God of Fishing - Chapter 263

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Chapter 263: Xia Xiaochan, the Greatest Troublemaker

Chapter 263 Xia Xiaochan, the Greatest Troublemaker

Han Fei ran crazily . Though he knew that those people probably couldn’t catch up to him, he would rather keep a distance from them for now .

From the brief engagement just now, Han Fei could tell that they were indeed very strong . Although the girl was knocked out by his seal at the beginning, she got back to her feet very soon and did not seem injured at all, but Su Yebai was almost killed when he was hit in the same way earlier .

“Hehe! Every one of them seems no weaker than Kong Yunfei!” Han Fei guessed that he had run into the toughest combination of the three academies . For that reason, Han Fei felt that it was going to be fun if his team had a fight with them .

Han Fei canceled his state of attachment . Reading the map, he took a turn and swam to the bottom of the mountain .

An hour later, Han Fei finally found a place of treasures between two lifted rocks after circling around the mountain .

But the moment he landed, three people ran out of the place of the treasure .

They all came to a stop and stared at each other in surprise .

Han Fei said, “Hello! What a coincidence! You’ve just finished your search? It’s time to submit your treasures!” However, they simply yelled, “It’s Han Fei! He’s from the Fourth Academy too! Go!” Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was stunned as it did not seem right . Why did they say that he was from the Fourth Academy too? What was wrong with the Fourth Academy?

Han Fei said, “Hey! Let’s talk nicely! Isn’t it inappropriate to fight the moment we meet?”

One of the girls said curiously, “Inappropriate? Xia Xiaochan stole the treasures that we found after arduous efforts . She stole them, you know?”

Han Fei was lost for words . What Xia Xiaochan did was indeed indecent . If his treasure that he acquired through hard work was stolen, he probably would be pissed too .

Han Fei dodged the girl’s attack and replied, “That does not sound right! How do you know that it was Xia Xiaochan who stole them? What if it was someone else? You’re slandering the Fourth Academy!”

A young man unleashed tremendous Spirit Entangling Grasses at him and shouted, “She stole them right in front of our face . ”

Han Fei cut the Spirit Entangling Grasses into pieces with his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers . “What? Stealing right in front of your face? That’s robbing, alright? You’re robbed only because you’re too weak . Do you not feel ashamed? Hurry up! Submit all your Fiery Mountain Tokens . ”

“Fiery Mountain Tokens? You want to steal our Fiery Mountain Tokens?”

The armorist of the team who had been silent seemed to be enraged . He patted his armor box and threw out a hundred weapons at Han Fei .

Han Fei was amused . Had Xia Xiaochan stolen their Fiery Mountain Tokens too? In that case, he might as well let them go . They were pitiful enough, and besides, he could earn nothing except a victory in battle . It would only be a waste of his time .

After a while, when all the three of them were exhausted from fighting, Han Fei left .

Han Fei checked the map . The place he visited just now had a fairly large mark on the map, but since Xia Xiaochan had robbed the explorers, there was no need for him to go into it again .

On the map, there were another couple of treasure troves that he could go to except for the seemingly dangerous place on the top .

Another half an hour passed .

Han Fei came to an underground cave that was filled with bodies of horseshoe crabs . Han Fei’s eyes cramped as he was disgusted by the horseshoe crabs .

Should he explore it?

Eventually, Han Fei chose to wait at the entrance of the cave, making up his mind to rob whoever found the treasures like Xia Xiaochan did .

But nobody came out after he waited for an hour . Then, to his surprise, two girls came . Because Han Fei was hiding in his half-stealth state with the Mist Hidden Grass, they did not notice him .

At this point, the girls seemed to be talking to each other in front of the cave .

“Xiao He, do we go down? Those worms are disgusting…” “Let’s go! There are treasures down there!” “But there must be more worms!”

“Why don’t we wait here? The people inside will come out anyway . Considering the number of the worm bodies here, they must’ve been in there for a long time, no?”

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Suddenly, one of the girls looked back, only to see Han Fei leaning against a rock .

He said, “Hi! What a coincidence! Are you not going down?”

The two girls were greatly alarmed . One of the girls asked, “Han Fei?” .

Han Fei chuckled . “Why do I feel that you all know me?”

The girls were lost for words . There were only five people from the Fourth Academy, and everybody had known them after the gate competition even though they didn’t know the five people before .

The two girls whispered to each other and suddenly leaped back, ready to flee .

They knew a thing or two about Han Fei’s strength . To be more accurate, everybody from the Fourth Academy had been studied countless times .

So, after comparing their own strength with Han Fei’s, the girls chose to flee .

However, before they could run ten meters, dozens of chains broke out of the soil below their feet, tying one of them up and disrupting the other’s escape .

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were darted out, and the Snow Silver Rod was smashed at them .

This was not an occasion for gentleness . By common sense, there were always victims in the trial on the Fiery Mountain . He had been gentle enough to have only killed two so far .

“Water Escape!”

However, before Han Fei reached them, the girl who was tied up somehow broke free from the chains and even vanished .

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“Huh? She’s gone?”

Under the perception of his mind, Han Fei sensed that a water ball was running and was already two hundred meters away .

Han Fei: “…”

The remaining girl couldn’t turn into water . When Han Fei smashed at her, she quickly became invisible and bypassed the chains, before she stabbed at Han Fei’s throat with two daggers .

“Spiral Strike . ”

The Snow Silver Rod changed its direction and spiraled at the girl .


The girl was blown away . She shouted, “You’re not a hunter . Why can you see me?”

Han Fei grinned . “If nobody could see you when you’re in stealth mode, wouldn’t hunters be invincible?”

The girl flipped and tried to escape, but the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp had crawled out of the soil and blocked her way .

Han Fei said, “You have more than one Fiery Mountain Token, don’t you? Submit them to me . ”

Looking at the cave of the horseshoe crabs, the girl wondered if she should jump in, but then Han Fei made a “please” gesture . “If you give me the Fiery Mountain Tokens, I can let you go . But if you go down, will the people down there let you go? You may be killed down there . ”

The girl’s face changed quickly . Eventually, she gritted her teeth and threw two Fiery Mountain Tokens at him, before she leaped away .

Han Fei did not stop her . Why should he fight if he had already won? With these two, he had acquired 27 Fiery Mountain Tokens, which was almost one tenth of the total . He didn’t think that anybody could have more Fiery Mountain Tokens than he did .

a wave

Hardly had he stored the Fiery Mountain Tokens when a wave suddenly spread out of the cave, and Han Fei immediately attacked the target .

Another hunter?

However, Han Fei missed the target this time . The water surged, and the stranger disappeared . The next thing Han Fei knew, a dagger was stuck to his back . “Asshole! You hit me? Did you just hit me?”

“…Xia Xiaochan?”

Xia Xiaochan revealed herself and glared at Han Fei . “Great! You’re waiting for prey while I’m busy robbing people . Why didn’t you go down?”

Han Fei raised his eyebrow . “I didn’t know you were down there!”

Then, Han Fei slapped his thigh, as it was understandable that Xia Xiaochan came here after she robbed the three people earlier .

Han Fei looked at the cave . “The people down there…”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Let’s go! I’ve gathered all their Fiery Mountain Tokens . As for the treasure, they’ve already eaten it and can’t submit it now . ”

Han Fei was speechless . “You’re quite fast… Xia Xiaochan, how many Fiery Mountain Tokens have you found?”

Xia Xiaochan said without looking back, “37 . What about you?”

Han Fei: “???”