God of Fishing - Chapter 285

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Chapter 285: Give Up?

Chapter 285 Give Up?

Han Fei certainly was not frightened by the words of Old Bai . Since he got the Fish Avatar Technique, he knew it would not be easy to practice . The reason why he had not deduced it was that he was still studying the knowledge in the book .

It was undeniable that the creator of such a combat skill was either a genius or a madman .

Han Fei thought the latter was more likely because the descriptions and deductions in the book were actually leading the readers to destruction . However, the logic in them seemed reasonable and fascinating…

After Old Bai left, Han Fei secretly sealed the entrance to the cave . Give up? Not likely! Now let me deduce it .

A string of data appeared in front of his eyes .

“Fish Avatar Technique” (Mortal-level Low-quality)

A semi-finished avatar-type combat skill, only for reference .



The direction of the deduction is unknown, so is the result of the deduction . Please be cautious .

Han Fei slightly narrowed his eyes . Cautious? Anyway, I won’t practice it if the deducing result is not satisfactory .

“Deduce . ”

After a while, under Han Fei’s expectant gaze, a new combat skill appeared .

“Fish Avatar Technique” (Mortal-level Ultra-quality)

A semi-finished avatar-type combat skill, containing the research results of dozens of people, but only for reference .



The direction of the deduction is unknown, so is the result of the deduction . Please be cautious .

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched . Its name remained the same, so was its level, but its quality changed to ultra-level .

Han Fei couldn’t help gasping . This was a mortal-level combat skill! Deducing a mortal-level combat skill usually required only about 1,000 points of spiritual energy . 1,000 points of spiritual energy would be enough to get a mortal-level divine-quality combat skill . But this time, after consuming 100,000 points of spiritual energy, he only got an ultra-quality one?

Han Fei took a look at the ultra-quality Fish Avatar Technique and was immediately attracted .

Yes, this combat skill had not changed in essence . However, after its quality was improved, there were a lot of other thoughts and even human experiments .

“Huh? Interesting . ”

Han Fei was very curious about this technique now . It was too mysterious .

The experience when he possessed Little Black and entered the Soul Ocean was really unforgettable . Now he had a new hope and drive .

For example, one of the passages mentioned that someone successfully destroyed his own meridians, treated himself with drugs, and finally survived . Unfortunately, he encountered the same situation as Ren Tianfei . When the meridians were destroyed, his body could no longer absorb spiritual energy . However, this person didn’t give up . He found a spiritual spring and swallowed it orally . Although the spiritual energy kept escaping from his body, he still managed to turn his body into a mobile spiritual spring .


Then he activated the Fish Avatar Technique, but the result was not ideal . He had grown fish gills and fins and even his skin transformed and became limp… Unfortunately, in the end, he died “limply” halfway through his metamorphosis .

Reading this, Han Fei frowned . What would he finally become if he kept practicing the Indestructible Body Art? The only part of his body that he tempered well right now was his skin, which was so tough as to be invulnerable to weapons, water, and fire! Of course, Xia Xiaochan’s daggers were an exception .

As for his flesh and bones, although they had been tempered, they were still not tough enough . If he practiced the Fish Avatar Technique now, perhaps he would end up the same as that other guy .

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However, to Han Fei’s shock, if he continued to deduce the combat skill, he would have to spend 300,000 points of spiritual energy . This number was horrible!

Han Fei continued to deduce it .

After a moment .

“Fish Avatar Technique” (Mystic-level Mid-quality)

A semi-finished avatar-type combat skill, containing the research results of hundreds of years, but only for reference . 0/1000000


The direction of the deduction is unknown, so is the result of the deduction . Please be cautious .


Han Fei was stunned and gasped . Only mystic level? Deducing it again required 1 million points of spiritual energy! And it was still semi-finished, which meant that it still had no practicing value .

A lot of data and information poured into Han Fei’s mind . His first reaction was to experiment, and there were a lot of experimental examples in the book .

Han Fei couldn’t help but swallow . Now there were hundreds or even thousands of experimental cases .

After Han Fei roughly straightened out the mystic-level Fish Avatar Technique, he found that the theoretical knowledge had not changed much, but the process of deliberation and details were more abundant . All the people in the experiment cases had basically turned into a fish . Of course, none of them could survive for three days .

Yes, they all died soon .


Suddenly, his eyes stopped on one of the cases .

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In this case, a boy whose meridians were born incomplete and he could be a level-two fisher at most throughout his life .

Wasn’t he like that before? Wasn’t that the way he was when he just came to this world?

He continued to read . Someone forcibly destroyed the boy’s meridians, injected them with a spiritual spring, and then had spirit gatherers treat him carefully . In the end, the boy survived and practiced the Fish Avatar Technique .

In the end, the boy turned into an Iron-Headed Fish, and his bones, flesh and blood had undergone thorough changes, and he could even maintain a bit of consciousness and became a rare Iron-Headed Fish .


Han Fei was shocked .

“He succeeded?”

Han Fei hurriedly continued to study, only to find that only this case was successful and all the others died .

But even so, Han Fei was still shocked . With one successful case, it meant that the Fish Avatar Technique was feasible .

Han Fei was about to continue to deduce it, but when he saw the 1 million points of spiritual energy, he swallowed . No! I can’t afford to continue to deduce it .

It took spiritual energy for him to upgrade to be a peak-level great fishing master and to deduce the True Spirit Fishing Art to its fourth level… As well as upgrade his spiritual heritage . And his cultivation also needed spiritual energy!

Now, the spiritual spring in Forge the Universe only had half left . It might run out when he worked to become a Dangling Fisher .

“Forget it . This combat skill can’t be completed in one go . Even if I deduce it into the spirit-level, it may not be completed . I’ll just deduce it at a proper time in the future…”

“Han Fei… Han Fei…”

Just as Han Fei was pondering, he suddenly heard Xia Xiaochan calling his name in a low voice at the opening of the cave .

Han Fei quickly pushed the stone away, only to find that the sky was already dark . At this moment, the three moons shone in the sky, a night breeze filled the cave and it was very quiet .

Xia Xiaochan surreptitiously hid at the entrance of the cave, looking cautious . Han Fei asked, “Xia Xiaochan, what’s up?”


Xia Xiaochan jumped into the cave, took Han Fei’s arm, and whispered, “Tonight, we are going to do something big . ” Han Fei was stunned . “What is it?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Me, Zhang Xuanyu, and you, are going to explore the secrets of Teacher Xiao Zhan . ”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched . “Oh? Does he have any secrets?”

Han Fei wondered, Xiao Zhan, just a simple-minded uncle . What secret could he have?

Xia Xiaochan said quickly in a low voice, “Where did he get so many bull conches? He used to sell bull conchs every day . In the school’s pond, there is always a bull conch every day . Don’t you think it’s suspicious?”

Han Fei scoffed . “Of course, they were fished by him! Our teachers can easily cast their fish hooks thousands of miles away to fish . ”

Xia Xiaochan shook her head . “Then why doesn’t he catch something else? Many creatures are more delicious than bull conches . ”

“Huh? Yes, you’re right . ” Yes, why didn’t he notice this before? They had eaten a lot of bull conches, but no one ever asked where these bull conches were from…

Later, after seeing how Wenren Yu fished, they thought that they had figured it out .

Since he couldn’t practice the Fish Avatar Technique, it might be interesting to explore the sources of the bull conches .

Han Fei quickly said, “Where is Xuanyu Zhang? Why aren’t Kuangkuang and Xiaobai going?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Xiaobai won’t go with us . Kuangkuang is sleeping like a pig . Zhang Xuanyu said he would persuade him to go with us . ”

After a while, Zhang Xuanyu peeked into the cave, and when he saw Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, he was overjoyed . “Feifei! Have you joined us?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “Sure . What about Kuangkuang?”