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God of Fishing - Chapter 247

Published at 18th of October 2020 09:21:14 PM

Chapter 247: Let Go!

Chapter 247 Let Go!

Xiao Zhan instructed, “You have only one month to prepare for this trial . Han Fei, if possible, can you teach Qu Jinnan the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing? Although he is already a fishing master, his body is weaker than that of a level-7 fisher . Please take care of your junior brother…”

“No problem!”

Han Fei had no problem with it . All the combat skills and books in the library of the Thug Academy were completely open to them . He shouldn’t be stingy when sharing with other classmates . Wenren Yu also said, “Xiaobai, teach Ling Yuan some basic knowledge over these next few days . When Qu Jinnan’s body becomes sturdier, exchange with Han Fei . ”

Luo Xiaobai nodded . “Okay . ”

Old Bai left .

Xiao Zhan glanced at Len Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu and said, “You two, focus on cultivating . You’re still too weak!”

Le Renkuang: “…”

Zhang Xuanyu: “…”

When Xiao Zhan also left, Zhang Xuanyu smiled bitterly . “Am I weak?! But I feel that I’m progressing with amazing speed . Feifei, you only have a level-four spiritual heritage . How are you making breakthroughs so fast?”

Han Fei blinked and said, “Although my spiritual heritage is only of level 4, its quality has improved a little bit…” .

The others all looked at Han Fei silently but he didn’t even bat his eyelids . Don’t you all have growing spiritual heritages? Why are you looking at me?

Zhang Xuanyu shook his head and did not want to talk to Han Fei . F*ck! How did he have the cheek to claim that he had a low-quality spiritual heritage? Liar!

Zhang Xuanyu put his arm around Le Renkuang’s shoulders . “Fatty, so it’s just the two of us . ”

Le Renkuang pushed Zhang Xuanyu’s hand away . “Don’t count me in . I’ll make a breakthrough in three or five days at most . ”

Zhang Xuanyu: “…”

An hour later, Han Fei went to Xiao Zhan to ask for the method of copying a jade slip . When he came back, there was only Qu Jinnan left . The others were all gone .

“Huh! Where are the others?”

“Brother Han Fei, the senior brother and sister have gone to cultivate . Sister Luo took Ling Yuan away . I didn’t see Sister Xiaochan . ”


Han Fei looked at Qu Jinnan and said, “OK . You can’t make a breakthrough for now because your body won’t be able to withstand it . ”

Then Han Fei threw the copied Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body to Qu Jinnan . “I’ll give you a month to practice this Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body . Even if you can’t master it well, at least you should do all the 108 postures once . Don’t miss any of them . ”

Qu Jinnan looked serious . The Thug Academy was so strong . Their combat skills couldn’t be weak . So he nodded firmly . “Yes, Brother . ”

Han Fei solemnly said, “Before your physique is as strong as that of a junior fishing master, you shall not make any breakthrough . Eat more every day . What you need now is not only spiritual energy, but also more energy . You need a lot of energy to support you to cultivate this combat skill . ”

With that, Han Fei took seven or eight bottles of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid and threw them to him . “With your current physique, you can only take a sip at a time . Come with

me . ”

Qu Jinnan held the jade slip and the Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid, thinking to himself, Are combat skills taught by senior brothers and sisters in the Fourth Academy? However, he had seen Han Fei fight in combat . During the assessment, the other four all had opponents who lasted more than one minute . However, when faced with Han Fei, no one could hold on for half a minute .

Han Fei brought Qu Jinnan to the cave where he cultivated and said solemnly, “I will come over to check on you once a day . If you encounter a posture that you can’t finish, repeat the previous postures until you can finish it . ”

“Yes, Brother Han Fei . ”

Han Fei slipped away and walked out of the school .

Suddenly, Han Fei slightly tilted his body and held a knife in his hand in an instant .

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Han Fei was helpless . “Xia Xiaochan, can’t you give me a break?! Do you have nothing to do?”

Xia Xiaochan’s figure appeared and she asked curiously, “I just made a breakthrough . What are you going to do?” Han Fei put away his knife, and looking at Xia Xiaochan who was in the fancy clothes he made for her, he could not help but make a gulping sound . “I am going to the Linglong Tower . ”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up . “To buy clothes?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes at her . “No! Do you think their clothes are more beautiful than the ones you’re wearing?”

“I don’t care . I’m going too . By the way, help me tie my hair, I don’t know how to do it . ”

Han Fei took the red ribbon headband in Xia Xiaochan’s hand, grabbed her hair, and said while tying her hair, “I’m going to buy some refining materials . You’d better not go there . The Linglong Tower is a money-burning pit . ”

Xia Xiaochan snorted . “I have money…”

Han Fei fell silent . Where did your money come from? From me!

The Linglong Tower .

As soon as Han Fei arrived, someone recognized him .

It was not because Han Fei spent much money in the Linglong Tower, but because the clothes Han Fei designed were too beautiful . At the moment, no one was looking at Han Fei and everyone was staring at Xia Xiaochan .

Han Fei looked helpless . Xia Xiaochan had caused a sensation when she walked all the way from the outside . In addition to the fact that she was very pretty, the clothes she was wearing were very fashionable . Along the way, at least dozens of people came up to ask her where she bought this set of clothes, and was it a new arrival of the Linglong Tower?

Yuling, the tailor of the Linglong Tower, rushed out when she heard that Han Fei had come with gorgeous clothes . When she saw Xia Xiaochan’s clothes, she was very excited and even her breathing grew heavy . She just wanted to rush up and touch the gorgeous clothes!

Yuling asked with excitement, “Han Fei, do you have clothes to sell?”

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Before Han Fei answered, Xia Xiaochan shook her head . “Not for sale . I don’t want others to wear the same clothes as me . ”

Han Fei nodded . “No, not for sale . ”

Yuling was very disappointed . But the Linglong Tower enjoyed a good reputation in the town, and she certainly couldn’t play dirty like the Black River Chamber of Commerce . However, she just couldn’t move her eyes away from Xia Xiaochan and she seemed to try looking for inspiration from her clothing .

Han Fei secretly transmitted his voice to Xia Xiaochan, I said you shouldn’t be here . Look, you’re like an animal in a zoo!

Xia Xiaochan glared at Han Fei . You are an animal in the zoo, and your whole family is composed of zoo animals!

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was annoyed . “We are your customers . Why do you keep staring at us? Is this the way you serve your customers?”

Yuling smiled . “What would you like to see this time?”

“Do you have dragon tendon?” Yuling: “???”

The shop assistants: “???”

They all went speechless . Are you out of your mind? Dragon tendon? How could we have


Yuling spoke first, “Brother Han Fei, are you kidding me?”

Han Fei grunted . “Then do you have the tendon of a python above level 40?”

Yuling looked at Han Fei with a complex look . “Han Fei, even if we had that, are you sure you would want to buy it?”

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Han Fei looked around . “Are we going to talk about it here?”

Yuling’s face changed slightly . With a different tone and expression, she said, “Please follow me . ”

Han Fei and the curious Xia Xiaochan went upstairs to the eighth floor .

Yuling explained, “After all, the Blue Sea Town is just a town, so there won’t be any exceptionally magical materials . However, we do have several python tendons you mentioned . But they are very expensive, not cheaper than ordinary spiritual weapons . It costs at least hundreds of thousands of mid-quality spiritual stones each . ”

Han Fei said casually, “It’s okay . Just show them to me . ”

For the first time, Han Fei went to the upper levels of the Linglong Tower . Yuling explained that what was on the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors were all magic weapons, and usually few people could afford them . As for the levels above the seventh, no one would come here for several months . Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were the first ones coming here this month .

Upon entering the eighth floor, Han Fei saw that half of the entire floor was weapons, magical weapons . Some magical weapons, although placed in boxes, still shone .

Han Fei noticed a spear hung on this floor at first glance . Although Han Fei never used a spear, this spear still attracted him .

The spear was red all over, on which a shadow of a coiling dragon could be seen from time to time . Its tip, which was brighter than diamonds, was shining no matter what angle it was viewed from . It was so shiny that it attracted the eyes of every customer who came to the eighth floor .

Yuling said with a smile, “This Red Flame Dragon Spear was the most precious treasure of the Linglong Tower . It is a high-quality spiritual weapon with a level-44 exotic creature, a Red Flame Python in it . Ordinary weapons are as fragile as paper in front of it and can’t withstand a single blow of it . Its price is only 2 million mid-quality pearls, which I think it’s affordable for you . If you want to buy it, I can take off 100,000 mid-quality pearls for you . ”

Han Fei swallowed . No, you’re wrong . I can’t afford it . It’s impossible for me to spend 2 million mid-quality pearls just for a spear!


Xia Xiaochan had run to a cabinet and picked up two daggers . Han Fei’s eyelids twitched . “Let go!”