God of Fishing - Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: Battle of Experts

Chapter 278 Battle of Experts

In the sky, the man’s voice rumbled like thunder, and a wave was surging after his roar .

When the middle-aged man arrived, he gazed at Han Fei coldly .

After being stared at by the man, Han Fei felt like a mountain was laid on his back .


Han Fei vomited blood, and his back was bent beyond his control .


Sticking his Snow Silver Rod to the deck, Han Fei tried to raise his head to look at the man in the sky, all of his veins bursting out .

“Humph . ”

Xiao Zhan’s face changed instantly . He stepped on the sea, and the water within a hundred meters all rose . He punched forward, launching a shadow fist dozens of meters long


The air and the water within a thousand meters exploded .

Right below where the shadow fist was broken on the sea, a pit a hundred meters deep had been caused . It was not hard to imagine how powerful the collision between Xiao Zhan and the middle-aged man was .

Han Fei couldn’t help but vomit blood again .

He couldn’t be more shocked by their strength . He felt that they could easily squash him with only one finger .

Immediately, Han Fei secretly activated Forge the Universe and decided to hide himself there in order to make a comeback later if he had no other choices .

However, Xiao Zhan stepped up in the air and unfolded his wings . Different from Fang Ze’s white wings, Xiao Zhan’s wings were red and glamorous, almost unfitting for Xiao Zhan .

Xiao Zhan was growing more and more intimidating . Very soon, the floating beads of water around him were falling apart .


A strange big conch appeared out of nowhere .

The strange conch had eight mouths, and from each mouth, a tentacle was extending out .

Determined to fight, Xiao Zhan demanded, “Who are you? Why did you attack my student?”

The middle-aged man, however, frowned and said, “Huh? The Eight-Armed Conch… You are what’s-his-name from the Thug Academy…”

“My name is Xiao Zhan, and I will not let go of you if you don’t give me an explanation . ”

When Xiao Zhan roared, the spiritual energy flowed at him from all directions . At this point, Xiao Zhan seemed to have turned into a magnificent demonic god .

The middle-aged man burst into laughter . “You won’t let go of me? As a peak Hidden Fisher?”

Han Fei’s team and the presidents of the other three academies were all shocked . Xiao Zhan was a peak Hidden Fisher? What about the domineering middle-aged man? How strong was he if he despised a peak Hidden Fisher?

Han Fei whispered, “You run immediately if you notice anything wrong . He’s only looking for me . ”

Zhang Xuanyu yelled, “Who says that he’s looking for you . We would’ve still killed that masked ass*ole without you . Brothers don’t abandon each other . ”

Luo Xiaobai said, “I’m the cause of everything, and I’m going to settle it . ”

Han Fei said anxiously, “You’re going to settle it? Is it something you can settle?”

Xia Xiaochan unsheathed her dagger and said coldly, “I’m not going . ”

Le Renkuang said nervously, “We can’t go anywhere even if we wanted to!”

Seeing that Xia Xiaochan was looking at him angrily, Le Renkuang hurried to change his attitude . “Why would we run? Let’s fight him!”

But the battle was completely beyond their level . The middle-aged man snorted and grabbed a handful of water which he forged into a water man . He then threw it into the gate of the secret realm in the Fiery Mountain .

After that, the middle-aged man looked at Xiao Zhan and said coldly, “Let me try you . It’s high time that the Thug Academy disappeared . ”

The middle-aged man extended his hand and clenched it, and an ice serpent a hundred meters long appeared out of nowhere . When the serpent roared, the intense stink from its mouth made Han Fei’s legs tremble .

Le Renkuang swallowed and asked, “What’s that?”

Han Fei was grave to see the data in his eyes .

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Ice Unicorn Serpent (Sun Liang’s spiritual beast)

This is an ice mutation of the ancient dragon bloodline . The freezing power of the serpent can freeze the seawater within a thousand kilometers…


Legendary ???

Han Fei was shocked . A legendary creature? The experts of the Thousand Star City had those? They were really strong!

Han Fei could see the data of Xiao Zhan’s Eight-Armed Conch too .

Eight-Armed Conch (Xiao Zhan’s spiritual beast) This is a mutation of the Eight-Armed Mystic Octopus and the Strange Conch . It boasts unparalleled defense and regeneration abilities . It can also lock down the enemy with its mysterious arrays .


Exotic (mutated)


Han Fei took a deep breath . Although the Eight-Armed Conch looked awesome too, it was one level lower in terms of quality . The exotic creatures couldn’t compare to the legendary creatures even if they had mutated . If this Eight-Armed Conch’s level was higher than the Ice Unicorn Serpent, it might still be able to beat the Ice Unicorn Serpent . But it did not seem likely at this point .

In the sky, eight pillars appeared out of nowhere in eight directions .

Xiao Zhan suddenly rose, and three consecutive explosions burst out of his fist . When he punched out, half of the sky was dyed red .

“Asura Death Punch!”

The middle-aged man’s face changed, and infinite snow was raised next to him . He grabbed an ice spear and clapped his hands, and the Ice Unicorn Serpent charged at Xiao Zhan around the spear .

For Han Fei’s team, their eyes were almost blinded .

Han Fei only saw that the air was frozen, and the red glamorous fist collided with the weird spear .


Crack! Crack! Crack!

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The eight pillars were immediately full of cracks . Han Fei’s team did not see what happened at all when their boat was knocked away . The presidents of the other three academies were the same . Though they were not weak, their boats were pushed dozens of kilometers away too .

When the boat was blown away, Luo Xiaobai unleashed her vines and fixated her teammates .

Le Renkuang raised the shields in his armor box and shouted, “Armor!”

It was Le Renkuang’s only ancillary ability to increase everybody’s defense . He cast it on his teammates, not caring if it could really help .

Han Fei shouted, “Attach! Attach!”

The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold were attached to him simultaneously . In the water, their gold and red wings protected Han Fei’s team .


Le Renkuang vomited blood, and the rest of them were pale too when they were smashed into the ocean .

Under the blast, Han Fei vomited blood too, and the two layers of attachment were immediately dispersed .


Han Fei did not know that the middle-aged man in the sky slightly exclaimed in shock when he was attached .

At this point, Han Fei was only worried that the fish would attack him .

But as far as his eyes could see, most fish had been killed by the blast and were floating on the ocean .

Han Fei carried Le Renkuang to the surface of the ocean . Everybody had been blown dozens of kilometers away just now, and their white boat was upside down . It was not hard to imagine how horrifying the previous attack was!

Right after Han Fei’s team climbed back into their boat, another overwhelming wave consumed them .

Han Fei was greatly appalled, “Shoot…”

They were smashed into the water again . With their capabilities, they had no idea how the battle between Xiao Zhan and the middle-aged man was going .

By the time they climbed back to the boat, the wind and the waves had died out, and Xiao Zhan and the middle-aged man had been separated .

At this point, Xiao Zhan was many kilometers away from them . Though he was still standing proudly, blood was dripping from his hands, and his clothes were half ruined .

The middle-aged man snatched with one hand, trying to pull Han Fei’s boat to him .

Xiao Zhan landed on the ocean and stepped on the surface, quelling the tide that the middle-aged man raised, but he vomited blood .

Then, everybody finally saw Xiao Zhan more clearly . He was bloodstained, and one of his arms had nothing but bones left .

But Xiao Zhan sensed none of it . “The Sun family of the Thousand Star City, I’ll remember you . I will stomp on the Sun family first thing after I conquer this city . ”

The middle-aged snorted . “Xiao Zhan, I’ve only spared you because you couldn’t have reached your level without arduous work . You really think I dare not kill you?”


Xiao Zhan burst into laughter . “Kill me? I can make you half dead before you kill me . Why don’t you have a try?”

The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed, as if he was considering the possibility .

At this point, the masked man’s body was taken out by the water puppet that the middle-aged man forged earlier . Gloomily, he looked at Han Fei again .

This time, Han Fei stepped forward and demanded, “old fart, what are you looking at? Your son is allowed to kill other people in the secret realm, but other people can’t kill him? That’s unreasonable . ”

The middle-aged snorted . Xiao Zhan punched out and broke the invisible wave from him, rescuing Han Fei from his attack .

The man took the masked man’s mask off . Looking at his son, he couldn’t have seemed more upset, and the tide was surging again .

Chu Mengxue, the president of the Third Academy, was surprised . “Is he Cao Yuan?”

Han Fei was stunned . Cao Yuan? Wasn’t he the ninth on the rank of the top hundred students?

However, it didn’t matter anymore what his name was .

The middle-aged man looked at him and said, “My son, Sun Ye, died because of you . Submit it now!”

Han Fei roared angrily, “What? Your son demanded something from me, and so do you . How am I supposed to know what you