God of Fishing - Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: Advancement To Be a Dangling Fisher

Chapter 293 Advancement To Be a Dangling Fisher

Han Fei snorted, but he didn’t refuse to close his eyes since he had seen everything .

A moment later, Han Fei felt that fire was rising, and Xia Xiaochan seemed to be digging a tunnel with her best moves . But she screamed when she reached for the stone .

Han Fei opened her eyes quickly, only to see that one of Xia Xiaochan’s hands had been frozen into ice . The ice was quickly spreading on the surface of her body .

Greatly shocked, Han Fei flashed to Xia Xiaochan and reached for that blue stone .

But he was no luckier than Xia Xiaochan . Hardly had he touched the stone when he was completely frozen . He felt that his hand was wasted at this point .

“Come here!”

Thankfully, one second before Han Fei turned into an ice sculpture, the blue stone was stored into Forge the Universe .

But of course, the result was that everything in Forge the Universe was frozen except the spiritual spring .

In the outside world, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, two ice sculptures, stared at each other .

It took several minutes before the furious flames on Xia Xiaochan’s body melted the ice on the surface .

After she was thawed, she flashed to Han Fei’s back and said, “Don’t look back, and bring out more clothes . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . Thankfully, the girls had stored all their clothes in his place, or he would have nothing to offer .

The glacier was less cold without the blue stone . Though there was still frost on their clothes, the clothes were not completely frozen .

A moment later, Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed and roared at Han Fei, “I paid two thousand mid-quality pearls for a map! And it’s useless now! Han Fei, you’re truly shameless to not tell me until this moment and even flaunt your map at me . ”

A moment later, outside of the glacier, Xia Xiaochan and Han Fei were both silent . The atmosphere was slightly weird .

After a long time, Xia Xiaochan said, “You can’t tell this to anybody else . Just keep the stone to yourself . Don’t take it out again . ” Han Fei was lost for words . “What if you have another attack? Earlier, you were like a fireball . You could’ve melted this glacier . ”

Xia Xiaochan’s face was red . “You still can’t tell anyone . You can give the stone to me and go away . ” Han Fei mumbled, “Hey! It’s actually nothing . Neither of us are adults yet…”


Han Fei was stabbed in the next second . But to their surprise, the dagger entered two centimeters into Han Fei’s flesh .

“Ouch… Are you trying to murder your husband?” Xia Xiaochan glared at him . “Shut up! We’ve held our rite of passage at twelve… I… I didn’t mean it . ”

Han Fei did not know what to say . He forgot that the age of twelve was the threshold for adulthood in this world because of the high death rate . Now that they were fourteen, it was true that they were no longer kids .

His face slightly changing, Han Fei asked, “When did you make a breakthrough?”

Xia Xiaochan slightly shook her head . “I already made it after I woke up . ”

Han Fei cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself . “Please don’t stab me anymore . You can go back first . I need to make a breakthrough in that cave . ”

Xia Xiaochan was briefly stunned . “I’ll wait for you here . ”

Han Fei said, “Why? You could just bring them to us in case anything happens to them up there . This place is much safer . ”

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Xia Xiaochan hesitated for a moment but did not argue . Slightly overwhelmed by the embarrassing contact with Han Fei, she went back obediently as he instructed .

Han Fei returned to the cave just now and sat cross-legged, seeking a quick breakthrough .

He was rather panicked, wondering what he should do after he failed to resist Xia Xiaochan . The Indestructible Body couldn’t block her dagger?

He complained to himself, what kind of Indestructible Body is this? It seems that I still need more training!

One hour passed .

After a crack, the spiritual spring in Forge the Universe was quickly dwindling .

Han Fei felt that his body was expanding, his veins were broadened, and his flesh and his bones had a sheen . His physical strength was increasing at an unbelievable speed . However, during this breakthrough, Han Fei sensed that the consumption of spiritual energy had significantly increased . He had calculated that 500,000 points of spiritual energy were enough for him to make a minor advancement in the level of great fishing master .

However, this time, the polishing of a minor level required 500,000 points of spiritual energy, and it consumed almost 1,500,000 points of spiritual energy for the whole level .

That was not counting the million points of spiritual energy consumed during the breakthrough . All things considered, he had consumed more than 2,500,000 points of spiritual energy when he became a Dangling Fisher .

Han Fei subconsciously swallowed . Cultivation seemed to be getting harder and harder .

Considering the spiritual energy absorption of the third level of Void Fishing, it would take five years for him to turn into a Hanging Fisher from a Dangling Fisher!

That was if he was training hard every day! If he dawdled every other day like he did, it would take seven or eight years!

Han Fei quickly looked at the spiritual spring in Forge the Universe . It was now no more than one foot deep and contained no more than five million points of spiritual energy .

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Han Fei nearly wept . Back then, the spiritual spring had filled the whole Forge the Universe, but after only one year, there was only so little of it left .

It was not enough for the deduction of the fourth level of Void Fishing!

After another hour, Han Fei finally stabilized himself in his new level . Thanks to the tremendous spiritual energy, his body hardness slightly increased . He tried to take out the rod that he drew from the Rock-Holding Turtle .

The rod was much lighter this time . Earlier, it had felt like a mountain, but at this point, it felt like a huge rock at most . Han Fei even tried to practice his rod technique with it . When the rod hit the ground, it even caused cracks .

Not bad! I can lift it now, but it’s still slow and unhandy . It would be great if the rod could be lighter…

At this point, Xia Xiaochan ran in from the outside and was briefly stunned to see Han Fei’s rod . “Is this… THE rod?”

Seeing that Han Fei was fine, she focused her eyes on Han Fei’s rod immediately .

Han Fei nodded . “I just tried it . ” Xia Xiaochan asked, “Can I try it?”

Han Fei extended his hand and loosened it .

Xia Xiaochan took it, but her face immediately changed . She held the rod with her whole body, but she was still falling .

She shouted quickly, “Take it away, now…”

Han Fei grabbed the rod and threw it into Forge the Universe . “This rod is quite heavy . It can be used to smash people, but not so convenient as a weapon . Huh? Why are you down here?”

Xia Xiaochan said, avoiding eye contact with him, “I’m just checking up on you . Let me stab you again . ”

Han Fei was amused . “Hey, Xia Xiaochan, enough horsing around . ” “Who’s horsing around with you?”

As she spoke, she stabbed Han Fei with a similar force as her previous attack, but she only entered no more than one centimeter into Han Fei’s flesh .

Han Fei grimaced . “Although I can heal myself, it’s still painful!”

Xia Xiaochan glanced at him and said, “You deserve it . ”

The moment Han Fei returned to the boat, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp slipped over to him and rubbed Han Fei’s leg with its hard head .

Han Fei kicked it away and looked at Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan . “Both of you have made a breakthrough, haven’t you?”

Blinking her eyes, Ling Yuan said to Han Fei, “Congratulations on becoming a Dangling Fisher, Senior Brother Han Fei . ”

Han Fei smiled . A Dangling Fisher! He remembered how Xiao Zhan, a Dangling Fisher, crushed five genius great fishing masters earlier . Finally, he was a Dangling Fisher too .

From the top of the boat, Xia Xiaochan shouted, “Let’s take off . It’s time to go back to school . ”

Qu Jinnan quickly went to sail the boat, and Han Fei climbed to the top of the boat too . He looked at Xia Xiaochan and whispered, “Will you have more attacks after you become a Dangling Fisher?”

Xia Xiaochan turned her head at Han Fei . “Do you want me to have more attacks?”

Han Fei quickly waved his hand . “Of course not… I’m just worried that I might be unable to stand your stabbing if you have more attacks . ”

Xia Xiaochan put on a vague smile . “Good!”

Han Fei: “…”