God of Fishing - Chapter 299

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Chapter 299: A Ghost Boat

Chapter 299 A Ghost Boat

Han Fei just wanted to explore the depth of the sea, but as he explored, he began to fight a battle of wits and courage with the fish in the level-three fishery…

At this moment, Han Fei was manipulating the spiritual energy fish to escape, which tried to drill into the seabed rock but deliberately slowed down .

On the sea .

Han Fei chuckled . “I don’t believe you won’t take the bait…”

Han Fei was grinning; however, his face turned black before the smile lasted ten seconds .

Han Fei was happily controlling the hook . However, a pair of pincers suddenly stuck out of the mud . The seabed became turbid and his fish hook was caught by the pincers .

Han Fei was annoyed . Hey, I’m fishing! Don’t disturb me!

However, in a twinkle, while the fish hook was caught, Han Fei tied up the pair of pincers with the Thousand Twining technique .

“Up . ”

The fishing rod was bent, and the fishing line being rapidly retracted let out a muffled sound on the seabed . The fish that were about to make a sneak attack on the spiritual energy fish immediately fled one after another .

After a while, a broad-tailed shrimp burst out of the water . At the moment it jumped out of the water, dozens of shrimp thorns shot out like sharp arrows .

Han Fei did not block them, letting the shrimp thorns fall against his body, making clinking sounds .

“Hey! You sent yourself to me . Don’t blame me . ”

Dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers plunged into the shrimp’s belly . In the blink of an eye, the shrimp was frozen on the spot .

Data appeared in front of his eyes .

Scare Shrimp

A common shrimp, aggressive in nature . They often hide in sand and stone to ambush their prey . They have 11 shrimp thorns on their bodies, which can be used for refining .



502 Points

Long-term consumption can enhance Qi and blood

Shrimp Thorn

Han Fei knocked on the shrimp shell . This shrimp was different from crayfish and mantis shrimp . Its body length was no more than three meters, its butt was particularly wide, its head was comparatively small, and its double pincers were under its abdomen . He could catch it so easily because its pincers had been bound .

Han Fei was amazed . The world was full of wonders . He wondered how the shrimp tasted .

Han Fei immediately threw it into Forge the Universe, but just as he threw it in, it happened to be thrown on the extremely cold stone and was frozen into an ice sculpture in the blink of an eye .

“Huh! Didn’t I put a box over this stone? Doesn’t it work?”

With that stone, everything in Forge the Universe would be frozen into ice sculptures .

Han Fei had used the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bone to refine a small box to put the stone in .

But at this moment, he found that within three meters of the box, frost began to condense .

“This stone is a bit peculiar . If it is put together with the Fire Element Crystal I got from the Fire Cloud Cave, will they blow up my Forge the Universe?”

Han Fei smiled . He now owned two strange stones, but he didn’t know when they would come in handy . He put the box containing the Fire Element Crystal close to the extreme cold stone and the frost gradually faded a bit .

After doing this, Han Fei didn’t rush to go fishing . Even if he caught all those fish, it was not of much use to him now .

After ascertaining the situation of the seabed, Han Fei put away the fishing rod and took out the two maps again . Ren Tianfei’s map was relatively rough and seemed only to draw the general outline of the level-three fishery . There were no obvious landmarks and it was difficult to distinguish .

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The map of Old Bai, on the other hand, was very detailed, marking thousands of dangerous places . Every dangerous place was marked out with a small dot and a small part of them were even marked with names .

Han Fei’s eyes darted back and forth between the two maps .

“Ren Tianfei, you old bastard, didn’t you know how to paint? What the hell is this? Now I have to find similarities between these two pictures, which are almost completely different…”

Han Fei pressed his finger on the map of Old Bai and checked the small spots horizontally one by one, while muttering .

“Sea Grassland, Purple Tree Jungle, Two-Line Rock… Undersea Deserted City… Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes… Huh…”

Suddenly, Han Fei rubbed his eyes and he seemed to have discovered something . On the map of Old Bai, he saw a spot called “Abyssal Chasm” .

Because this place was a crack, it was an icon of a crack . On Ren Tianfei’s map, Han Fei also found a similar crack .

“Haha! That’s it . ”

Han Fei looked excited . How difficult was it to find a dangerous place in the waters of hundreds of thousands of kilometers? But as long as the general direction was right, it was only a matter of time to find it!

Following the mark of “Abyssal Chasm”, Han Fei headed for the northwest corner . He roughly calculated the scale of the map and then was stunned .

“Fuck, no one has said how big the three-level fishery is! How am I gonna locate it?”

Han Fei complained while looking at the maps . In the end, he set a range, which was roughly somewhere between 20,000 and 50,000 kilometers away from the Abyssal Chasm .

Han Fei put away the map and looked up gloomily at the sky .

He was very melancholy!

It’s only an inch-long distance on the map, but I’ll have to search for nearly ten thousand kilometers . Are you kidding me?

The ordinary fishery only stretched a few thousand kilometers but also had hundreds of dangerous places .

Here, an inch on the map would be tens of thousands of kilometers, where there must be thousands of dangerous places .

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Han Fei yelled, “Ren Tianfei, you old bastard, I will definitely hammer you to death when I see you in the future . ”

As soon as Han Fei shouted so, with a loud bang, something broke through the water . And then, a sledgehammer shadow tens of meters in size smashed at him .

“Shit… I was just kidding… Ahh!”

Han Fei looked dumbfounded . What the f*ck happened?!

With a flash in his hand, the Water Stirring Seal was thrown out . The two shadows both tens of meters in size collided with each other and there was a loud noise .


Han Fei’s fishing boat was shaken aside more than ten meters .

Before Han Fei could stand firm, a spear burst out of the water . The shadow of the spear shot out like a dragon, chilly and breathtaking


Han Fei blocked the attack of the spear with the Water Stirring Seal again . But under this blow, Han Fei heard a crack and another crack appeared on the seal .

In an instant, two figures jumped out of the water .

No, to be precise, it was three . Just when Han Fei was knocked into the air, the air was cut through and a sharp blade fell on him .


Han Fei immediately put away the Water Stirring Seal . Two Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers appeared in his hands and he smiled .

“Come on, let’s fight! Let’s see who’ll win…” .

Han Fei was not afraid at all . So far, the only hunter he feared was Xia Xiaochan .

The hunter seemed to be very disdainful of Han Fei . So, he thrust two daggers at him . At the moment when the daggers almost touched Han Fei, he suddenly slightly moved his body . The daggers that were supposed to pierce into his chest hit his shoulder .

But Han Fei’s Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers plunged directly into the other’s abdomen .

The next second, there was a muffled groan in the air and a fuzzy figure seemed to try to evacuate .

“You want to leave? Too late!”

“Attach . ”


The nine-star chain darted at the injured hunter, but a green vine suddenly shot out from the water, pulling this man away from Han Fei abruptly .

At this moment, Han Fei had a sledgehammer under him and a spear beside him .

Ignoring the hunter, he shot out nearly thirty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers in an instant, and the nine-star chain also seized the opportunity to buckle the bow and drag him out of the air .


Clank, Clank, Clank… Han Fei landed on the deck, and the two who attacked him were also pulled away by the vines, and this round of fighting was over . The next moment, a small fishing boat appeared on the sea more than ten meters away . Han Fei waved his hand and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers flew back, disappearing into his body in an instant, which stunned the four people on the opposite side .

They were shocked . This guy who had just become a Dangling Fisher easily blocked their sneak attack and even injured one of them in a flash . His strength scared them!

Han Fei narrowed his eyes . This must be the ghost boat that we were told about . Did I run into it so soon?

But these people were really strong! When they launched an attack at him, he almost didn’t have the time to react . Besides, they were really impressive in both strength and cooperation! If he made the slightest mistake just now, he would be in serious trouble .

At this moment, there were four people standing on the bow of the fishing ship, three men and one woman . One skinny young man was clutching his abdomen at the moment and he was obviously the hunter who attacked .

Han Fei asked with a smile, “Hi, why did you attack me?”