God of Fishing - Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: A New Member

Chapter 244 A New Member

Beside this boy, there was an old man with grey hair, who was smiling at Old Bai with a mid-quality pearl in his hand .

Old Bai glanced at him and waved his hand . “Ok, ok, over there!”

As soon as he said so, someone behind him shouted, “Hey! Old man, why didn’t they pay? Old Bai snorted . “Because they’re poor!”

Although Old Bai loved money, the grandfather and grandson looked poor indeed and the boy didn’t even have a fishing rod . It was immoral to charge them money .

The boy walked to the field, looked around, and took a deep breath . “I challenge… The manipulator . ”

Hearing this, the people waiting behind all shook their heads . Is this boy out of his mind? The manipulator is the captain of the Thug Legend . She hasn’t even moved so far . Are you sure you’re going to challenge her? Le Renkuang wondered . “Feifei, if I see it correctly, this kid has just become a junior fishing master . His spiritual energy looks a bit weak!” Han Fei nodded . “You’re right . His physique is a bit weak too . ”

The people waiting behind waited to see the boy make a scene of himself . They estimated that Luo Xiaobai would eliminate this child with a single whip! Looking at the slightly nervous boy, Luo Xiaobai nodded seriously, still sitting there meticulously . As the boy opened his palm, the ground under his feet instantly turned green and large pieces of silk-like seaweed spread out .

“Huh! Seaweed?”

Han Fei exclaimed, “Yes, this was the most common type of seaweed, even without a name, that could be found everywhere in the ordinary fisheries . ”

Everyone thought it would be a battle without suspense and would finish in one second . But when Luo Xiaobai raised her hand, she failed to summon her vines .

Luo Xiaobai lunged to her feet and jumped out of the spreading seaweed . As she raised her hand again, vines appeared on the ground and began to attack the seaweed .

However, to everyone’s amazement, the boy suddenly flowed to the ground like liquid and disappeared . Then a large sheet of seaweed appeared where he just stood .


A large piece of seaweed was crushed by Luo Xiaobai’s vines but the remaining seaweed, like parasitic maggots, spread towards Luo Xiaobai .

The people waiting behind couldn’t help but exclaim .

Le Renkuang also exclaimed, “Wow, is this some kind of combat skill? Or an ability? He turned himself into seaweed…”

Han Fei also widened his eyes . “What is this? A human can turn into grass? If the grass does not die, the man won’t die either! In this case, unless you crush all the grass, you won’t be able to kill this person?”

Luo Xiaobai was calm . She summoned dozens of vines and swept across . Wherever the vines passed, there left a mist .

Zhang Xuanyu said with a smile, “Xiaobai has not mastered poisons but only some paralysis skills . But this should be enough . ”

Sure enough, the seaweed stopped moving forward . Even so, it had spread over an area of 30 to 40 square meters . At this moment, no one could find where the boy was!

Luo Xiaobai didn’t panic but stared at the seaweed seriously . This boy couldn’t be invincible . There must be a loophole . There was no perfect ability in this world . One second, two seconds, three seconds… Han Fei murmured, “I see him . ” Le Renkuang narrowed his eyes . “Where is he?”

After as long as one minute, Luo Xiaobai suddenly thrust the vines at an unnoticeable strain of seaweed among the seaweed .

However, before she reached the seaweed, Zhang Xuanyu said leisurely, “Time is up . Pass . ”

The other people were shocked not only at the fact that the boy passed, but also at his amazing ability . Transform into seaweed? They had never heard of it before!

The piece of seaweed gradually gathered up and turned into the boy again . The boy looked back at his grandfather, showing a big grin .

His grandfather smiled gently . “Nannan, come greet your senior sisters and brothers . ”

The boy hurriedly took a breath and turned back to bow at them . “Hi, I’m Qu Jinnan, nice to meet you . ” Han Fei actually liked this guy . Although he looked a bit stupid, he seemed very polite and kind . Han Fei beckoned, “Come, sit here . ”

Han Fei pointed to Zhang Xuanyu’s seat and Qu Jinnan froze .

Han Fei laughed . “It’s okay . Let him stand . ”

Qu Jinnan blinked but didn’t sit in the end . He just stood behind Zhang Xuanyu’s chair, carefully looking at Zhang Xuanyu .

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But Zhang Xuanyu didn’t notice it and continued to shout, “Next . ”

Seeing someone pass the assessment under Luo Xiaobai’s hands, the people left all chose Luo Xiaobai . But in the end, as expected, they were all eliminated .

When there were only seven or eight people left, Han Fei saw the village leader come in with Xu Ya .

Han Fei quickly moved his chair in front of the village leader . “Grandpa Leader, hi . ”

Seeing that Han Fei gave him his chair, the village chief quickly waved his hands . “No, no, you are one of the examiners now . You sit…”

“It’s okay . There is another chair over there…”

The crowd was all staring at the girl next to Han Fei . Will this examiner bend the rule for his acquaintance?

The village leader asked, “Han Fei! I heard you haven’t recruited a single student so far?”

“That’s not true . We’ve recruited one . ”

The village leader looked at the boy standing behind Zhang Xuanyu and took a deep breath . “Only one?”

Han Fei scratched his head . “Yes! There are too few people who meet the requirements . ”

The village leader was stunned for a while and then waved his hand to let Han Fei go back . In the end, he sat down on the chair . After all, the kid from his village was one of the examiners, which was something to be proud of .

“Xu Ya, this assessment is not easy to pass . Try it! If you can’t make it, you can still go to another academy . ”

Xu Ya looked at the few people left, took a deep breath, and nodded . After fighting Han Fei last time, she became very interested in the Fourth Academy and also heard that the Thug Legend had won a one hundred-game winning streak in the Blue Sea Arena . Therefore, she must come to try .

Actually, Han Fei had walked her through the back door . The Plate Ray helped her upgrade by two levels . Now she was already a peak-level level-nine fisher .

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At this moment, among the few people left, a woman led a girl to come over . Surprisingly, this petite girl was carrying an armor box .

Le Renkuang’s eyes lit up . “A female armorist! That’s rare!” Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Who do you challenge?” The girl looked straight at Zhang Xuanyu . “You . ”

Zhang Xuanyu froze and then smiled . “OK . ”

Zhang Xuanyu picked up a fine iron rod casually . “Watch out . I’m starting to attack . ”

Zhang Xuanyu lowered his strength to that of a level-nine fisher and poked the rod in his hand at the girl and there seemed to be waves surging behind him . In the eyes of others, they were waves, spiritual energy waves .

However, the girl ducked his attack and patted her armor box . As the box opened, nine long swords swished out and spun around the girl . With a clang, the swords were sent flying, and at the same time, Zhang Xuanyu took three or four steps back .

The eyes of Han Fei and the other three lit up .

Xia Xiaochan beamed . “This one is good . ”

Le Renkuang laughed . “She uses swords but her sword formation is no worse than my knife formation . ”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled . “Triple-Layered Waves in Furious Sea . ”

The girl’s face changed slightly . The nine swords that were hit flying returned instantly, and one of them shot directly at Zhang Xuanyu .


One sword was broken and the girl vomited a mouthful of blood . However, she did not stop and the second sword darted out, with a stronger and fiercer force .


The second sword shattered again, the girl vomited blood again, her face ghastly pale .

At this time, the girl suddenly shouted out loud and the remaining seven swords gathered together, guarding in front of her in a round shape, like a sword shield .

BAM! The sword shield was shattered and the girl was struck flying and rolled five or six times on the ground . But her body suddenly exuded spiritual energy all over and she immediately got up . The seven swords became one and turned into a big sword to shoot directly at Zhang Xuanyu . “Slash Wave!”

Zhang Xuanyu gave a full blow, reserving no strength . However, the fine iron rod in his hand was shattered by the giant sword .

Having no other choice, Zhang Xuanyu wrapped his hand with spiritual energy and patted the giant sword three times to hit this powerful sword away .

“Zhang Xuanyu used the strength of a peak-level fisher . You passed . ”

To be precise, when Zhang Xuanyu took the second shot, he used the strength of a higher level . The girl forced him to use the strength of a higher level, so she passed the assessment .

Hearing this, the girl vomited another mouthful of blood and passed out . At this time, a vine on the ground quickly stretched out to catch her body and put her on the chair of Zhang Xuanyu .

Luo Xiaobai said flatly, “Get her treated . ”