God of Fishing - Chapter 260

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Chapter 260: Hunting and Being Hunted

Chapter 260 Hunting and Being Hunted

Han Fei didn’t stop for a moment except to take two breaths of air along the way . The closer he got to the mountain, the eerier he found the mountain was .

It was too big and too high . Its huge shadow showed that the mountain was almost tens of thousands of meters high .

Its height startled Han Fei . If a mountain was tens of thousands of meters high but still didn’t emerge from the water, then where was he?

Underwater? Don’t kid around . He didn’t think he could withstand the huge pressure of the 10,000 meter-deep sea .

Thinking about it, Han Fei immediately took out the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow, made a spiritual energy arrow, and shot it directly upward .

However, the spiritual energy arrow suddenly exploded after going upward only less than five hundred meters, and a visible ripple of spiritual energy dispersed in all directions . Han Fei’s heart skipped a beat at this scene . There was a seal on this place, which was not an ordinary one . Who the fuck had the ability to seal this place extending thousands of kilometers?

Han Fei couldn’t help thinking of the Floating Islands and the layout of the villages and towns, the level-one fishery, and level-two fishery . If all of this was designed by someone, this person must be a god!

Han Fei shook his head . This was not something he should consider . He should go to that mountain as soon as possible . If he guessed right, at the moment the target of all the other 300 students was this mountain because it was too conspicuous .

Along the way, Han Fei avoided many kinds of fish and shrimps, including Piercing Electricity Jellyfish, Blue-hat Jellyfish, Soul-attracting Jellyfish, Plate Rays, Spider Crabs, and even Sandworms…

The closer he got to that mountain, the more careful he became . The seabed creatures he met were getting stronger and stronger . These beasts could even be called sea monsters . Any of them would be a boss-level monster in the level-two fishery .

Han Fei swam casually in the water like a small fish .

Suddenly .

Han Fei sensed three invisible people rushing at him .


The seawater suddenly exploded and three cold auras flickered like shooting stars and arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye .

“Spiral Strike . ”

Han Fei frowned and spun, his long rod spinning with his body . He chose one of the cold lights and sent the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers to attack the other two .


Under the huge shock wave, one invisible man spat out a mouthful of blood, and quickly backed away, trying to escape .

“Hey! Wanna leave? Don’t you think it’s too late?”

“Attach . ”

The nine-star chain shot out, but then Han Fei gave up on this man because another cold light was thrust at him from below .

“Rotating Blade…”

The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers drew curved arcs in the sea, like a large opened umbrella, blocking the cold light in the blink of an eye .

At the same time, Han Fei held the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow in his hand .


A streaking water mark appeared in the seawater, and a figure was nailed by Han Fei . Without his invisibility, the hunter was nothing but a sitting duck to Han Fei .


Replacing the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow with the Snow Silver Rod, Han Fei swooped down at the boy . The boy below was anxious and hurriedly took out a fish skin sac from his waist! The sac exploded, and a large area was shrouded with black ink .

Simultaneously, the three hunters attacked him at the same time, and Han Fei could feel the strength of this blow . Although they were not Xia Xiaochan, Xia Xiaochan never intended to kill him but these people were different .

In the darkness, Han Fei even grinned . Do you guys know what spiritual perception is?!

Han Fei’s body was more flexible than a swimming fish . As he swam with great dexterity, he pierced a hunter with his rod and waved the nine-star chain, which very few people could resist .

In an instant, the three figures fell out of the black ink one after another .

Han Fei floated in the water holding his rod, saying coldly, “Your Fiery Mountain Tokens . ”

However, one of them said pale-faced, “Let us go . There is Dead Leaf Poison in the ink sac . If you let us go, we’ll give you the antidote . ”

Han Fei frowned . Some hunters might use poison, but this was just a trial . They had intended to kill him from the very beginning .


Han Fei threw the rod out of his hand in an instant, which penetrated the boy’s chest and plunged straight into the seabed mud, whipping up a cloud of mud tens of meters high .

“Threaten me? I had planned to spare your lives, but you threatened me . ”

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Without looking at that person, Han Fei looked back at the other man and woman with a smile . “Antidote, and Fiery Mountain Tokens . ”

Han Fei knew what Dead Leaf Poison was . According to the record in the “Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants”, Dead Leaf Poison came from Dead Leaf Starfish . This kind of starfish looked like dead leaves and was highly toxic, so Dead Leaf Poison would be produced in their settlement . It only existed in the level-three fishery .

Han Fei would not take it seriously if this poison came from the level-two fishery . He had swallowed the Exotic Poisonous Fruit and the Moon-Watching Fruit, so poisons from the level-two fishery were basically ineffective on him . But since it was from the level-three fishery, he should be more careful and better get the antidote .

The other two hunters were startled . Han Fei was too strong! They failed to kill him even though they ambushed him! Instead, he killed one of them, which was terrifying .

Now the two of them regretted their actions very much . They should have recognized this was Han Fei from the very beginning! They were all advanced great fishing masters but still failed to beat Han Fei!

“How can we believe you?”

Another boy looked at his comrade-in-arms who had been killed by Han Fei . Now a chain was rummaging on his body, and two Fiery Mountain Tokens were soon discovered .


Han Fei threw them into Forge the Universe without even looking at it and smiled at the two of them . “Not bad! I guess you two also have more than two Fiery Mountain Tokens… I’ll give you five minutes to consider your options . If you refuse to hand them over, die!”

The girl suddenly said, “We can give you the antidote and our Fiery Mountain Tokens, but you have to swear to the Sea God not to kill

us . ”

“Sea God? What the hell is that… You have no choice but to believe me . ”

The two were shocked . How dare this guy to be so rude to the Sea God . Was he out of his mind?

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The girl still wanted to say something but was stopped by the boy . The boy shook his head and then threw a small bottle to Han Fei . However, Han Fei didn’t even take it . With a touch of his finger, a wave of water pushed the bottle towards the boy and he said, “You take a sip first . ”

The boy turned pale, and at the moment his face changed, Han Fei suddenly turned cold . The next second, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow appeared in his hand and he shot an arrow at the boy .

At the same time, dozens of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers followed .


The boy hurried to resist, but he simply had no power to fight back .

In the end, a chain pierced the boy’s chest .

Han Fei’s face was cold and grim . “Humph! What made him think he could fool me with such a lame trick? Is he a moron?”

Han Fei rummaged on his body and frowned . “Why is there only one Fiery Mountain Token?” The girl was pale with fright, and hurriedly responded, “We had planned to go to the mountain after each of us snatched one Fiery Mountain Token and only he hadn’t got one, so… Oh, yes! These are mine . ”

The girl was terrified and threw the two Fiery Mountain Tokens to Han Fei . Otherwise, Han Fei would still get them after killing her .

Han Fei took the Fiery Mountain Token . “Smart choice . And the antidote…”

The girl hurriedly took out the antidote, took a sip by herself, and then threw it to Han Fei, saying timidly, “Don’t kill me…”

Han Fei shook his head slightly . Why is this girl so timid? How did she become an advanced great fishing master in the first place? Even He Xiaoyu was more courageous than her .

Han Fei drank the antidote and felt the tingling feeling in his body gradually disappear, and then he waved . “You can go now, but you owe me a Fiery Mountain Token . If you meet me next time, remember to give it to me . Otherwise… Hoho… You’ll accompany them in hell!”

As soon as he said so, the girl swished away in stealth and didn’t dare to stay any longer .

Han Fei picked up the daggers from the two boys, which were both low-quality magic weapons . He slightly curled his lips and threw them into Forge the Universe . Maybe they would be of some use someday .