” Wang Baiyu nodded . “I mean that Han Fei has progressed so fast! In the Blue Sea Town, the five students of the Fourth Academy crushed their peers of the other three academies, and then they disappeared . They were gone for more than two months . Where did they go?”

Chen Qing gaped . “Had they been in the level-two fishery for more than two months?”

Hearing this, even He Xiaoyu was startled . Did they spend more than two months in a dangerous place like the level-two fishery?

Wang Baiyu smiled bitterly . “So I said that the gap between us is getting bigger and bigger . If they have explored the level-two fishery now, you can imagine where they’ll be going next . ”

The others blurted out, “The level-three fishery?”

“That’s for sure! Have you noticed that since the Thug Academy reappeared, they had a one hundred-game winning streak just in two months, and then they spent another two months to explore the level-two fishery and return safely…”

Xiang Nan nodded . “Yeah! They are progressing too fast . ”

Xia Wushuang suggested, “So their goal must be the level-three fishery . ”

Wang Baiyu shook his head . “No . ”


Xia Wushuang wondered . , “Why not?”

Wang Baiyu narrowed his eyes slightly . “If their goal is the level-three fishery, they can go there after the 100-game winning streak in the arena . Don’t forget . They had the strength to crush the top 100 students of the other three academies . Shouldn’t it be normal for them to go to the level-three fishery? But they went to the level-two fishery instead… If I’ve guessed right, even the level – three fishery is just a transition . ”

Xia Wushuang swallowed . “No, don’t tell me…”

Wang Baiyu nodded . “Yes, their goal must be the Unknown Place . ”

The others were all stunned except for Nan Qian who gave a hollow laugh . “Forget it, it’s too far away from us . I just hope I can enter the level-three fishery three years from


Xia Wushuang agreed, “Exactly!”

He Xiaoyu pursed her lips . She had never thought so far ahead! She just wanted to be a great fishing master . She thought that she would go fishing in the level-two fishery in the future, but she hadn’t thought about going to the level-three fishery . Her father once said that even great fishing masters would easily die there .

Xia Wushuang glanced at He Xiaoyu . “He Xiaoyu, at least he still takes us as his friends . We can still have dinner, chat, and play cards together occasionally . ”

He Xiaoyu pursed her lips . “Yes!”

The next day, Han Fei told Li Qing to arrange for manpower to take care of the plantation, and then he re-brewed some vinegar .

Han Fei looked at the plantation and said, “I may not come back for a long time . Go to the Blue Sea Town to find me if you have any problems . If I’m not around, go find Li Gang . He knows how to find me . ”

Li Qing nodded . “Yes, Young Master . ”

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Han Fei patted Li Gan’s arm and said, “Guard the plantation carefully . You can eat the spiritual fruit in it if you want . Weed the fields . Let the fruit ripen, fall, and rot if you can’t eat them all . New fruit will come forth soon . ”

Li Gan blushed . “Yes… Young… Master, I… Must… Personally…”

Before he finished talking, a jade slip was thrown at him, and he took it blankly .

“This is a spirit-level combat skill . You can give it to any credible figures in our gang . ”

Li Gan widened his eyes . Spirit-Level? As far as he knew, above the mortal-level was the mystic-level, and above the mystic-level was the spirit-level . This was simply a treasure!

What Han Fei threw to him was the Double Knife Art that he picked up . He wasn’t interested in it because he had already got the Million Knife Art!

Of course, although it was useless to Han Fei, it was a treasure to Li Qing and Li Gan! They had never seen a spirit-level combat skill before .

Old Jiang and Jiang Qin had left . It seemed that there was nothing left in the village for him to miss . He felt that he might not come back again .

The Thug Academy .

When Han Fei came back, he heard clanking sounds in the plantation . He walked over, only to see that Le Renkuang was smashing wheat with two large shields .

Han Fei was helpless . “Fatty, when did you come back?”

Le Renkuang was quite pleased to see Han Fei . “I was early coming back! This is the ninth day and you’re the last to come back . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “Didn’t we have 15 days off? Why did you all come back so early?”

Le Renkuang relaxed his muscles . “I had nothing to do back home! Xia Xiaochan had even made a breakthrough… Huh! Did you make a breakthrough too?”

Le Renkuang opened his eyes wide . Gosh! How long has it been since Han Fei made a breakthrough in the Fire Cloud Cave of the level-two fishery?! It’s just been a few days! And he made a breakthrough again?

Han Fei waved his hand and said, “If you eat enough good stuff, you’ll make a breakthrough too . Do you forgot that my Sea Swallowing Seashell is stuffed with seafood?”

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Le Renkuang shuddered . “But you’re too fast! That’s just the creatures of the level-two fishery, not the level-three fishery . ”

Han Fei tugged at his arm . “Don’t knock . I have something to tell you . ”

When they entered the school, they saw Xia Xiaochan and Zhang Xuanyu fighting and the latter seemed to be suffering . Seeing Han Fei coming in, Zhang Xuanyu immediately yelled, “Feifei! Help! Xia Xiaochan is crazy…”

Han Fei waved his fist . “Xia Xiaochan, beat him . ”


Zhang Xuanyu was hacked and rolled twice on the ground .

Then Xia Xiaochan suddenly disappeared and Han Fei immediately tilted his body but was still stabbed in the belly .


Fortunately, Han Fei had adjusted his posture in advance . Otherwise, he might have been injured .

Han Fei was helpless . “Xia Xiaochan, don’t stab me for no reason, okay?”

Xia Xiaochan’s figure suddenly appeared . She looked at Han Fei up and down . “Are you already an advanced great fishing master?”

Failing to injure Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan was very depressed . She had thought that she upgraded the fastest, but to her surprise, Han Fei had made a breakthrough too .

“By a fluke . ”

Xia Xiaochan put away her dagger . “Forget it . Go cooking! Fatty, Zhang Xuanyu, you two have to work harder . Now only you two are intermediate great fishing masters . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “Xiaobai made a breakthrough too?” .

Zhang Xuanyu was feeling blue . “Alas! I’m so stressed . Can’t you guys give me a break?”

At this time, Luo Xiaobai also came down from her treehouse and said coldly, “Get ready, everyone! Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu, cultivate harder . I am afraid that many people will come to our school to register in a few days and we’ll serve as examiners .


Luo Xiaobai continued, “The Thug Academy is already well-known . I am afraid there will be many people coming . ”

Le Renkuang suggested, “Then I’ll go cultivating and you can be a tester!”

Seeing Le Renkuang wanting to slip away, Han Fei stopped him . “Don’t run . I have something to say . ”

Everyone looked at Han Fei and he said seriously, “Someone robbed you of your money . ”

Everyone: “???”

Han Fei said casually, “Have you heard of the Black River Chamber of Commerce?”

Le Renkuang nodded . “Yes, those guys tried to catch Master Turtle, but it’s just an ordinary chamber of commerce . What’s wrong with them?”

“They stole The Fish Dragon Cards from the Fish Dragons . ”