God of Fishing - Chapter 270

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Chapter 270: Combat Skill Steles

Chapter 270 Combat Skill Steles

At this moment, Luo Xiaobai suggested, “Now, our strength should be pretty much the same . Such being the case, why don’t we enter the palace first? Let’s solve any dispute when we get out of here . What do you think?”

Among the 7-people team, someone nodded immediately, “Okay! We have no objection . ”

Although there might be hidden masters among the seven of them, at least on the surface, they were the weakest . Even the team of the masked man and Kong Yunfei looked no weaker than them .

Li Hanyi took a deep look at Luo Xiaobai . “Okay . ”

The masked man added, “Alright, maybe some of us will die in this palace . ”

At this time, Luo Xiaobai sent the other four a message . We have to guard against these people . After we enter the palace, keep together, and stay alert . With that, Luo Xiaobai pushed the door open with a vine .


Han Fei thought the door wouldn’t be pushed open so easily . However, with a “creak”, the door slowly opened .

When they saw the scene behind the door, everyone couldn’t help but frown . They had thought they would see a magnificent palace but what they saw was all steles . Some steles were even broken and only halves were left . There were many steles, with a total of no less than 10,000 pieces, stretching for a distance of 3,000 meters . On the other side of the steles was another palace .

Everyone was surprised that the inside of this beautiful palace seemed to lie waste for many years . What secret was hidden here? They walked in one after another .

Then everyone was relieved . These were not tombstones . Each stele was blank, without a word on it, not even a scratch .

Le Renkuang suddenly hacked at one of the stones . To everyone’s surprise, however, the stele was not damaged at all . Not even a scratch was left .

Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed, “That’s not right! There are many broken stone steles here . Weren’t they destroyed by others?”

Among the team of seven, someone took the lead to walk into the forest of steles . However, just in a few seconds, the ground was shaking slightly . Among the countless stone steles, dozens of them began to shake .

This scene aroused everyone’s curiosity . The boy walked to the stele closest to him, frozen there . At this time, others were surprised to find that this stele became blurred .

Xia Xiaochan said, “There must be something on the stele, but we can’t see it . ”

Others also discovered that these steles began to shake when the boy walked up to them .

But then, the boy quickly walked to another stele, stopped for a moment, and then moved to the next stele . When he walked to the eighth stele, about five minutes later, with a “crack”, the stele suddenly broke .

Then the ground stopped trembling and all the shaking stones became silent . The boy still wanted to go forward, but after only two steps, he looked back at the remaining 6 people in his team and seemed to be communicating with them .

These people’s faces changed slightly and they suddenly walked into the forest of steles .


Then thousands of steles began to shake, and the six people scattered, each stopping in front of a stone .

Han Fei and the other four exchanged a glance . “What is attracting them to the stele? Cultivation methods? Combat skills? Or what?”

Luo Xiaobai shrugged . “Let’s go in and see . ”

Almost at the same time, Li Hanyi’s team also all entered the forest of steles .

Countless steles began to shake simultaneously . Wherever they were people, the steles were shaking .

This scene scared the boy who was about to leave, and he immediately sprinted towards the opposite palace .

As Kong Yunfei and the masked man entered, all steles began to shake . The scene was spectacular and breathtaking .

After entering the forest of steles, Han Fei suddenly felt as if countless steles were calling him . It felt as if two people on either side of him were trying to drag him to their sides at the same time .

In the beginning, Han Fei didn’t feel anything special . Han Fei walked to a random stele that was calling him and looked at it, only to find a line of words on it .

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“Dragon Subduing Fist”

A Spirit-level Low-Quality Combat Skill

With this fist technique, one can attack enemies in all directions and launch explosive punches .

Han Fei blinked . That’s it?


Han Fei felt a slight fluctuation, which seemed to be the connection between this stele and him, and it seemed that as long as he followed this fluctuation, he could obtain this combat skill .

Han Fei looked around at the others . Some people were switching steles, and some were standing in front of the steles pondering .

Han Fei smiled . This place was just like the library of the Fourth Academy . However, unlike the library where you chose combat skills, here it is the combat skills that chose you . Interesting!

Han Fei ignored this stele . I might as well find combat skills in the library of the Fourth Academy . A random one would be better than this one that was only a spirit-level low-quality combat skill . Then why should I come here at such a big risk?

Along the way, Han Fei was feeling the calling intensity of different stones . Halfway through, he found that their calling intensity had become almost the same .

So Han Fei looked at one of the steles .

“Water Escape Art”

A Demon-level Mid-Quality Combat Skill

A secret method, with which, one can leave the battlefield in an instant by detonating a large amount of spiritual energy, and once mastering it, one can escape a hundred kilometers away in a flash .

Escape a hundred kilometers away in a flash? It sounded great . However, remembering how Wenren Yu could fish up to a thousand kilometers away, Han Fei shook his head . If it was a thousand kilometers, I may consider it . A hundred kilometers is too short .

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Han Fei checked the steles one by one and found that almost all of them were demon-level mid-quality combat skills . When there was finally a demon-level high-level combat skill, he was disappointed to find that it was a knife technique .

Han Fei was helpless . My Million Knife Art is a demon-level high-quality technique and the Sword Manipulation Art that I just learned at the door is even a heaven-level high-quality one . Why do I need so many knife techniques?


At this time, another person chose a combat skill . As soon as he got it, he immediately ran to the opposite palace .

Le Renkuang sent them a message . Should we choose quickly? I think the combat skills here are not as good as those in our library . Maybe, the good stuff is in the opposing palace…

Han Fei replied, Opportunity is not first come, first served . There won’t be any big difference between going early and going late . Let the weakest go first . We’ll just bring up the rear . No rush .

Xia Xiaochan added, I don’t think it matters . Most of the combat skills here are not suitable for me .

Luo Xiaobai suggested, Let’s check them again .

Han Fei walked out of this area . He was too lazy to check the steles one by one, so he just walked to the one with the strongest summoning power .

“Sea Quelling Hand”

A Heaven-level Mid-Quality Combat Skill

Use your hands as your weapons . Once mastering it, one can tear the ocean apart .

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched . Is this combat skill real? Tear the ocean?! Wow! If I deduce it, will I get a combat skill that can rip the heavens and earth?

“Wait a minute…”

Han Fei frowned . The Sword Manipulation Art at the gate was also a heaven-level combat skill, but why wasn’t its introduction so thrilling? If one could really tear the ocean with this combat skill, why was it only a heaven-level mid-quality one?

Han Fei asked, “Have you found any heaven-level combat skills?”

Xia Xiaochan replied, “I saw one, which is about stealth . I don’t need it . ”

Zhang Xuanyu called out, “Huh? Are there heaven-level combat skills here? The best I’ve seen is a demon-level high-quality one . ”

Le Renkuang nodded . “Me too . ”

Luo Xiaobai was also shocked . “You saw a heaven-level combat skill?”

Han Fei nodded slightly . “Yes! But it’s not very suitable for me . I’ll see if there is anything better . ”

He was not in a hurry . What if he could find a better combat skill than this Sea Quelling Hand?

After a while, Han Fei almost came to the end of them . He felt that there were tens of thousands of threads connecting him and combat skills, and the strongest of them was connecting to the Sea Quelling Hand . “Wait a minute!”

Han Fei suddenly discovered that there seemed to be a combat skill with the weakest summoning power, not even at the spirit-level . It gave Han Fei the feeling that it was a mortal-level combat skill, at most a mystic-level one .