God of Fishing - Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: End of the Trial

Chapter 280 End of the Trial

Since the trial was not over yet, and the crisis was already resolved, Han Fei was no longer in a rush . After all, he was covered by Old Bai, who had beaten a big shot from the city easily .

Half a day later, Han Fei woke up from training, and his wounds were mostly recovered .

He was more heavily wounded than anybody else because the enemy gazed at him . He was still scared when he remembered the guy’s look .

The moment Han Fei opened his eyes, he saw his teammates whispering to each other before him .

Zhang Xuanyu clicked his tongue . “Why do you think Han Fei lost his hair? His head is so shiny that even an Iron-Head Fish can’t compare…”

Xia Xiaochan observed the back of Han Fei’s head closely . “Of course, he can easily kill a bunch of Dragon-Headed Fish if he rammed his own head at them . ”

Le Renkuang asked curiously, “Can’t he regrow his hair with spiritual energy? Or maybe it is his special quirk to remain bald?”

Luo Xiaobai, on the other hand, tried to stop them . “He’ll be angry after he wakes up if you keep talking about that . ”


Han Fei unleashed his spiritual energy and knocked them off . He touched his head, only to burst into fury . “Where’s my bandana?”

Everybody immediately dispersed . Luo Xiaobai appreciated the ocean view, Le Renkuang cleaned up the hotpot, Zhang Xuanyu began to fish, and Xia Xiaochan simply fled with her stealth .

“Outrageous! That’s too outrageous! Do you have any idea what cool means?”

But after that, Han Fei hurried to run to Old Bai who was sleeping on the top of the boat . “Mr . President, can you help me regrow my hair?”

Old Bai sniffed . “I’m incapable of regrowing your hair for you . ”

Han Fei wailed, “Please! I can feel that it’s still there, but it’s been blocked by something . ”

Old Bai turned around and continued enjoying the sunbath, too lazy to talk to Han Fei .

Xiao Zhan, however, chuckled and said, “You must’ve absorbed too much energy when you built up your body, which disrupted the original energy in your body . Because your major acupoints are sealed by your battle technique, the energy inside your body is overflowing everywhere and stops your hair from growing… It’s not a big deal . To put it simply, you’ve had too much food, and you will be fine after the food is digested . ”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei’s eyes cramped . He didn’t know that it was the reason .

Xia Xiaochan appeared at the head of the boat . “That’s right . You’re probably the only one who weathered through the fish fire . I didn’t know how you managed that . ”

Han Fei was amused . So, had he been too weak to take the tonics? He was really reluctant to admit it .

Han Fei asked timidly, “Sir, when do you think I can get my hair back?”

H shrugged . “Maybe when you become a peak-level great fishing master, or maybe a Dangling Fisher . It’s going to be soon . Don’t be anxious . ”

Han Fei was speechless . Don’t be anxious? How can you not be anxious when everybody keeps staring at your head?

Han Fei hurried to cover his head with a hood gloomily .

On the morning of the seventh day, Han Fei made a sauced lobster and devoured it on the top of the boat on his own .

Le Renkuang, however, sneaked to him and said, “Han Fei, you’re suffering from overnutrition . Let me give you a hand . ”

Han Fei said without raising his head, “GO away . It’s just a lobster . I can take care of it myself . ”

His teammates looked at him, lost for words, as Han Fei had been angry all day after they observed his bald head in the previous day .

Le Renkuang swallowed and said, “I always feel that sauced lobster is more delicious than lobster hotpot . ”

Old Bai did not really care . He sat down next to the hotpot with a tank of wine . “Let him eat it alone . What’s wrong with hotpot? Anything is delicious as long as you can drink with it . ”

At this point, someone came out of the secret realm, and the first thing they saw was that Han Fei was swallowing a two-meter-long lobster, which made their lips tremble .

This person couldn’t have looked more awful when he saw Han Fei, not expecting him to come out so early .

Han Fei, on the other hand, pointed at one of the newcomers and shouted, “You still owe me one Fiery Mountain Token! I came out early exactly to wait for you…” The man felt quite gloomy that Han Fei still remembered it .

The other people were stunned too . Zhang Xuanyu asked, “How do they owe you?”

Han Fei chuckled . “Because I was merciful enough to spare their life . Isn’t it reasonable that they give me their Fiery Mountain Token in exchange?”

The man’s face darkened . Merciful? Not only did you rob us, you also threatened us to give you one more Fiery Mountain Token . We’ve never seen anyone as shameless as you…

The man was from the Second Academy . Xu Tianji couldn’t help but ask, “What happened?”

The young man heaved a long sigh and tossed a Fiery Mountain Token at Han Fei . Okay! I can’t afford pissing you off! Here’s one Fiery Mountain Token . Please forget me in the future .

Han Fei accepted the Fiery Mountain Token without guilt and nodded, “You are a smart kid . ”

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Very soon, as people left the secret realm, Han Fei pointed at more of them and demanded their Fiery Mountain Tokens .

Xia Xiaochan climbed to the top of the boat and asked, “How many people owe you a Fiery Mountain Token?”

Han Fei thought for a moment and sighed . “I don’t remember . I think it’s only a dozen…”

Maybe it would be too humiliating if Han Fei asked for the Fiery Mountain Token with words, so most of them gave it to him when he pointed at them .

But a couple of them were quite ruthless . They simply refused to give anything away .

Naturally, there was nothing Han Fei could do to them… Except that he kept staring at them until they were panicked and worried that Han Fei would come to them later .

One of the guys couldn’t take it anymore and threw a Fiery Mountain Token at Han Fei . “Stop staring at me . ”

Han Fei spat . “Shameless . I will not stop staring at you until you pay your debt . ”

Then, Han Fei focused his eyes on the last person . Han Fei couldn’t quite remember the guy’s name, but he remembered robbing the guy .

The guy was quite speechless . He had never seen such a shameless expert who enjoyed bullying the weak .

Eventually, he still gave Han Fei the token, because he couldn’t stand everybody staring at him together with Han Fei . It almost made him feel that he was truly a person who refused to pay his debt .

After Han Fei accepted the last Fiery Mountain Token, Li Hanyi’s team walked out and noticed Han Fei .

They were slightly surprised . Where was the masked man if Han Fei was having a lobster?

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Han Fei looked at Zhong Yue, whose arm seemed unnatural . His hand that was chopped off by Xia Xiaochan seemed to have been connected to him . But it wasn’t quite the same . The fracture caused by Xia Xiaochan’s saber was smooth, so it was possible to treat the broken arm if it was dealt with in time .

Zhang Xuanyu and the rest of them immediately stood up . Le Renkuang stared at Lin Shengmu and yelled, “Next time I meet you, I’ll beat the s*it out of you!”

Confused, Han Fei whispered to Xia Xiaochan, “What did Lin Shengmu do to Le Renkuang? I feel that I missed something . ”

Xia Xiaochan smiled and replied, “It’s nothing . He was just hanged and beaten up . His clothes were almost torn off… But don’t tell other people that I told you . ” “Pu!”

Han Fei spurted out the lobster meat and eyed Lin Shengmu in a different way . Serious? That guy was interested in a man as hideous as Le Renkuang?

Le Renkuang immediately looked at Han Fei and then Xia Xiaochan, before he said angrily, “Xia Xiaochan, did you badmouth me?”

Xia Xiaochan snorted . “I’m too lazy to talk about you . ”

Lin Shengmu snorted too . They stood at the head of the boat and stared at Han Fei . Obviously, they were still fighting . Luo Xiaobai said, “There’s no need to be angry . We’ll meet again . ”

Xiang Zuozuo declared, “Damn right we will . My hammers will show you no mercy next time we meet . ”

Xia Xiaochan peeped at her . “You think anybody is scared of you? I’ll deal with you next time . ”

The situation grew intense . The problem was not the grudge between the two teams, but that the girls in both teams were brutal and ruthless .

After a long time, everybody was gathered . Many of them looked frustrated, as they didn’t find any treasure and even lost their Fiery Mountain Tokens . They did nothing more than travel around the Fiery Mountain .

Wu Junwei roared, “Alright . Now that everybody is out, let’s see the results!”