God of Fishing - Chapter 273

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Chapter 273: Reach For The Stars

Chapter 273 Reach For The Stars

Han Fei resisted for about five minutes, but the power of the flame did not weaken . Therefore, Han Fei simply gave up resisting .

After his spiritual energy protective cover was shattered, Han Fei sat cross-legged and began to practice the Indestructible Body Art . Since being struck by lightning last time, Han Fei hadn’t made any progress in the Indestructible Body Art .

He didn’t want to practice it because the art consumed too much spiritual energy, unlike before when he was still a fishing master, he could refine his skin with only tens of thousands of points of spiritual energy .

However, since being struck by lightning last time, his entire physique had been improved by a level, and his flesh, bones, and marrow had all been tempered evenly .

Having paid such a high price, Han Fei certainly couldn’t let this flame really burn his skin and flesh away . If he only had a skeleton left, could he still live? He began to practice the Indestructible Body Art, but half an hour later, his clothes were burned out, so was his hair . His skin had been burnt away but no blood flowed out .

That was because he had been burned and charred .

At this time, the flame began to abate . Under the charred skin, new skin grew .

Thinking about it for a moment, Han Fei figured out why the flame let up . This fire was also a kind of energy and the heat came from the energy . Since he used this energy to temper his skin and flesh, the flame would certainly subside .

Of course, if he used spiritual energy to offset this energy, it was not worthwhile and would consume a lot of spiritual energy as well…

Two hours later .

Han Fei changed his skin .

One day later .

The flame was no longer burning . Han Fei didn’t know how many times he had changed his skin, and the old skins and flesh turned into flame energy that covered his body .

Three days had passed .

When the last bit of flame was burned out, Han Fei couldn’t help being shocked . This flame was really powerful! The small mass of fire burned for three days and three nights despite the fact that he had been consuming its energy . How much energy did it contain? Han Fei got up and soot fell all over the ground . Han Fei’s eyelids twitched . This was not crust but his old flesh and skin!

However, fortunately, Han Fei found that he had lost a lot of weight . At that second, he took a deep breath . Finally! He became thin again!

Although Han Fei didn’t know exactly how well his skin was tempered, he could feel that his flesh and veins seemed to be tougher . He wanted to find someone to fight to try it out .

“Haha, I’m handsome again!”

Han Fei was overjoyed . He vaguely remembered that Old Jiang once told him that he could become thin again when he became a peak-level great fishing master . But now, he returned to his original figure in advance . Now he had a very “proportional” figure .

Han Fei took a change of clothes from Forge the Universe and put them on, but suddenly, he felt that something was wrong .

Han Fei touched his head and was stunned .

“No! Where is my hair?”

Han Fei cried . He became bald?! That was really too much…

He immediately gathered spiritual energy on top of his head . However, to his despair, his hair still didn’t grow!

“F*ck… What the hell is this f*cking place? Give my hair back! Which son of a bitch put this fish here? Come out! I’m gonna kill you!”

Han Fei was desperate . I used to be fat, but I still had hair, but now, I’m bald, which is even worse!

Han Fei had been trying for a whole hour, but still no hair appeared on his head . It seemed that something was hindering the growth of his hair .

Finally, Han Fei accepted reality . He found a piece of dark red cloth from Forge the Universe, refined a bandana, and wrapped it on his head .

Han Fei muttered, “My hair will definitely grow out . It’s okay . I’ll ask the president about it when I go back . ”

The stone fish was gone, but the seal had still not been removed . Han Fei looked up, shot out a fishing line, and wrapped it around the pillar .


Han Fei climbed up the pillar, and after climbing for a long while, he finally stood on the top of the pillar .

However, to his surprise, the pillar did not reach the top . Now, he was about fifty or sixty meters above the ground and the other pillars were much higher than the one he climbed .

He looked up, only to find that those flashing light spots were still far away . However, he could vaguely see some of them, which were small glowing balls . Among them, some glowing balls seemed to be floating towards Han Fei consciously and fell a hundred meters away . This distance was precisely the range that the fishing hook could reach .

Huh? Shall I fish for these balls?

Han Fei thought for a while but didn’t make a move . He climbed the first pillar, which was the shortest one . Then he waved his fishing rod and wrapped it around another pillar .

With a swoosh, Han Fei jumped onto the second pillar . However, this time, he felt a pressure pressing on him . This felt a bit like the pressure he felt when he was walking on the chain .

“Haha! How can I be held down by such little pressure?”

Han Fei threw the fishing hook twice and reached the top of this pillar .

This second pillar was about 50 meters higher than the first . This time, he saw it more clearly . The little stars that were originally more than a hundred meters away from him had become larger balls . There seemed to be something in every ball .

“No, I need to climb another pillar . ”

This time, Han Fei felt that the pressure on his body was greater . When he climbed to the top, he finally saw clearly the glowing balls ten meters away .

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In the glowing ball closest to him, there was a spear, silver and shining .

Han Fei took out the Snow Silver Rod and compared it with the spear in the glowing ball . They seemed a bit similar .

Huh! This place is really special . There was an opportunity outside the door, although it was more like a test . And the iron chain must be the second test . After the iron chain, there is the third test in the first palace . Every time I pass a test, I get an opportunity . In other words, there are actually three tests and three opportunities!

Han Fei frowned . He thought of the stone fish . Could ordinary people handle that stuff? Han Fei could be sure that Luo Xiaobai would definitely not be able to handle it because they conflicted in elemental nature .

Then Han Fei wondered if he didn’t touch the stone fish, would it not have come to life? He was a bit worried, wondering if the others also encountered the same stone fish…

Han Fei looked at the spear but did not intend to take it . This spear didn’t look better than the Snow Silver Rod in his hand . It would not be worth it if he just got this spear after being burnt for three days and three nights!

Han Fei continued to climb up .

The fourth pillar .

The fifth .

The sixth .

When Han Fei climbed to the sixth pillar, his body felt an extra thousand pounds of pressure .

“Nine Tails, attach . ”

This time, Han Fei didn’t use the fishing rod . At the sixth pillar, the fishing rod could barely hold him, so he was sure the fishing rod could no longer hold him on the seventh pillar .

When the nine-star chain attached to the seventh pillar, Han Fei felt something suddenly pressing on him and he slid five or six meters down .

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“Wanna push me down? No way . ”

On the seventh pillar, Han Fei glanced at those brilliant balls and then ignored them . There was still another pillar!

“Little Gold, attach…”

Han Fei spread his wings and the nine-star chain fastened to the eighth pillar . He just wanted to fly over, only to be pressed down by a sudden pressure, and he almost fell down . Thanks to the nine-star chain, Han Fei hung upside down on the pillar, panting .

“Hoho, the highest pillar must have the best treasure . ”

Han Fei straightened up with difficulty and moved up step by step . He wanted to fly up, but the pressure was so great that he couldn’t fly .

Han Fei was sweating profusely . “Even if I can’t use my wings, I still have claws and the chain . Worst case, I can move up inch by inch!”