God of Fishing - Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: Is There an Ocean In the Soul?

Chapter 284 Is There an Ocean In the Soul?

Han Fei silently recalled Little Gold . He had thought that he would have an justifiable excuse to use Little Gold, which had been exposed, in the future . But as it turned out, his excuse was stupid…

Even Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei in disdain, as if she were complaining about his lie .

The atmosphere turned quite awkward .

Xia Xiaochan jumped off from the tree and patted Han Fei’s elbow . “A legendary creature is nothing to be surprised at! It can’t be more legendary than my Giant Arowana anyway…”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei asked, “Are you comforting me or infuriating me?”

At this point, Xia Xiaochan whispered to him . “Is that a legendary creature or not?” Han Fei’s eyes cramped . He said quickly, “Of course it is . What else can it possibly be?”

Xia Xiaochan said gloomily, “The president told me that the Giant Arowana was a legendary creature, but I don’t know what’s good about the legendary creatures yet…” Han Fei cackled . “Legendary creatures are creatures who originate from legends . ”

Xia Xiaochan smiled cunningly . “Huh? You’re not surprised at all?” Han Fei shut his mouth . “…”

He almost felt like killing himself . Why had he been tricked again? Could people be more slightly genuine and less deceptive? When they had the hotpot, Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan came . For some reason, the two rookies found the atmosphere weird, but they did not really dare to ask .

To enliven the atmosphere, Han Fei asked, “Hey? Do any of you need Phantom Beads? I have too many!”

Zhang Xuanyu snorted and said, “Are you trying to please us? I’m not interested . Fatty and I already have enough . More of them won’t have any effect on us . ”

Xia Xiaochan smiled . “I’ve had them too . ”

Luo Xiaobai asked in surprise, “What Phantom Beads?”

Xia Xiaochan giggled . “Back in the Fiery Mountain, you went to the mountain directly, so you didn’t know that there was a stealthy fish that had beads in their bodies . The beads can increase the range of your senses . ”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei .

Han Fei shrugged and thought to himself, This is a bad move, because Luo Xiaobai is apparently not someone who would not beat around the bush . She would simply ask for what she wanted .

Having no choices, Han Fei waved his hand, and a thousand Phantom Fish immediately covered the ground in the wood .

Luo Xiaobai nodded . She extended her hand, and countless tiny vines penetrated through the dead Phantom Fish . Soon, a tremendous amount of Phantom Beads were gathered before her . Luo Xiaobai frowned . “How many should I have?”

Old Bai had a mouthful of the wine and said, “That’s not the best stuff, but it should be enough for you alone . Also, give a bead to Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan each . ”

Old Bai and Xiao Zhan were drinking with each other . Obviously, they did not consider it a big deal .

Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan, on the other hand, bulged their eyes . The fish looked strange and transparent . More importantly, what were the Phantom Beads? Why would Luo Xiaobai have so many of them, and they each would only eat one? Wenren Yu frowned and said, “Han Fei, take the dead fish away . They’re smelly… When you’re away, someone came to mess with The Fish Dragons, but I took care of them . ”

Han Fei was briefly stunned . “Who was it?”

Wenren Yu smiled casually . “That’s not important . The important thing is that I’ve bought rolls of cloth for you…” “Hiss…”

Han Fei’s blood was freezing when he sensed that everybody was looking at him . Luo Xiaobai nodded coldly . “Okay! My clothes are damaged . ”

Xia Xiaochan blinked her eyes . “Great! We’ll have new clothes after we’re back to school . ”

Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan were confused again . This time, Ling Yuan asked in a low voice, “Can Senior Brother Han Fei make clothes?”

Old Bai said unhurriedly, “Well, Xiao Zhan and I could use some clothes too…”

“Han Fei…”

Han Fei felt that his young heart was heavily struck . How could they force him to make clothes when he was occupied in training?

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While complaining in the cave, Han Fei built clothes . Thankfully, he didn’t need to do anything except to input the cloth, but still, it required spiritual energy .

But of course, the outsiders wouldn’t be able to tell where Han Fei threw the cloth to at all .

After refining the clothes and the accessories, Han Fei was about to practice the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies and see if he could further improve himself…

Back in the Star Spark Pavilion, after polishing the Indestructible Body Art with the power of the fish fire, the upper limit of his spiritual energy had been increased to 2,999 points . It was only one point from three thousand, but it was actually very difficult to cover the gap .

Han Fei had decided to put everything else aside and make a breakthrough so that he could regrow his hair first, or he would have to make a monk’s cassock for himself .

However, before Han Fei did anything, he saw someone at the entrance of the cave .

He thought that it was Xia Xiaochan, because it could’ve only been her who could show up without a sound .

But when he raised his head, he found that it was Old Bai who was leaning against a rock at the entrance of the cave .

“Mr . President?”

Old Bai said lazily, “Xiaobai told me that you chose Fish Transformation instead of the heaven-level techniques back in the secret realm . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . He should’ve known that Xiaobai would confess everything when she was asked .

He rolled his eyes and chuckled . “Mr . President, you’re quite informed . That’s true, but I haven’t studied the technique yet . ”

However, Old Bai asked further, “Why did you pick that one?”

Han Fei replied matter-of-factly, “If I can turn into a fish, wouldn’t it be much easier for me to look for treasures in the ocean?”

Surprisingly, Old Bai did not argue with him but asked again, “I’m told that it’s an incomplete technique . Why did you pick it? Do you think you can perfect the technique?”

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Han Fei thought quickly, wondering why the old man was interested in a mortal-level technique .

He shook his head . “It’s not so simple . It’s more like a hypothesis on fish transformation than a battle technique . Too many things are involved in the book . ”

Old Bai asked suspiciously, “Really?”

Han Fei thought of something and said, “Of course . I can tell them to you . ”

Han Fei believed that the old man should’ve been convinced by his frankness . That book was theoretical knowledge, and the battle technique was like a paper . He didn’t want to dive into the details .

However, old Bai sat down on the rock and said, “Oh? Why don’t you explain it to me?”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was dumbfounded . I was only being polite to you! I didn’t really want to go into detail!

Eventually, Han Fei could only talk about a random paragraph . “Actually, most of the concepts in the book are speculations . For example, human beings, fish and all the other creatures are all based on spiritual energy . Assuming that human beings can subdivide themselves into spiritual energy, theoretically, they can transform into anything…” Old Bai squinted and snorted . “That’s too complex! Anything else?” Han Fei said, “Also, if human beings can destroy their internal systems, it’s theoretically possible for them to alter the forms of their bones and flesh, which is another way to become a fish . ”

old Bai narrowed his eyes and hooted again . “Destroy their internal systems? How many people can survive after that? How can your spiritual energy circulate? That’s a fantasy…”

Han Fei chuckled . “I thought the same after reading it! If I destroy my internal systems, I would turn into a common fisher, wouldn’t


Actually, Han Fei thought to himself that Ren Tianfei, who developed a new way of cultivation after his internal systems were destroyed, was an exception . It was described in the Indestructible Body Art . Who said that it couldn’t be realized?

old Bai asked unhurriedly, “Anything else?”

Han Fei knew that Old Bai must be up to something, or he wouldn’t be so interested in Fish Transformation . But then, he remembered something else he could talk about .

Han Fei sat straight and asked, “Mr . President, are you aware of the Soul Ocean?” “Huh?”

Old Bai suddenly stared at Han Fei, the laziness on his face gone .

Gazing at Han Fei, Old Bai asked, “Is the Soul Ocean mentioned in the book?”

Han Fei was quite surprised to see Old Bai’s reaction . He could only go on, “According to the book, the souls of human beings are from the Soul Ocean, and so are the naturally-endowed spiritual beasts . The Soul Awakening is actually looking for a fitting spiritual beast in the Soul Ocean…”

Old Bai had turned solemn . He asked again, “Anything else?”

Han Fei blinked his eyes . “Well… The author doesn’t know anything else . He never went to the Soul Ocean, and nor did I… However, is there really an ocean in the soul, Mr . President?”

His face changing nonstop, Old Bai looked at Han Fei with a complicated expression . “Theoretically, yes . Where do you think the spiritual beast is after it enters your body?”

Han Fei asked suspiciously, “What about the contractual spiritual beasts? Aren’t they stored inside the body too?”

Old Bai nodded and said, “Theoretically, after you have a contractual spiritual beast, they will have the ability to go to the Soul Ocean . That’s why the Blade Fish that people who have awakened are stronger and sturdier when summoned than regular Blade Fish . ”

Han Fei gasped hard . “Mr . President, is there a way to go to the Soul Ocean? Has anyone been there?”

Old Bai snorted . “How would I know? But probably not . If someone can enter the Soul Ocean, they would turn into a spiritual beast . ”

Suddenly, Old Bai focused his eyes on Han Fei . “Are you saying that the author of this book is trying to let human beings enter the Soul Ocean as a soul and then reappear in our world after attaching themselves to the spiritual beasts in the Soul Ocean?”

Han Fei’s eyes widened . That’s not what I said at all! I only made it up to learn the way to enter the Soul Ocean? How could you have thought of that?

Old Bai seemed rather excited . “Alright . Enough of this conversation . Remember not to tell anyone about the Fish Transformation . Don’t mention anything even in the school . ”

Han Fei asked in shock, “Why?”

old Bai sniffed . “It’s a forbidden art . It’s said that someone succeeded before, but they became a sea monster afterward . All in all, just remember that a ragged mortal-level Fish Transformation Art can’t make you transform into a fish . Don’t make any attempt . If you want heaven-level techniques, you can find them in the library, but don’t study the Fish Transformation Art anymore . ”

Han Fei nodded quickly, but he was actually quite appalled . A sea monster?