God of Fishing - Chapter 261

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Chapter 261: Charge of the Silver Fish

Chapter 261 Charge of the Silver Fish

Hardly had Han Fei drawn the Snow Silver Rod when an intense light burst out on the enormous mountain, as if something had been triggered .

“So quickly?”

Han Fei’s face slightly changed . He had been here for only one day, but the reactions on the mountain suggested that someone was already there .

“Haha! That’s my fortune!”

Han Fei swooshed from the ground and swam to the mountain .

This was different from the regular fisheries . It was up to luck whether or not one could acquire treasures in the regular fisheries, but in this trial, you would have to fight for everything

Not just Han Fei, when the intense light burst out, hundreds of people from all directions took action simultaneously . After half a day of exploration, almost everybody had found that the waters here were founded around the mountain . Now that something was going on near the mountain, how could they not be anxious?

Earlier, three hundred people were scattered within a range of a thousand square kilometers, but now, all of them had been gathered at the center . Almost no one was at the edge anymore .

Han Fei avoided the fish and approached the mountain . He saw tremendous silver glitters that looked like a galaxy ahead of him .

As Han Fei approached, the silver glitters approached him as if they were conscious .

When they were only several hundred meters from each other, Han Fei complained as it did not seem right . Were these actually tremendous exotic fish? Why were they here?

A new fish type popped up in his eyes . It was almost transparent but emitted silver light . It was only the size of a hand but had pure white eyes . It did not look like a decent fish at all .

Explosive Silver Fish

This kind of silver fish contains tremendous spiritual energy and often lives near the silver mines of spiritual energy . Due to the chaotic spiritual energy they absorb, they’re highly unsteady and have to reduce the chaotic spiritual energy in them with reproduction . When they’re engaged with an enemy, they’re likely to detonate themselves .



561 Points

It can quickly refill spiritual energy when eaten .


The shoal of silver fish charged at Han Fei consciously like the Phantom Fish he met before . The Phantom Fish chased him because he killed their companions, but why were the silver fish doing so?

Han Fei turned around and ran away . In the meantime, he stuffed the Mist Hidden Grass into his mouth .

He didn’t use it before as he intended to refine it into pills after he came back .

However, that did not seem necessary now . Faced with the overwhelming Explosive Silver Fish, Han Fei confirmed that they were probably similar to the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish . But the only difference was that the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish would only charge electricity without detonating themselves . If anything tried to break through the Explosive Silver Fish, they would probably be half blown up…

A level-24 fish was equal to an intermediate great fishing master . It was hard to tell how powerful their self-detonation could be .

The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp slapped out its chains and raised dozens of explosions . Han Fei discovered, to his surprise, that every explosion caused a round water ball .

“Damn it . Is it really so difficult to approach that mountain?”

When Han Fei was dozens of kilometers away, he found that the Explosive Silver Fish stopped chasing him . Relieved, he sat down in the water .

“I’ve finally escaped . ”


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Hardly had Han Fei relaxed when he sensed ripples spreading out in the water . He also saw bursting spots of light far away .

“Huh? Someone else is trying to pass the Explosive Silver Fish?”

Han Fei immediately had a plan . It was only a matter of time before he digested the Mist Hidden Grass, but until then, the Fiery Mountain Token was very important to him too . Couldn’t he go for the Fiery Mountain Token if he couldn’t find other treasures?

Xu Cong from the Second Academy was swimming through the Explosive Silver Fish with his sturdiness as an armorist .

But his head was dizzy after he just broke through . His four shields could not stop the crazily-exploding fish anymore . He could tell that their explosion equaled a fully-blown attack of a beginner great fishing master .

After only five seconds, while the four shields were still intact, blood was flowing out of his nose and his mouth because of the blast .

Looking at the dense silver fish ahead of him, Xu Cong dare not charge anymore . He retreated quickly . When he was out, two of his four shields had been blown up, and his back was almost fully embedded with the scales of the silver fish .

Xu Cong vomited blood . He unleashed his spiritual energy to shake the scales of the silver fish off . But then blood gushed out . He hurried to take healing pills .

Before he had time to treat himself, he sensed something and raised his shield .

Dum! Dum! Dum!

Nine chains were hurled at them . Their collisions sounded even more horrifying than the explosions of the silver fish .

Xu Cong released all the weapons in his box, but at this point, a dozen frigid daggers had landed before his eyes .

Han Fei suddenly appeared and announced, grinning, “Your Fiery Mountain Token!”

Xu Cong nearly vomited blood when he saw Han Fei, as it was absolutely shameless!

Xu Cong frowned . “Han Fei, we had no grudge in the past . ”

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Han Fei said, “Two Fiery Mountain Tokens . ”

His eyes widened, Xu Cong hurried to say, “How can I have two Fiery Mountain Tokens? I haven’t run into anyone on my way . ”

“I don’t care . I’m justified to rob you . Your token is mine now . You can’t expect me to let you go for free . So, you owe me a Fiery Mountain Token right now . ”

Xu Cong nearly decided to fight Han Fei, but then he remembered that he had consumed tremendous spiritual energy just now, and he would surely fail if he fought Han Fei again .

Having no choice, Xu Cong gritted his teeth and submitted his Fiery Mountain Token . “I’ll give you the other one after I get it . ”

Han Fei snatched the token and said, “Don’t try to get away with it! You’re not the only one who owes me Fiery Mountain Tokens . Your names are on my list . I’ll go to every one of you later . ”

He said gloomily, “I’ll definitely give it to you if I can get it . ”

Then Xu Cong ran off . He wondered why he was so unfortunate to have run into Han Fei . When he came to this secret realm, he had discussed with his classmates to destroy Han Fei upon seeing him . But later, he and his partners lost touch with one another .

In the same way, Han Fei circled the silver fish and acquired eight Fiery Mountain Tokens . Of course, there were also seven people who owed him a debt .

At this point, the Mist Hidden Grass in Han Fei had been digested and began to play a role .

Han Fei tried to hide himself, but then he realized that the stealth function of the Mist Hidden Grass was not as effective as he thought . He seemed invisible on the surface, but he maintained the contour of a human on a closer look . It might fool the creatures in the ocean, but it was useless against a human being . “Garbage grass!”

Han Fei complained, realizing why the Mist Hidden Grass could only be used as bait . Its stealth performance was too lousy .

While Han Fei was complaining, he saw five people swimming at him simultaneously .

Now, Han Fei was in a half-stealth state . Though it was not too advanced, those people were too far away to see him, so he immediately hid in a crevice among the rocks at the bottom of the ocean .

“This is tricky! Why have those five gathered when everybody else is alone?”

When they drew near, Han Fei’s eyes cramped as he saw someone he knew, Su Yebai . He didn’t know the rest of them, but if someone else were here, they would’ve exclaimed in shock as five of the top ten experts of the three academies were here!

Suddenly, one of them looked down, and Han Fei held his breath, wondering if he had been exposed .

Su Yebai asked, “What’s up?” A guy with a cold face frowned . “Somebody seems to be staring at us . ”

The eyes of another guy who looked similar to Zhang Xuanyu were filled with whites . Han Fei could easily tell that he was suspected, as the guy was a spirit gatherer and he was investigating the spiritual waves nearby .

Han Fei immediately held himself back . Thankfully, he could seal his spiritual energy with the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies, or he might’ve been discovered .

Han Fei calmed himself down . Those five were very strong . Including Su Yebai, they were all peak-level great fishing masters .

Also, Han Fei suspected that they were a perfect combination . He knew that Su Yebai was a manipulator . The guy in the lead was carrying a weapon box, and there was that handsome spirit gatherer . So, did it mean that the other two people were a soul warrior and a hunter?

A long time later, the spirit gatherer shook his head casually . “Forget it . He may be hiding . Let’s pass this area first . ”