God of Fishing - Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: Attack First

Chapter 266 Attack First

As Luo Xiaobai said, there were 24 students in total, and all the 19 students apart from her team were their enemies .

Among the 19 students, two groups had been robbed by Xia Xiaochan earlier . They were staring at Han Fei at this point .

Xia Xiaochan said, “It’s difficult to defeat four people at the same time, especially those in that group . If they attack, we have to escape into the gate first . ”

Xia Xiaochan was no longer a blind worshiper of violence now, because the opponents were indeed too strong . At this point, the remaining 24 candidates were all top-tier, screened from the four academies of the whole Blue Sea Town .

Apart from Han Fei’s group and Su Yebai’s group, Kong Yunfei allied with a man wearing a mask, and the other twelve students simply gathered together .

Han Fei’s team had obvious disadvantages . Everybody knew that the five students from the Fourth Academy were strong, but could they defeat twice as many people as themselves?

At this point, the girl who held her hammers pointed the hammers at Zhang Xuanyu and shouted, “Rapist, keep running!”

Zhang Xuanyu rolled his eyes . “What’s your problem? I did nothing more than hit you in your bud . Have you fallen for me? Let me tell you . Nothing is going to happen between


Han Fei was lost for words . Zhang Xuanyu, how stupid are you to tease her right now?

The armorist in the lead looked at Han Fei and said, “I’m Li Hanyi from the First Academy . If you each give us five Fiery Mountain Tokens, we will not attack you . ”


Zhang Xuanyu nearly cursed . You’re robbing us?

The big team of twelve students, on the other hand, never considered the option of peaceful coexistence . Half of them had been robbed by Xia Xiaochan, and it was not something that could be forgotten with a few Fiery Mountain Tokens…

Looking at the gate that was slowly opening, Han Fei asked casually, “Are you sure you can finish us before the gate opens? Have you considered the consequences if you can’t?” Someone yelled, “Hehe . There are only five of you . What can you possibly do?”

Han Fei scoffed . “The Fourth Academy never killed anyone voluntarily on our way here, but your choice at this moment will decide whether or not we will kill you later…”

Han Fei pointed at Li Hanyi and said, “It may be tricky to beat those five, but if we attack you, how many of you do you think can survive?”

Han Fei was talking to the twelve students, but in the meantime, he secretly sent a message to his teammates, Attack Li Hanyi with your best . Don’t hesitate .

Luo Xiaobai and the rest of them were all slightly shocked . Attacking first on such an occasion? The twelve students didn’t reply . Actually, Han Fei knew that they were not the real problem . Those students were a temporary combination who weren’t familiar with each other and didn’t have a leader . How could they possibly win a fight?

Li Hanyi, on the other hand, had been observing him and might attack whenever the man wanted to . Han Fei disliked the feeling when he was meat on a chopping block .


Han Fei was still faced with the twelve students, but the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was already attached to him . The chains and twenty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were unleashed simultaneously .

Le Renkuang opened his weapon box . “Bloodthirsty Broadsword… Armor Art…”

“Vine Explosion!”

“Giant Arowana!”

“Qi and Blood Burn, Mystic Fatal Rod!”

In the blink of an eye, the five of them attacked Li Hanyi at the same time .

Holding the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow, Han Fei yelled, “Armorist? What level do you think you’re on? You dare to threaten us?”


Immediately, an arrow of spiritual energy was shot at him .

Li Hanyi’s face changed greatly . Noone had foreseen that Han Fei’s team would attack Li Hanyi’s team . Were they crazy? Did they not see that the twelve students were going to attack them?

But Li Hanyi had no time to think . He released his weapon box and protected himself with four shields .

Zuozuo jumped with her hammers, and a pair of gigantic pincers appeared before Li Hanyi . In the meantime, she covered herself with spiritual crystals, which seemed to be the ability of her spiritual beast .

As for the rest of their team, the spirit gatherer had no time to create a water wall . Han Fei’s team attacked too fiercely for him to react .

Su Yebai’s Ever Night Black Spiders were summoned, but they couldn’t do anything except to spew threads at everybody .

As for the hunter who vanished at first, he encountered Xia Xiaochan in the sky and was quite shocked when Xia Xiaochan flashed past him .

Bam! Bam! Bam! Clang! Clang! Clang! Boom…

The crazy attacks destroyed two of Li Hanyi’s four shields even though he had been proud of his sturdiness . The rest of the shields were spiritual weapons, but so were the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers which were cutting the shields vehemently .


Li Hanyi vomited blood, not because he was stabbed but because he was hurt by the brunt force .

Han Fei had released his second arrow . In the meantime, he shouted back at the twelve-people group . “Whoever joins this battle will be killed!”

The twelve students were already stunned . Waging a war without any consideration? Why were those five so violent?

Kong Yunfei’s eyes were cramping . Wasn’t that jerk too ruthless? He caught Li Hanyi’s team unprepared with a distraction!

As for the guy who was wearing a mask, it was hard to tell his expression, but his eyes were full of surprise too .

The second arrow of spiritual energy was released . The outburst of four hundred points of spiritual energy was not to be underestimated, but it did not work on Li Hanyi, as the spirit gatherer had established a water wall and he filled Li Hanyi with tremendous spiritual energy .

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Zhang Xuanyu’s Mystic Fatal Rod collided with Zuozuo’s hammers . The enormous blast left ripples in the air .

Han Fei’s third arrow had already been placed in the bow, but Su Yebai reacted fast enough to pull Li Hanyi away . In the next moment, one of the shields was broken by the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, and the other was knocked away by the arrow .

Zuozuo, who was flung back together with Zhang Xuanyu, jerked because a furious blade was slashing Su Yebai, and if nobody stopped it, Su Yebai wouldn’t be able to resist it as a manipulator .

Su Yebai said, “Be careful . You can’t dodge this sword . ”

Zuozuo roared, “Nine Forged Godly Hammers!”

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

With spiritual energy surging out of her arms, Zuozuo smashed nine times and finally knocked the Bloodthirsty Broadsword away . Le Renkuang immediately vomited blood palely .

Of course, Zuozuo was more miserable than him . Blood was flowing out all the way from her fingers to her shoulders .

But at this point, Han Fei had shot his fourth arrow . Kong Yunfei narrowed his eyes, as he remembered the horrifying arrow that equaled a full-blown attack from an intermediate great fishing master .

Li Hanyi waved his hand and summoned the last shield of spiritual energy to him .


Both Li Hanyi and his shield were blown away . Blood dripped from his lips, and his arms were shaking . Han Fei roared, “Fury… Take my fifth arrow!”

Li Hanyi almost went crazy . Were these people lunatics? They started a battle without any warning and resorted to all kinds of fatal moves .

Up above, a dragon roar echoed throughout the cave, and a man was smashed to the ground after a heavy sound .

Xia Xiaochan showed up and snorted, “Humph!”

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Su Yebai shouted, “Han Fei, stop! Let’s negotiate!”

Han Fei cursed, “Negotiate my ass…” The fifth arrow burst out . The attack of 3,200 points of spiritual energy was already beyond Han Fei’s limits . When the arrow was shot, it was like a dragon of spiritual energy flying out of his body . Li Hanyi took a deep breath and chanted, “The toughest mountain is on my back . ”

An enormous spike-shaped shell appeared out of nowhere and took Han Fei’s arrow .


The intense explosive blew away the people in the battle . Su Yebai and the spirit gatherer were almost killed by the blast .

A hole had been caused on the spike-shaped shell by Han Fei’s arrow, and Li Hanyi rolled dozens of times on the ground while vomiting blood nonstop .

When the attack stopped, an enormous spider picked up Li Hanyi’s team and rushed into the gate that had been partly opened, carrying them away .

Han Fei cursed, “You think any garbage can threaten the Fourth Academy? If I’m pissed, I’ll kill you even if I can’t have the treasures . ”

The twelve students were all stunned after they watched this . Should they still fight? The students from the Fourth Academy were clearly lunatics!