God of Fishing - Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: Admission Season

Chapter 242 Admission Season

In front of the Black River Chamber of Commerce, countless people were watching, some were talking and gesticulating, some sympathized with The Fish Dragons, some were disdainful, and some were purely watching the chaos .

Someone exclaimed, “Aren’t they the Thug Legend team?” “Oh! Yes, they are the five students of the Fourth Academy . ”

“This Black River Chamber of Commerce is too much! How could they bully a group of kids? They are already rich enough!”

Some people suspected, “It’s not yet known whether it’s true or not, but it’s certain that there is a conflict between the two . ”

Someone casually said, “Whatever! Anyway, we can’t afford the contractual spiritual beasts sold by the Black River Chamber of Commerce . But it’s good that The Fish Dragons are going to release a new game . ”

Everyone talked, and behind them, Jin Yuncheng shouted, “Han Fei, you are maliciously discrediting the Black River Chamber of Commerce! Do you know what the consequences will be?”

Han Fei turned around and provocatively said, “What consequences? Do you want to beat me? Come on . Believe it or not, our teacher can slap you to death!”

Jin Yuncheng looked so pissed, but at this time, Han Fei glimpsed that Little Black had sneaked out, so he shouted, “Attach . ” In an instant, the shadow of a Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp appeared, taking aback the audience, including Jin Yuncheng .

Han Fei said with a smile, “Why are you so nervous? I’m just showing you my contractual spiritual beast . Do you have this?”

Jin Yuncheng gnashed his teeth . “Han Fei, do you really think we can’t do anything to you?”

Han Fei immediately terminated his beast . He did it just to secretly take back Little Black and Little White .

Han Fei pretended to be scared . “Wow! You scared me! OK, now that we’ve vented out, we’re leaving, but I warn you that you must use the brand of Fish Dragon Cards when you sell your pirated cards! If I hear something like Black River cards or whatnot, I will come back to you again!” Zhang Xuanyu was stunned . “That’s it?”

Han Fei muttered, “You can continue to stay here if you want…”

Zhang Xuanyu shook his head hard and Luo Little White and Xia Xiaochan took the lead to slip away from the side . What a shame! They had thought they came to fight!

Jin Yuncheng clenched his fists . The Fish Dragons? How could he eliminate The Fish Dragons?!

However, at this moment, a staff member of the Black River Chamber of Commerce hurriedly came out and whispered something to Jin Yuncheng with a pale face .

Suddenly, Jin Yuncheng’s momentum surged and he released his strength as a Dangling Fisher .

“Han Fei, stop . ”

The shadow of a huge hand grabbed Han Fei from behind . Han Fei turned back and was not surprised to see this scene . Jiang Qin had shown this before, and her fist shadow was way more powerful than this one .

However, Han Fei didn’t move or stop it and Le Renkuang quickly raised his shield to block it in front of them .


In the cries of panic, this big hand had almost reached Han Fei and the others . At this moment, however, a fist shadow suddenly flew out of the crowd and shattered this hand shadow as fast as a bolt of lightning . Then, the fist shadow continued to strike Jin Yuncheng


Jin Yuncheng flew out, the door of the Black River Chamber of Commerce was hit hard and a big hole of seven or eight meters appeared through it .

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The crowd burst into an exclamation . In the shocked stares of countless people, Xiao Zhan came from the crowd . “Humph, how dare you attack the students of our academy? Who gave you the courage?”

The other all swallowed . This fist shadow was so powerful! What level of strength did Xiao Zhan just use?

Han Fei smiled . “Teacher, you’re awesome!”

Zhang Xuanyu glared at Han Fei . “Go back to school . ”

Li Gang and the other members were scared . Was this the strength of the level above great fishing masters? At that moment, they felt like they were about to be torn apart . The power was simply horrifying .

But then they got excited . Yes, the Black River Chamber of Commerce was powerful, but so what? Could it be more powerful than the teachers of the Thug Academy? The Thug Academy is our shareholder! With this in mind, they beamed with smiles .

Among the ruins, Jin Yuncheng vomited a mouthful of blood . That guy was so powerful that he had no power to fight back at all . Were the teachers of the Thug Academy all so strong? On the way back, Xiao Zhan said to Han Fei crossly, “Don’t do this again! You will make the school lose face by doing this . ” Han Fei smiled awkwardly . “I won’t, I won’t . ”

Luo Little White frowned . “Today we have completely offended the Black River Chamber of Commerce . I think they’ll retaliate . ”

Han Fei said carelessly, “I’m not afraid at all! A-Gang, hire the great fishing masters of the Black River Chamber of Commerce at a double price, then have one of them put poison in the food of our hot pot restaurants, and catch him on the spot… Do you know what to do?”


The others stopped and looked at Han Fei up and down .

Li Gang was also trembling . Wow, Young Master is really ruthless! Not only is he ruthless, but he is also foxy . If the person of the Black River Chamber of Commerce is found on the scene putting poison into the food sold by The Fish Dragons, the Black River won’t be able to get off the hook! Their reputation would be immediately ruined!

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Han Fei scoffed . “Don’t look at me like this! This happens all the time . Business is a war without bullets . Instead of being framed by others, we’d better take the initiative . Then, if anything similar happens in the future, people will doubt the Black River Chamber of Commerce… Well, Zhang Xuanyu, you are responsible for this, OK?”


Zhang Xuanyu was dumbfounded . “Why me?”

Han Fei said, “Because among us, only you often treat girls to dinner!”

Zhang Xuanyu’s face changed and then he gnashed his teeth . “You bastard . ”

Luo Little White frowned . “Han Fei, this is illegal!”

Han Fei sneered, “Illegal? Is there any law in this Infinite Ocean? Don’t be too kind . Do you think killing only happens in the ocean? Are the floating islands better places than the ocean? The most horrible thing in the world is always the human heart . ”

His words touched Xiao Zhan’s heart . This wasn’t the first time he heard this . Old Bai often said the same . Now he couldn’t tell whether Han Fei was a good or an evil person .

But since he was his student, he must be a good person . Xiao Zhan did not take what he said seriously .

Han Fei patted Li Gang and said, “Come back with me . I am going to expand the business of The Fish Dragons . What I said just now is true . I really meant it . ”

Li Gang was surprised . “Young Master, are you really going to release a new game?’ “Not only a game, but I’m also going to open a Fish Dragon buffet in the Blue Sea Town . Forget it . You will know more later . ”

In the last half a month .

The Fish Dragons suddenly rented 36 large shops and nearly 100 ordinary-sized stores in the Blue Sea Town . Of course, this didn’t attract much attention in the Blue Sea Town yet .

After all, the Blue Sea Town was too big . In a town of 5 million residents, who would pay attention to who rented what shops? But when the shops opened, it was another story . When a new shop suddenly appeared, everyone wanted to have a try .

On the eighth day after Han Fei went to the Black River Chamber of Commerce, something big happened at a Fish Dragon hot pot restaurant, which even alarmed the inspector . It was said that a great fishing master put poison in the food of the hot pot restaurant and was found on the spot . As confirmed by the inspector, this person was from the Black River Chamber of Commerce .

This news was immediately spread out, and the reputation of the Black River Chamber of Commerce was ruined . In addition, the Black River Chamber of Commerce had been breached repeatedly because they failed to deliver contractual spiritual beasts to fulfill their customer’s orders and had been accused by many people .

It was said that when the news about the poison was spread, Jin Yuncheng vomited blood in public in anger . On the contrary, The Fish Dragons rose to fame, so when they launched The Fish Dragons Mahjong Parlor and Fish Dragons Seafood Buffet, it went particularly smoothly .

Especially the mahjong parlor, it took less than three days to sweep across almost half of the Blue Sea Town and become the fashion for a time . Countless people rushed over to play every day and The Fish Dragons had to urgently recruit more staff from the Heavenly Water Village .

Of course, Han Fei didn’t manage the specific matters, because the admission season of this year had already begun .

At this moment .

At the gate of the Thug Academy . There was a sea of people .