God of Fishing - Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: You’d Better Not Regret It

Chapter 287 You’d Better Not Regret It

Le Renkuang wasn’t smiling as usual but looked serious .

Xia Xiaochan immediately suspiciously said, “Kuangkuang, no joking here! If I am strung up with others and thrown out again, I will hack you to death . ”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded . “Yes, the facts show that the secrets of our school cannot be explored . What happened to us just now is a good example . ”

Han Fei shook his head . “Hoho, I’m not going . ”

Luo Xiaobai agreed . “Me neither . ” Le Renkuang said anxiously, “You even dared to explore the secrets of Teacher Xiao Zhan but don’t dare to explore this place that no one guards? Actually, there is a small cave on this mountain…”


Hearing this, Han Fei who was just about to leave came back .

A cave was always synonymous with chance . He had heard a lot of stories about failures who were unable to cultivate, who fell off a cliff, strayed into a cave, and returned after three years after becoming a peerless master!

Han Fei wondered, “Is it true that there is no guard there?”

Le Renkuang patted his chest and said, “There is absolutely no one guarding it, but that place is a little bit weird!”

At this moment, Luo Xiaobai also turned around . “How weird?”

Le Renkuang described, in the most graphic detail . “As you all know, I was the first to come to school . At that time the school was very poor and I didn’t have enough food . I thought maybe I could find some food on the mountain . Then, I strayed into that cave . ”

Le Renkuang described it solemnly, “It was a small hole in the north point, covered by layers of grass, dark, and deep inside . My strength was relatively weak at the time, so I was stunned after seeing something only after walking in for about 200 meters . It was the president who saved me in the end . ”

“Huh? Really?”

Everyone immediately became interested . Anyway, they had ridden the roller coaster . They had nothing to fear now .

Han Fei asked, “Couldn’t you hold your breath?”

Le Renkuang said innocently, “When I went there for the second time, I held my breath! But after holding my breath, my eyes stung, then something seemed to penetrate my skin, and I fainted again . ”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up . “Didn’t you ask the present about it?”

“I asked! But the president told me that I would be disappointed when I knew . But well, I always wondered if there were big secrets there . There must be something good . ” Zhang Xuanyu licked his lips and put his arm around the neck of Le Renkuang . “Why didn’t you tell us about this earlier?! If you did, we wouldn’t have had to play on the roller coaster!”

Xia Xiaochan held Luo Xiaobai’s hand . “Xiaobai, let’s go check it out?”

Luo Xiaobai looked suspiciously at Le Renkuang . “Is it OK?”

Le Renkuang patted his chest and said, “Yes! At that time, I was only a junior fishing master, but now I am a peak-level great fishing master! I should be able to hold out longer . ”

Luo Xiaobai nodded . “Since the place is so mysterious, we won’t take Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan with us . Otherwise, according to you, the two of them will pass out shortly after entering the cave . ”

They set off again .

This time, they became more careful, letting Le Renkuang lead in the front, and staying ready to escape at any time .

They passed through the woods and the fields overgrown with grass . Finally, Le Renkuang pushed aside a pile of broad grass and bushes, and everyone saw the entrance to the cave that was not much bigger than a door .

Han Fei said, “There really is a cave!” Zhang Xuanyu hurried forward . “Oh! Kuangkuang didn’t lie!”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up . “Great!” Le Renkuang said proudly, “See, I didn’t lie to you, right?”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Hold our breath and go in . If your eyes start to sting, stop and don’t rush forward . ”

Everyone nodded and held their breath .

Xia Xiaochan summoned the Red Fire Tricky Lobster to open the way . Going forward, it was still bright .

After walking only about 200 meters, everyone suddenly stopped . Han Fei felt his eyes were sore, and just when he was about to send a message to the others, they suddenly fell to the ground one after another .

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Han Fei was startled, forgetting to hold his breath, and hurriedly shouted . At that moment, an indescribable smell invaded his nose .

Immediately, Han Fei became unconscious and fell on all fours on the ground with a thud .

The next morning .

A few dozen meters away from the entrance of the cave .

The five of them were lying on the grass . One of Zhang Xuanyu’s feet was on the belly of Le Renkuang . Luo Xiaobai and Xia Xiaochan’s feet were beside Le Renkuang’s head . Han Fei was lying spread-eagled next to them .

“Ah! Who kicked me?”

Suddenly, someone kicked Le Renkuang’s head and woke him up . And then the others were also awakened .

Han Fei felt a bit dizzy . What happened last night? Why did he suddenly faint?

Xia Xiaochan shouted, “Han Fei, you’re stepping on my hair!”

Han Fei rubbed his head . “OK, OK! Don’t move . Let me get up first…”

After a moment, the five of them were sitting on the grass, staring at each other in bewilderment .

Le Renkuang sighed . “Ah! I’m dizzy again . ”

“Who took us out yesterday?”

Zhang Xuanyu looked around . “I don’t know . My brain suddenly hurt and then I passed out . ”

Luo Xiaobai frowned . “Was it Han Fei?”

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Seeing everyone looking at him, Han Fei shook his head . “I fainted soon after you did . I don’t know how we got out!”

Le Renkuang took a deep breath . “It was the president . ”

After a moment .

They ran to the big tree at the entrance of the school, only to find Old Bai was eating melon while rocking in his chair .

Le Renkuang ran over and asked, “President, just tell me, what secrets are hidden in the cave?”

Old Bai glanced at them, and then said leisurely, “Phew! You’re awake! You should cultivate more instead of messing around…”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “President, is there really a secret in that cave?”

Han Fei begged, “President, what is hidden in the cave? I smelled a strange smell and then passed out . ”

Old Bai looked at them with a strange look . “Do you really want to know?”

They kept nodding hard .

Old Bai sighed leisurely . “In fact, there are not always secrets in every place . It is for your own good not to tell you . But since you want to know, I can tell you . You’d better not regret it . ”

Le Renkuang nodded repeatedly . “I definitely won’t regret it . ”

Even Han Fei was very curious . It didn’t make sense! He fainted before seeing anything! How could it be possible…

Old Bai looked at the sky and said casually, “I heard from my teacher that thousands of years ago, the first president of the Thug Academy, well, what is his name… Uh… I can’t remember it . Anyway, he was a king or sage-level figure . He once fought with a peerless master . Unfortunately, he got poisoned…”

Everyone was listening with great interest . This story sounded really interesting .

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Then?”

Old Bai sneered . “Then? Then, our first president defeated the opponent . But he had to discharge the toxins, right? So, with supreme strength, he gathered the toxins up and excreted them in the cave . ”

Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed, “So, we almost got poisoned?”

Han Fei froze . There seemed to be something wrong .

Suddenly, Han Fei’s face changed drastically . “No… President, you just used the word ‘excretion’, right? How did he excrete the toxins?”

Everyone was taken aback . What did Han Fei mean?

But then they heard Old Bai chuckled . “How? The fastest method of excretion, of course, is pooping! After thousands of years, the poisonous gas has dissipated and the smell has faded a lot . ”



Xia Xiaochan and Luo Xiaobai almost threw up and Le Renkuang was dumbfounded .

Zhang Xuanyu’s face was pale . “Kuangkuan, you really have perseverance! You have gone to this place three times… Ugh…”


Luo Xiaobai snorted coldly . She vowed that she would never ever explore the “secrets” of the school with these bastards again…

Xia Xiaochan said coldly, “Kuangkuang, are you really that dumb?”

Han Fei patted Le Renkuang on the shoulder . “Alas! Kuangkuang… You need to be smarter! I would rather have the roller coaster again than to be stunned by… Sh*t!” Le Renkuang was petrified and almost burst into tears . But I had been stunned three times! Gosh!

Old Bai laughed and scolded, “Now go and cultivate! Or do you want to go there again?”