God of Fishing - Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: One Attack to Shake the Sky

Chapter 279 One Attack to Shake the Sky

Everybody looked at Han Fei .

Han Fei was quite appalled at this point, wondering what token he had taken back exactly

The middle-aged man cared more about the token than the death of his son?

Whatever the token was, Han Fei knew that it was much more important than he thought, and he would certainly not admit that he had it .

Immediately, anger, shock, and confusion all appeared on Han Fei’s face .

Yet, the middle-aged man snorted and said, “Stop pretending . If my son came to you, you definitely had it . Boy, submit it, and I may consider sparing your life for the sake of the Thug Academy . If you don’t submit it, you will die . ”

Xiao Zhan scoffed . “You’re rather bold . You think the students of the Thug Academy are to be threatened by you? Get lost!”

Xiao Zhan berated him with a furious and rumbling voice .

Nobody could be more brutal than the Thug Academy .

Yet, the middle-aged man extended his hand, and the shadow spears surged down like a tide . “Let’s see how many times you can resist me, Xiao Zhan . ”

Right after the middle-aged man said that, a gigantic hand appeared out of nowhere in the sky and slapped him .

The middle-aged man’s face changed greatly . He summoned a turtle dozens of meters long to protect him, but he was still pressed into the water . The blast raised a wave a hundred meters tall .

Under the rising wave, people could still hear deafening noises from the bottom of the ocean .

Han Fei swallowed, wondering who could’ve possibly slapped such an expert to the bottom of the ocean .

In the next moment, the middle-aged man broke out of water, his hair messed up by the slap . “Who is it?”

Xiao Zhan, however, was relieved . “Old Bai, you’re late . ”

“Old Bai?”

“Mr . President?”

Han Fei was lost for words . He didn’t know that Old Bai was so brutal .

A person appeared on the ocean out of nowhere .

Old Bai said with his hands on his back, “I didn’t know that you were from the Sun family . Little fish, ask Sun Baisheng to come here and see if he’s bold enough to kill someone of the Thug Academy . You think you’re better than him?”

Old Bai raised his hand and slapped again .

His terrifying power squashed the middle-aged man’s attached turtle and canceled their state of fusion . There was a huge dent on the ocean, and Han Fei’s eyes bulged .


Zhang Xuanyu swallowed . “Our president is rather strong!”

Han Fei was shocked too . “Rather strong? He’s inhuman, alright?”


Han Fei was immediately slapped on his head .

Old Bai glanced at him from the surface of the ocean . “Little baldy, shut up . ”

Han Fei couldn’t have looked more awful, as that old fart had knocked off his bandana .

He hurried to cover his head with the bandana again, only to notice that his teammates were staring at his head .

“What are you looking at? Hairlessness highlights the handsomeness of my face!”

Everyone: “…”

Han Fei clicked his tongue . “It really feels great to have someone covering your back! Old fart, keep staring at me! You think you can rob me of my stuff? Your head must’ve been hit by an Iron-Head Fish…”

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Han Fei threw out profanities now that Old Bai had his back . He cursed in a hundred different ways in only one moment, making everybody look at him in shock .

The middle-aged tried to swallow his fury . “Little thief . ”

Han Fei immediately looked at Bai Congye pitifully . “Mr . President, he cursed me . ”


Bai Congye was quite delighted by Han Fei’s eloquence . He said, “Is that what you should do when a student curses you? You are an adult . You are a shame to the Sun family . ”

The man was almost driven crazy . “Bai Congye…”


“You think you can call me by my name?” The middle-aged man roared and unleashed all of his spiritual energy . Immediately, a turtle, a lobster and a big spotted fish popped up .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

After three consecutive slaps, all the three contractual spiritual beasts were slapped back .

Old Bai sneered . “Why? Are you angry? I hope you are . Not just your son, even if your whole family died in the trial, you would still have to lay low . ”

Half kneeling on the ocean, the middle-aged man said, “You really think he can protect the Sea Token?”

“The Sea Token?”

At this point, the presidents of the other three academies all changed their expression .

Slightly stunned, Bai Congye looked at Han Fei but then slapped the middle-aged man again . “Why? You think the Thug Academy can’t keep the Sea Token safe? You think that the Sun family is more entitled to it than the Thug Academy is?”


All of a sudden, the middle-aged man disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was a thousand meters high in the sky .

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He roared, “Heavenly Star Suppressing the Ocean…”

As the middle-aged man roared, a storm was gathered, and a seal a thousand meters long descended from the sky . The middle-aged man vomited blood at the seal, making it weirdly red .

He had truly been infuriated, and he seemed to be attempting a comeback with a weird technique .

Then, Old Bai took a step forward and raised his hands . Then, infinite water rose to the sky .

Again, there was nothing Han Fei could see .

They had truly seen their godly methods this time .

They didn’t know that turning a river or a lake upside down was really possible .

Han Fei gulped, impressed by the president’s capabilities .

The sky was still exploding, and the clouds were dimming . As far as everyone’s eyes could see, they saw nothing but surging waves .

“One attack to shake the sky!”

Chu Mengxue, the president of the Third Academy, exclaimed in shock, making Han Fei dumbfounded and shocked .

After a whole minute, a middle-aged man rose to the sky covered in blood, fleeing away .

The seawater fell, and the tide gradually died down .

Palely, Han Fei lay on the boat . He saw that Old Bai walked to him with his hands on his back like a regular old man .

Old Bai snorted . “You really thought you were good?”

Old Bai grabbed the boat and turned it upside town, making it float again . But Han Fei regretfully found that his white boat had been stepped on and disfigured by Xiao Zhan in the battle .

Xiao Zhan was panting . “Old Bai, my wounds . ”

old Bai raised his hands, and a pillar of light fell on the boat . Han Fei felt that a mysterious power was healing Xiao Zhan’s wounds quickly . Xiao Zhan’s hand that had been reduced to bones were regrowing at a visible speed, and no wounds could be seen anymore after one moment .

Le Renkuang’s voice was shaking when he said, “Han Fei, our president seems rather horrifying . ”

Zhang Xuanyu was sitting on the deck, still stunned by the battle . In comparison, his Seven-Layered Waves in Furious Sea was nothing but child’s play and couldn’t compare to any random waves in the ocean!

Xia Xiaochan was shocked too . But she was also curious . She asked, “Just now, I sensed the aura of a terrifying monster . Was it real?”

Han Fei smiled bitterly . I sensed it too . I even saw it! The legendary creature was right before us . Of course you felt a terrifying monster .

At this point, the presidents of the other three academies were all shocked . They knew that Bai Congye was good, but they didn’t know that he was so good!

Also, it seemed that the middle-aged knew Bai Congye, and Bai Congye knew him too . Was it about something clandestine in the past? They had been curious why the Thug Academy declined all of a sudden back in its heyday .

Bai Congye boarded the boat lazily and was angry to see Han Fei’s regretfulness . “This is just a boat . It’s nothing that it’s been broken . Our school is rich now . You can buy a new one…”

Han Fei said gloomily, “But this is a boat from the town! Is it available in the Linglong Tower?”

Old Bai turned a deaf ear to him . He said casually, “It’s not a big deal . Just keep the Sea Token . With the name of the Thug Academy, you can have as many Sea Tokens as you want . ”

He couldn’t have sounded more magnificent .

The appearance of Xiao Zhan and Old Bai made Han Fei more and more fond of the Thug Academy . He felt confident to go anywhere now that someone had his back .

Han Fei took out the Sea Token and observed it for a while, before he asked, “Mr . President, what is this token exactly? Why does somebody from the city want it? Also, am I in trouble?”

The others drew close and examined the token too, but they didn’t find anything .

Old Bai snorted . “If you want to know what it is, clear the level-three fishery first…”