God of Fishing - Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

After clearing the last fish cabin, Han Fei had a spiritual energy storage of 3,241 points, which was enough for him to travel to the bottom of the ocean another three times .

Of course, he couldn’t be so lucky every time . The sea dragon, the Ghost Blade Clam, and the sea anemones were all very formidable .

Leaning against the broken controller, Han Fei studied the Demon Purification Pot .

Looking at the apple-sized calabash, Han Fei meditated .

“Activate . ”

Two thousand points of spiritual energy immediately vanished . Han Fei sensed a hazy mist in his head . When the mist exploded, new understandings popped up in Han Fei’s mind .

There seemed to be a burning furnace in the void . Han Fei had the feeling that he could store anything in the calabash and put together amazing combinations .

In the meantime, an idea came Han Fei’s mind .

Furnace of the Universe: With the universe as the furnace and the spiritual energy as the fire, anything can be built into a weapon .

Han Fei swallowed . With the universe as the furnace? That sounded rather impressive .

However, when he thought of the introduction to Void Fishing, he calmed down . After his transmigration, he had learned to accept the unacceptable .

Han Fei looked at the purple bamboo, the knives from the blade fish, the iron fishing pole, and his ragged clothes . Since he had five knives from the blade fish, he stored one of them in the Furnace of Universe .

The moment the knife disappeared, he saw a hazy space in the calabash where the knife was floating .

“Forge . ”

A fire rose immediately . Within a breath, a palm-sized dagger drifted out .

“So quickly?”

Han Fei opened his eyes and saw a dagger falling on his hand .


Han Fei was somewhat astounded .  My half-meter-long knife was reduced into a small dagger?

Han Fei picked up the knife . For some reason, he felt that the knife was suitable for him .

Trying to test how good the small dagger was, he cut another knife with the dagger, only to widen his eyes . The knife had a huge dent on it .

So good?

Han Fei looked at the purple bamboo and decided to test it again .


After a slight tap, Han Fei checked them carefully . Neither the purple bamboo nor the dagger was damaged .

Han Fei was immediately reassured . The purple bamboo must be of a high level .

He looked at the Demon Purification Pot, only to be shocked .

“Tch… I have only 1,053 points left? It cost me 188 points?”

Han Fei hesitated . He was delighted at the result, but the cost was enormous . How much would the purple bamboo cost when a knife had cost so much?

Gritting his teeth, he stored the purple bamboo in the Furnace of Universe and tossed the remaining knives in it . He needed a weapon, and he couldn’t use He Xiaoyu’s bamboo rod all the time .

Han Fei took a deep breath . He still had a cabin of yellow fish . If the spiritual energy was not enough, he could still absorb several hundred points .

Han Fei began forging and wondered what he would get in the end .

After a moment, the calabash glowed, and a purple stick floated out .

Han Fei felt greatly weakened, but he did not feel the urgent need to absorb spiritual energy . He was greatly relieved .

After taking a closer look at the purple stick, Han Fei was immensely satisfied . It was silver on both ends and purple-red at the center .

He realized that the two ends must be made of the knives, and the middle part was made of the purple bamboo .

Purple Bamboo Rod (Mortal Level, Mid Quality)

Note: Made with a 280-year-old purple bamboo and blade fish knives, it can launch sharp blade auras .

Mortal Level, Mid Quality? Weapons are classified in different levels, too? It does make sense, on second thought . However, isn’t the purple bamboo an ultimate treasure? Why is it Mortal Level, Mid Quality now?

Han Fei observed it carefully and weighed it . It was over forty kilograms and could serve as a magnificent weapon .

When Han Fei grasped the rod, he felt that he had used it for years . He tried wielding it . It was slightly heavy but very handy .

Han Fei, delighted, practiced Sweeping Stick . The weapon rattled and radiated as he poured his spiritual energy into it .

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At this moment, the purple bamboo rod seemed to have turned into part of Han Fei’s body . His limbs and his body could control and react to the rod precisely .

After wielding it for an hour, Han Fei felt that he was more and more familiar with it . He now also understood the essence of Sweeping Stick .

If He Xiaoyu were here, she would’ve been greatly surprised, because Han Fei’s Sweeping Stick had reached a whole new level at this moment .

“This feels good…”

Han Fei stopped and fell on the ground after an exclamation . The world was swirling before him, and acids were surging from his stomach .

He looked at the Demon Purification Pot, only to smile bitterly . He had used up his spiritual energy after the practice .

Owner: Han Fei

Level: Five (Intermediate Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 0 (159)

Spiritual Heritage: Level One, High Quality

Weapon: Purple Bamboo Rod

Main Art: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)

Seeing the number, Han Fei staggered to the cabin where yellow fish were kept and grabbed a yellow fish .

A moment later, the whole cabin was cleared, and his spiritual energy returned to 144 points .

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Yes, a whole cabin of yellow fish only provided 144 points of spiritual energy for him .

Han Fei felt like crying . He earned three thousand points of spiritual energy by risking his life twice, but he had spent all of them in less than two minutes .

He saw an enormous pit before him . The refining function alone had stripped him of his spiritual energy . What could Forge the Universe, which required 10,000 points of spiritual energy to be activated, bring him?

Han Fei had a feeling that he needed to worry about spiritual energy all the time in the future . Other people spent several points of spiritual energy at a time, but he spent thousands of them each time although he was only a fisher . How could he make ends meet?

Han Fei sighed and smashed his rod at a corner of the boat to unleash his fury . However, it hit the controller of the boat accidentally, and the wooden cover on it was broken .

Han Fei thought that he was doomed . The boat was damaged in the first place . Would he be demanded compensation for his strike?


While Han Fei wondered if he should compensate, he saw a block on the controller that was cut by a knife instead of smashed by his rod .

Han Fei examined it for a long time . Then, his face turned cold .

The fault was not natural?

Who wants to kill me?

The first person he thought of was Hu Kun, but then he shook his head . Hu Kun indeed hated him, but such a little kid wasn’t capable of this . Besides, the guy did not know when he left the island, nor could he sabotage a boat that belonged to the island .

But who else could it be if not Hu Kun? Han Fei did not remember pissing off anyone else .