God of Fishing - Chapter 262

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Chapter 262: Ambush

Chapter 262 Ambush

Han Fei was slightly anxious . Those five people were very strong, and since they had a hunter, it would’ve been easy for him to locate him .

But after a few seconds, they were all gone, as if they did not consider it a big deal .

Han Fei considered if he could take care of a perfect combination of five peak-level great fishing masters .

Though Han Fei was confident, he knew his limitations . If he were to fight them with all his strength, he probably could only kill three of them at most .

Therefore, he simply stalked them from their behind . Since those guys did not care, he decided to let the silver fish teach them a lesson first .

But a moment later, Han Fei’s eyes bulged .

The armorist took action first . Different from Le Renkuang’s box that was filled with rods and blades, this guy’s box released pieces of a turtle shell that quickly combined into an enormous ball which enshrouded the five of them .

Han Fei had never seen such an awesome armorist before . At the very least, Le Renkuang had never demonstrated such a cool technique .

But that was not the end of it . He saw that glittering ice grew out of the ball of the turtle shell, turning it into a ball of ice .

It was still not over . Hundreds of spider threads darted out of the ball to the rocks at the bottom of the ocean . Then, to Han Fei’s shock, the ball disappeared into the silver fish as if it were a projectile thrown out by a slingshot .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Wherever the ball travelled, the silver fish exploded . However, Han Fei saw that the ball passed through them without being stopped at all .

“Damn it… They’re quite strong!”

Han Fei was quite grim . They were by far the strongest combination that Han Fei had ever run into . If the armorist in the hundredth game in the Blue Sea Arena were the one here, the battle could’ve ended differently .

Han Fei frowned at the mountain ahead and the dense gathering of fish . Though he was proud of his sturdiness, it wouldn’t be easy for him to weather through their continuous explosions .

Han Fei appeared and summoned the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp . Before it leaned close to him, Han Fei had kicked it in the head . “Dig a tunnel through this place!”

The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was rather speechless . Why was it summoned for either fighting or digging? Couldn’t he be summoned for fun? The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp dug quickly through the ground, and a tunnel had been created several seconds later .

He had to admit that the Mantis Shrimp was really a quick digger . The soil was loosened easily by the creature’s forearms . Very soon, Han Fei felt that he was already halfway through .

“Hehe . Not bad . I’m going to give you a female Mantis Shrimp later . ”

The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp worked even harder while hoping that Han Fei would not go back on his word .

While Han Fei was pressing forward quickly, his eyes cramped as the shrimp seemed to have dug into something…

When Han Fei perceived it, he couldn’t have looked more awful, as he had entered a lair of insects . To be more precise, it was a lair of Sandworms . Countless enormous Sandworms entangled each other in their nest . More importantly, the lair was so huge that he could not sense the end of it .

“Damn… Attach!”

In the blink of an eye, the place where Han Fei was at was occupied by an enormous head .


In the middle of the silver fish that looked like a curtain, Han Fei broke out of the soil, and behind him, enormous heads craned out of the soil . A gargantuan Sandworm dozens of meters long wriggled among the silver fish .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Han Fei couldn’t have looked more awful . Who created such a huge nest for Sandworms? It was too horrifying .

In the blink of an eye, Han Fei’s head became dizzy from all the explosions . “Little Gold, fuse!”

Immediately, wings grew on Han Fei’s back, and an enormous shadow popped up above his head . It looked like a bird, but it had gills and nine chains on its tail .

If Han Fei were flying in the sky, someone might have mistaken him for a phoenix, as he had every feature of a phoenix .


Instantly, Han Fei’s speed was much higher than before . He had made the best use of the Feather God Ray .

He was so fast that the gold red wings seemed to have turned into sharp blades, raising surging waves wherever he went .

What Han Fei didn’t know was that five young people, four guys and one girl, were staring at the silver fish from the other side .

“Was someone really staring at us?”

The spirit gatherer nodded . “Yes . Although I didn’t see him just now, I sensed a different spirit energy . ”

The young armorist said, “He couldn’t be weak if he could hide himself from you . He must have more than one Fiery Mountain Token . Let’s take him down!”

The girl, on the other hand, took out two enormous hammers . It was quite weird that she was holding such big hammers when she was so petite .

The girl said, “I hope that he can take one attack from me . ”

As they chit chatted, they saw a gold streak of light penetrating through the glittering silver fish . The man was so fast that although he was also creating a path of waves, it was not as noisy as when they passed through the silver fish just now .

The girl said solemnly, “He’s fast . ”

Su Yebai frowned, and spider illusions appeared behind him, releasing tremendous threads . “Spider Web . ”

Su Yebai took action . The threads tied together and soon combined into a huge web .

The young spirit gatherer, on the other hand, raised his hands and squeezed the water, establishing a water wall .

The young armorist simply laid his weapon box down next to his feet .


Han Fei was lost for words . If he had known that he had to pass the silver fish straightforwardly, he would’ve done that instead of attempting to dig a tunnel .

At this point, his head was dizzy, his face was bleeding, and his internal systems were a mess . He couldn’t be more uncomfortable .


The moment Han Fei broke through the silver fish, he saw an overwhelming web blocking his way .

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Immediately, he unleashed the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, and the highly-tensile web was cut apart as if it was made of paper . The five people behind were greatly shocked at Han Fei’s responsiveness .

But behind the spider web was a water wall . Han Fei had no time to decelerate at all . He immediately felt like cursing the five bastards who were ambushing him .

He had always been the guy who ambushed others, but he was ambushed this time?

If he couldn’t decelerate, he might as well not! Little Gold had a tough head, and he was not scared of any water wall!


Instantly, the water wall exploded as if a bullet had passed through it . Han Fei seemed to have raised a sonic explosion when he broke through the wall .

But at this point, Han Fei saw that the girl was attacking him with an enormous hammer . The outburst of spiritual energy from the hammer with the waves it caused felt like a dragon . “Water-Stirring Seal Technique!”

Han Fei was not scared at all . He was always proud of his physical strength!

When the illusion of the seal dozens of meters long appeared, Su Yebai quickly said to his partners, “Watch out . It’s Han Fei . ”

However, Su Yebai’s reminder was too late . When the hammer collided with the Water-Stirring Seal, visible ripples burst out, and the huge blast caused a huge water ball between the hammer and the seal . ”


With a thunder-like rumble, the girl vomited blood and was smashed into the soil like a cannonball .

Han Fei was flung back and hit into the water wall by the hammer too . He was appalled by her strength .

The young armorist grew cold . “He’s Han Fei?”

Then, he patted the weapon box, and a dragon swam out . Han Fei was shocked to see that . Even Le Renkuang had never displayed such a technique before! That jerk must’ve been too lazy to learn such an awesome technique! Han Fei decided to beat him up next time he saw him .

Han Fei suddenly lifted himself and drew out the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow, before he pulled the bow .

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“Hiu! Hiu!”

The dragon illusion and the arrows of spiritual energy collided, and the first two arrows of the War Soul Art were rendered useless . Han Fei had no time to shoot a third arrow, but thankfully, the dragon was gone, and the real appearance of the weapon was revealed . It was a long spear, enveloped in illusions of a dragon .

Han Fei turned his body and replaced his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow with the Snow Silver Rod .


The long spear was smashed back, and Han Fei rose again by the counterforce .

At this point, the girl who was smashed to the soil by Han Fei jumped out and crossed her hammers . “Let me!”

But Han Fei was not paying attention to her, but the missing person of the crew . In the next moment, he saw a red spot flashing back . He immediately protected himself with the nine chains behind him .

The hunter did not expect Han Fei to react so quickly . He retreated after his first attack failed .

“There’s indeed a hunter . ”

Han Fei smiled . “I’ll remember what you did today and return it to you by double later . ”

Under the five people’s eyes, Han Fei turned into a gold shadow and disappeared in the blink of an eye .