God of Fishing - Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: Mist Hidden Grass

Chapter 259 Mist Hidden Grass

Han Fei twisted his body and stretched his limbs . The sixth place in the top 100 list did have some strength . Just now, the shark even sent the Water Stirring Seal flying with its horn!

At this moment, the fish skin on Han Fei’s face was shattered and the three of them saw Han Fei’s face .

Kong Yunfei didn’t know Han Fei at all, and he never went to the Blue Sea Arena to watch the games, so he wasn’t surprised . But Yuan Jia and the girl immediately took two steps back! Gosh, this guy is Han Fei!

Then Kong Yunfei seemed to get a message from his companion .

Kong Yunfei asked, “Han Fei, from the Fourth Academy?”

Han Fei smiled . As a golden light flashed, Nine Tails appeared and the nine chains were dancing in the sea .

Han Fei pointed to the other two people and Nine Tails immediately blocked their way with his chains as if saying, “If you dare to run, I’m gonna beat the hell out of you . ”

Yuan Jia and the unknown boy turned green . That’s funny! How dare this contractual spiritual beast threaten us?!

The two reached an agreement almost instantaneously, and at the same time, they attacked Nine Tails, respectively having an Iron Hook Squid and a Machete Crab attach to them .

But the nine-star chain, like a sharp arrow, came in an instant . The knife in the young man’s hand was shattered, and three chains, like three poisonous snakes, tied him up .

Yuan Jia was also having a hard time . Although the Iron Hook Squid was also good at maneuvering, she could hardly resist the five or six chains, let alone make a counterattack .

Yuan Jia was shocked . “It’s at least an exotic creature, a particularly strong kind of exotic creature…”

Han Fei didn’t pay much attention to those two people, whom Nine Tails alone could handle . He looked at Kong Yunfei and said, “Gee, my pet is exposed! OK, now hand over your Fiery Mountain Tokens! Or, if you still have any other means, show me . ”

Kong Yunfei frowned . He had heard of Han Fei who was actually very famous since he defeated Su Yebai . Many students in the top 100 didn’t think Han Fei was a threat to them because Su Yebai was just a manipulator . If Su Yebai were a soul warrior, he would have easily crushed him .

But it turned out to not be the case . Kong Yunfei stared at Han Fei and his will to fight was suddenly aroused . He turned into a shadow and rushed towards Han Fei .

The next moment, the two of them began to fight fiercely . The cave was flashing with glints and shadows, and the two were both extremely fast with dazzling combat skills displayed . .

After a full five minutes, Han Fei knocked Kong Yunfei down with his rod, and a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger directly shot through his palm . There were dozens of scratches on his body, his clothes were torn into strips, and he was drenched with blood .

Han Fei mocked him, “Not bad, but not strong enough . How did you get to be sixth place?”

Kong Yunfei almost vomited blood . Am I not strong enough? I have hit you dozens of f*cking times, okay? What the f*ck is with this body? I just can’t cut through his skin!

Han Fei looked at Kong Yunfei lying on the ground with a smile . This guy is almost as strong as Zhang Xuanyu! Um, I have to tell Zhang Xuanyu that he is going to be overtaken by someone .

Han Fei stretched out his hand . “Fiery Mountain Token! Otherwise, die!”

Kong Yunfei’s mouth was bleeding and he asked with a pale face, “You won’t kill me?”

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“That depends on you! This is just a trial, and you can be considered a seed student in the Blue Sea Town . Perhaps we’ll need you to help us deal with the people in the 36 towns in the future . ”

Do you think I’m stupid? If I kill you, I’ll have to kill the other two . Even if I kill them all, there is still Gu Tao who has run out . Then everyone will know I killed you! Besides, Kong Yunfei will definitely snatch more Fiery Mountain Tokens when he gets out, and then I might be able to rob him again! Isn’t that great?

Kong Yunfei took out two Fiery Mountain Tokens and threw them to Han Fei . “I will catch up with you . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “Why did you give me two?”

Kong Yunfei snorted . “If I lose, I lose . I won’t hide anything . Otherwise, it’ll look as if I can’t afford to lose . ”

Han Fei took a look at Kong Yunfei . Although this guy looked like an arrogant idiot at the beginning, he became quite normal after losing to him .

To put it plainly, he just needed to be taught a lesson .

Han Fei didn’t want to kill Kong Yunfei . He turned his eyes to the other two . “Where are your Fiery Mountain Tokens?” .

The two almost cried . They admitted that they were no match for Han Fei . After all, he was from the Fourth Academy . But why couldn’t they even beat a damn contractual spiritual beast?! What a disgrace!

Nine Tails put away its nine-star chain . Without using his pincers, he could easily tackle the enemies with its tail alone . Then he rushed up to Han Fei and hugged his leg . Han Fei’s face changed drastically, and he immediately collected Nine Tails to prevent this idiot from doing something embarrassing

Yuan Jia and the boy reluctantly threw their Fiery Mountain Tokens out . At the same time, the two also deeply recognized their ranks . Their current goals should be to stay in the top 100 and it was impossible for them to compete with people like Han Fei or Kong Feiyun for now .

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Han Fei got 4 Fiery Mountain Tokens at once . In addition to the previous ones, he had 12 ones in total . That’s too easy! After only half a day, I’ve got 12 of them . There are only 305 people participating in the trial! It should be no problem for me to get 50 Fiery Mountain Tokens in seven days!

Since they had given him their Fiery Mountain Tokens, they were no longer enemies . At this moment, Kong Yunfei swallowed healing pills and sat cross-legged to heal his wounds .

Ignoring Yuan Jia and Yuan Jia, Han Fei held the Water Stirring Seal, came to the Mist Hidden Grass, and continued to knock on the protective hood . Their scalps tingled with the deafening noise . Clang! Clang! Clang!

It took a full five minutes before the small shield was smashed open by Han Fei .

Han Fei picked up the Mist Hidden Grass and threw it into Forge the Universe . Eating this thing can bring me stealth ability . I’m gonna eat it, but I don’t know how its stealth effect is…

Han Fei once asked Xia Xiaochan if he could learn stealth, but she said that it was a combat skill exclusive to hunters . And there were many types of stealth combat skills . The most powerful ones could make the user completely invisible, and even other hunters wouldn’t be able to discover him .

Of course, if the user used spiritual perception, he might be discovered, but Han Fei didn’t mind it . It would be nice if he had the stealth ability . At least when he went into the sea, he wouldn’t worry about the harassment of some small fish and shrimp . Didn’t Luo Little White just find an invisible jellyfish as a contractual spiritual beast? Kong Yunfei was helpless . Can’t you see I’m healing my fucking wounds?! Why are you making such noise?! Kong Yunfei looked pale and stood up . “Shall we go?”

Han Fei asked, “Do I know you? If you want me to lead you out, each of you owes me a Fiery Mountain Token . ”

Yuan Jia was shocked . “What? A Fiery Mountain Token?”

Han Fei blinked and said, “Why don’t you try going out by yourself? This place is full of tunnels and caves . Although you can definitely go out, I wonder if you can find a place to breathe . Anyway, I don’t mind if you stay here longer . Then I’ll have fewer competitors . ”

Kong Yunfei said without batting his eyelids, “Okay!”

He didn’t want to waste time here . He had tried to go out before, but he failed to find his way after going around for a long time . Since Han Fei could lead him out, he didn’t mind giving him a Fiery Mountain Token . After going out, he could just find a random person to snatch his Fiery Mountain Token . He couldn’t beat Han Fei, but few of the more than 300 people outside were his opponents . Yuan Jia said, “I will try my best, but if I can’t get one…”

“If you can’t get it, then forget it . But if you get it, you’ll have to give it to me . This is a question of credibility!”

Yuan Jia was speechless . Credibility? Aren’t you looting us?

Han Fei counted his tokens again . Umm, now I’ve got 15 Fiery Mountain Tokens! Not bad!

With a flash between Han Fei’s eyebrows, Little White touched Han Fei’s cheek affectionately .

“OK, now let’s go out . ”

Along the way, the others looked at Han Fei with a strange look . Who the hell said the Spirit Swallowing Fish was useless? The IQ of this thing was too high, wasn’t it? It could even show them the way!

After a while, the four of them came out of the cave, and Han Fei reminded them, “Don’t forget it! Each of you owes me a Fiery Mountain Token . If you refuse to repay me, humph, don’t blame me for being ruthless . ”

Kong Yunfei snorted and turned away angrily . The other two hurried to find Bubble Algae and had no time to respond . But Han Fei wasn’t worried . If these people didn’t keep their word, he would kill them .

After they left, Han Fei took out the map, thought about it, and decided to swim to the mountain . The map showed that there were many treasures on that mountain!