God of Fishing - Chapter 250

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Chapter 250: Set Off For the Fiery Mountain

Chapter 250 Set Off For the Fiery Mountain

At dinner .

Han Fei made a table of dishes . The ten of them gathered around the table, talking and laughing .

Xiao Zhan interrupted, “Although Qu Jinnan’s physique is still weak, he is very much improved from when he first came in . Not bad!”

Qu Jinnan bowed . “Thank you, Teacher . Thank you, Brother Han Fei . This is the effect of the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing . ”

“Well! Just thank your Brother Han Fei . This combat skill is his . ”

Qu Jinnan was surprised . So it was not the school’s combat skill?

Qu Jinnan quickly thanked Han Fei . Han Fei curled his lips . “That’s enough . Just eat . ”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei . “I had planned to have you instruct Ling Yuan . But since you were busy instructing Qu Jinnan, I didn’t bother you . ” “I will later . ”

Old Bai said leisurely, “Yes . Tomorrow, Xiao Zhan will take you to the sea . ”

Han Fei and the other students all froze . More than a month after they returned, they were finally going to sea again!

When Xiao Zhan was not in a class, he always smiled . He said with a smile, “Tomorrow, the top 100 students of the four academies will set off for the Fiery Mountain . Get ready! This time, your goal is for the top five . ”

Le Renkuang muttered, “Isn’t it the top ten?”

Wenren Yu threw a Small White Shrimp at Le Renkuang’s head . “That’s the bare minimum . ”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Why the top five? Is it because we have to win against the other three academies?”

Bai Congye sneered, “No, you’ll be competing for a qualification . You just need to know that this is a real life-and-death competition . But don’t kill people if possible . Although we are not on good terms with the other three academies, those going to the Fiery Mountain this time all make up the backbone of the younger generation of the Blue Sea Town . Of course, if anyone initiates a fight, just kill them…”

Hearing this, Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan almost trembled . They didn’t know what the Fiery Mountain was . However, did all the elites of the other three academies go there and even fight against each other just to compete for a qualification?

Han Fei asked leisurely, “Are there any rewards?”

Bai Congye sneered, “No! The Fiery Mountain is full of chances . If you want a reward, go get it yourself . ”

Wenren Yu added, “Don’t overestimate yourselves . The top 100 students in the other three academies are all excellent! The ocean is an infinite treasure, and there are countless chances in it . Remember to take what you can take and give up on things that you can’t . It is a lesson that countless people have learned with their lives . ”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Teacher, how is it compared to the Piercing Electricity Zone and the Deep-Sea Jungle?”

Wenren Yu smiled . “Almost the same!”

Xia Xiaochan breathed a sigh of relief but did not notice that a sly gleam flickered across Wenren Yu’s eyes .

Noticing it, Han Fei wondered . Is there a secret there?

The next day .

At dawn, the five of them ate breakfast and left with Xiao Zhan .

At the school gate, Ling Yuan looked at their backs and asked, “Teacher, where is the Fiery Mountain? Is it dangerous?”

Wenren Yu said indifferently, “You are not qualified to know yet . Ask me this question when you become a great fishing master . ”

Ling Yuan shuddered . Great fishing master? It’s still too far away for me…

Qu Jinnan was still waving at the backs of them but Wenren Yu’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him . “From today on, the two of you will start to fight each other, and strive to become intermediate fishing masters before they return . ”

Zhang Xuanyu put his arm around Han Fei’s shoulders and said, “Feifei, do you think that the Fiery Mountain will be very hot? Shall we carry the dragon bone so as not to be burnt to death?”

Han Fei sneered, “If you can be burnt to death, most of the people from the other three academies will die!”

Le Renkuang whispered to him, “Do we have enough barbecue?”

Xia Xiaochan was helpless . “Are you stupid? How can you eat it underwater?”

Le Renkuang shrugged . “I’ll just take a few bites to satisfy my appetite, OK?”

“Okay, stop it . This time, there will be 305 people entering the Fiery Mountain, including us . The competition for treasures will be fierce . ”

Walking in front and listening to their conversation, Xiao Zhan laughed in his heart . Seize the time to chat… You won’t have any time to chat so happily in the Fiery Mountain!

Perhaps they were early as they didn’t encounter anyone from the other three academies, so they went straight to the Fiery Mountain .

Because Han Fei’s white fishing boat was very fast, when they reached the Fiery Mountain, there was nobody seen in the vast sea .

Han Fei’s eyes lit up . “Huh? No one has arrived yet! I think they may come here in a few hours . How about eating hot pot now?”

Le Renkuang rubbed his hands . “Yes, yes, we can’t just wait here doing nothing!”

Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes . “I have no problem with it but shall we have a change in diet this time? I heard that most rare creatures of the level-two fishery gather in the Fiery Mountain . ”

Han Fei cast a fishing hook into the sea, and a moment later, as he retracted the fishing hook, a red-shell lobster more than five meters long was dragged out of the water .

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The moment the big lobster came out of the water, two shadows of lobster pincers tens of meters long instantly clamped at Han Fei . BAM! BAM!

Han Fei threw out two punches and the pincer shadows were shattered . The big lobster was still twitching on the deck and clasped the deck with its claws . Before it attacked again, however, Le Renkuang stabbed a knife into his head .

Le Renkuang clicked his tongue and said, “Are we going to eat a lobster hot pot this time?”

Han Fei shook his head . “No, let’s taste something new this time, Sauced Lobster . ” After a full hour, while they were eating happily, hundreds of fishing boats descended from the sky . It was the people from the other three academies led by the three presidents personally . They were all dumbfounded when they saw this scene . Are they the people of the Fourth Academy? Only five of them? And they are stuffing their faces at such a time?!… Someone swallowed . “It smells so good . ” Some people stared at the five of them excitedly . It was said that the Thug Academy was full of geniuses . They couldn’t wait to challenge these geniuses! On a fishing boat, a boy in white solemnly said, “Be careful . Run when you encounter this group of people if there are fewer than ten of you . ”

“Hey, Su Yebai, when did you become so timid?”

Su Yebai was the one who fought them in the Blue Sea Arena . Although he was a manipulator, he was ranked eighth in the top 100 of the other three academies in the Blue Sea Town .

Su Yebai sneered, “You can try challenging them . ”

Because he had fought them, Su Yebai knew the strength of these people . Back then, they were only junior great fishing masters . But what about now? Now none of them seemed to be weaker than him .

“Xiao Zhan, why didn’t old Bai come?”

Xu Tianji, President of the Second Academy, snorted . He didn’t get along with Old Bai . Seeing that the Fourth Academy had only sent Xiao Zhan over, he didn’t take them seriously .

Xiao Zhan looked at him with a smile . “I don’t think it’s necessary to bother our president for such a trivial matter…”

Wu Junwei scoffed . “Humph! Who do you think you are? Xiao Zhan, do you think you are qualified to sit on par with us?”

Xiao Zhan grabbed at the air and a spiritual energy spear appeared in his hand .


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He threw a spear at the sea and wherever the spear touched, waves burst forward leaving a long ravine on the sea’s surface . The spear was surrounded by surging waves . Wu Junwei frowned, pulled out a long sword from behind, and waved it hard in an instant . The momentum seemed no less powerful than that of Xiao Zhan’s spear .


A semi-circular pit about tens of meters in diameter suddenly appeared on the sea surface . The spear disappeared and Wu Junwei’s long sword was also shattered .

All students were dumbfounded at this scene . They all gasped . That’s too strong! They didn’t think they could resist such a powerful attack!

Wu Junwei’s face was all dark but he was horrified . Has Xiao Zhan already become so strong? Xiao Zhan still smiled . “So? Am I qualified enough?”

And Han Fei and the other four had almost finished their meal by now . This big lobster had been eaten by half .

Zhang Xuanyu shuddered . “How can we block that blow?”

Xia Xiaochan responded, “Only fools will try to block it . I’ll just avoid it . ”

Luo Xiaobai shrugged . “Death Replacement Art . ”

Le Renkuang added, “All my shields added up should be able to block it!”

Zhang Xuanyu agreed . “Huh? I think I’d dodge it too . I have a Golden Water Silkworm, which is super fast . ”

Han Fei nodded . “Yes, it’s better to dodge it than block it . ”

Xiao Zhan had convincingly proved his strength . Then he threw a flame-shaped token to each of them .

Xiao Zhan explained, “This is the Fiery Mountain Token . Try to grab as many of these tokens as possible . The more, the better . ”