God of Fishing - Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: The Saber Sutra

Chapter 282 The Saber Sutra

Han Fei had no idea what it felt like to absorb the fish fire . He had spent all his fish fire on building his Indestructible Body and did not let it enter his body at all .

He asked carefully, “Has it been consumed now?”

Holding her knees, Xia Xiaochan shook her head again .

Han Fei took a deep breath . It would seem that he would probably have no chance of training in the following days . If the energy inside Xia Xiaochan was not consumed, she might go on a rampage any minute .

With her capabilities as a peak-level great fishing master, Han Fei was certain that nobody except himself and Le Renkuang could resist Xia Xiaochan’s outburst .

Even Le Renkuang might be unable to survive her attacks .

Han Fei said helplessly, “It’s not a big deal . I can train with you for a couple of days . I have a lot of clothes anyway . ”

Xia Xiaochan seemed to be slightly relieved . Then she said in a low voice, “It’s been months since I had an attack . I didn’t feel anything back in the water . ” Han Fei was deep in thought . “You had an attack last time when you met the power of thunder, right? It’s the fish fire this time… Is it possible that you reject all external powers?”

Xia Xiaochan shook her head . “I don’t know . ”

Han Fei could tell that Xia Xiaochan was slightly panicked .

He was quite annoyed and jealous . He had a cheat, but in the end, the power inside his teammate’s body could easily beat whatever he had . It did not feel great at all .

Returning to the cave, Han Fei took out Sun Ye’s Sea Swallowing Seashell and started searching again . “Hey! A high-quality pearl?”

It was the first time that Han Fei had seen a high-quality pearl . It was round and glittering and would make a beautiful accessory . However, there were only a hundred of such pearls in stock . When he examined them more carefully, he detected spiritual energy in the pearls . “Too bad that it’s not as much as the spiritual energy in the low-quality spiritual stones . There’s a reason why the pearls are only advanced currency . ”

There was also a boat in the Sea Swallowing Seashell, but it was not a white boat and much worse than a white boat in terms of quality . So Han Fei simply ignored it .

Apart from the boat on the side, there were mid-quality pearls, weapons, stones, and collected seafood .

“Huh? A Phantom Fish…”

Han Fei remembered that there were hundreds of Phantom Fish in his Forge the Universe . Plus the Phantom Fish here, there must be a thousand of them . However, it was slightly awkward that the pearls from the Phantom Fish were only enough to enhance the senses of one person . He knew that Luo Xiaobai had never taken the pearls before, but he didn’t know if the others had .

“Forget it . I’ll just let them split the pearls on their own . ”

Han Fei examined the items . Apart from Sun Ye’s longsword which was a spiritual weapon, the rest were only magical weapons . Among them, only two were high-quality . They were a rod and a backup longsword .

“Huh? Battle techniques…”

Han Fei found a demon-level, high-quality technique, entitled “Ultimate Swimming Skill” .

“Huh? A swimming skill?”

Han Fei was quite delighted . He had planned to search for a swimming skill in the library, or asked for one from Xia Xiaochan if he couldn’t find any . But now, he had got it before he started his search . It must be noted that he caught up to Sun Ye earlier because Little Gold was fast, and he couldn’t have reached the man at all without Little Gold .

A moment later…

Shadow Swimming Art (Demon Level, Divine Quality)

Note: This was created by someone who observed the tide of fairy fish and imitated the mysterious postures of such fish . It’s one of the most enjoyable swimming skills .

Shortcomings: Since it highlights both the body movement and speed, it was not the best in either of the two aspects .

Deduced Art: N/A

Deduction Cost: 500,000

Han Fei frowned . The Shadow Swimming Art was definitely much better than the Wandering Dragon Art, but it did not seem very impressive except that he would look cooler when he used the art .

He wondered if he should continue the deduction, but he dropped the thought when he remembered the spiritual energy in Forge the Universe . This swimming skill was good enough for now . Now that he was about to become a Dangling Fisher, it would require tremendous spiritual energy to deduce Void Fishing and the Sword Manipulation Art . He couldn’t afford wasting his spiritual energy now .

Han Fei cleaned up Sun Ye’s Sea Swallowing Seashell and replaced his own Sea Swallowing Seashell that was smaller . He then looked at the Sword Manipulation Art .

Recently, Xia Xiaochan had been a time bomb, and Han Fei had to work on his battle techniques and his body hardness . It would be best if he could make a breakthrough to be a peak-level great fishing master, or it would be horrible if he couldn’t resist Xia Xiaochan’s attack .

Han Fei calmed himself, and the Sword Manipulation Art popped up .

Sword Manipulation Art (Heaven-Level, High-Quality)

Note: This is an extraordinary sword art for wars . When you perceive the vibe of this sword art, you’ll be picking it up; when you’re fluent with it, you will be melted with your sword .

Perception: 76/100

Deduced Art: N/A

Deduction Cost: 0/2,000,000

“Deduce . ”

It was not until half an hour later that a brand-new battle technique popped up in Han Fei’s head .

Saber Sutra (Heaven-Level, Divine-Quality)

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Note: It’s a collection of saber techniques of all schools and included all the tricks on the practice of the saber .

Deduction Cost: 0/30,000,000

Han Fei took a deep breath . It required thirty million points of spiritual energy to continue the deduction! That was more than all the spiritual energy in Forge the Universe combined!

However, the Saber Sutra was not simple . Reading the information popping up in his head, Han Fei realized that the Saber Sutra was focused on the difficulties and their solutions for a saber practitioner, and that there was only one chapter on battle techniques . In this chapter, there was only one move: Drawing .

Yes . It was about how the saber should be drawn . Han Fei was lost for words . I spent two million points of spiritual energy to learn how to draw a saber?

The comment on the drawing technique said that when one fully concentrated himself before drawing the sword in such a technique, they could chop the head of the enemy off in the blink of an eye .

Han Fei read the introduction in amusement . This skill was fatal and could only be used against an enemy . He did not want to kill his friends by accident!

On the second day after they were back, Xia Xiaochan came to Han Fei again .

They fought on the mountaintop so astoundingly that rocks were falling . Some people even heard dragon roars .

When the Giant Arowana was summoned, nobody could continue their training anymore . Luo Xiaobai and the rest all climbed the mountain .

Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan were curious about what was going on too .

Standing on the mountaintop, Wenren Yu asked again, “Another attack? Isn’t Xiaochan already a peak-level great fishing master? Did she encounter anything in the Fiery Mountain?”

Xiao Zhan frowned at Old Bai . “Mr . President, did the Sun family play any dirty tricks on her?”

Old Bai shook his head . “No . It’s because she made progress too fast, which resulted in the chaos of energy in her body . However, it’s still a puzzle why the chaos did not burst out until she returned to the floating island . ”

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Xiao Zhan exclaimed, “Huh? Why is Han Fei so much better with his sword now? What are his moves?”

After Xia Xiaochan pointed it out, they noticed that Han Fei could manage to block Xia Xiaochan’s attacks now, although Xia Xiaochan hit him easily at the beginning .

Han Fei was very solemn at this point . He did not activate fusion but was practicing his skills according to the Saber Sutra .

Not far away, Zhang Xuanyu and the rest of the team who just climbed up were all grave to see Xia Xiaochan’s attack .

Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan were both pale, as spiritual energy was exploding and rippling out during the collisions of weapons .


Wherever Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan went, rocks were cracking and the ground was collapsing . Xia Xiaochan even cut a gigantic rock into halves after only one attack .

Following Xia Xiaochan, Han Fei cut the rock apart too . In the blink of an eye, the rock had been shattered into pieces .

Ling Yuan swallowed . “Senior brother, should you attack so hard in training?”

Luo Xiaobai said in a low voice, “Don’t ask . ”

Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan did not know Xia Xiaochan’s problem . They only thought that Xia Xiaochan was too brutal, as they could’ve been killed easily if they were Han Fei .

Qu Jinnan swallowed multiple times, because Ling Yuan could at least defend herself as an armorist . But as a manipulator, he could not resist those two experts at all no matter how much seaweed he had!

Zhang Xuanyu asked solemnly, “Fatty, can you resist her now?”

Le Renkuang shook her head speechlessly . “Of course not . Don’t you see the dozens of wounds on Han Fei?”