God of Fishing - Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: Unicorn Shark

Chapter 302 Unicorn Shark

An hour later, Han Fei had swallowed a dozen Swallowed Pearls . He then ran a test with the Shadow Swimming Art .

However, he found that the improvement of his speed was only in terms of his explosive power, so the improvement was not significant at all .

If Han Fei’s explosive power had been 100 earlier, he found that it had been increased by one point after he took a dozen Swallowed Pearls, turning it to 101 .

Though insignificant, the improvement was still tempting . Excited, Han Fei began to hunt the Mess Swallowing Worms without caring about anything else .

Half a day passed .

After taking a hundred Swallowed Pearls, he found that his explosive power had been increased by ten percent, and there was no effect when he took more of them .

“Hehe! I can only take a limited number of them anyway . However, the treasures here are truly various . People will be shocked when they know that my explosive power has increased by ten percent in half a day!”

Though Han Fei had hunted for a long time, he was not really far away, and the creatures he met were mostly Anti-Heaven Blade, White Bone Fish, Fearful Shrimps, etc .

He had been planning to search for the Black Moon Sickle Fish . However, they seemed extraordinarily cunning . He only found two of them after half a day of searching, and they had slipped away before he drew near .

As far as Han Fei could tell, the fish in the level-three fishery were not rare, but they were smarter and more sensitive to danger . Some of the fish fled the moment they saw

him .

At this point, Han Fei was standing on a shipwreck .

According to his statistics, he had found almost ten shipwrecks after moving no more than fifty kilometers at the bottom of the ocean .

It meant that too many boats had sunk in this level-three fishery in history . Year after year, the old boats and the new ones rotted and turned to shipwrecks after sinking .

In front of his eyes, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was fighting a Purple Soldier Crab . To be more exact, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was taunting the crab .

The Purple Soldier Crab was known for their legs that could control water elements and transform them into spinning water blades and minor vortexes .

But of course, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was not scared of it at all, and it whipped the Purple Soldier Crab so hard that it was dizzy .

Seeing that it was not dangerous here, Han Fei set Little Black and Little White free from the center of his eyebrow .

He hadn’t released those two because their level had only been increased by four after a whole year . Now, they were at quite a disadvantage against the level-thirty creatures in the level-three fishery when they were only level 26 .

During the year of farming, Han Fei had tried to enter the Soul Ocean more than once, but all his attempts had ended in failure .

It seemed to be a complete accident that he entered the Soul Ocean .

Of course, Han Fei had told Little Black more than once to swallow the primitive spiritual beasts in the Soul Ocean, but Little Black’s level never really changed when it was out .

As a result, those two had been growing much more slowly than the Feather God Ray and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp did .

At this point, Little Gold was already level 32, and because the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was out most frequently and had been fighting Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan, it had reached level 34 .

Han Fei reminded them, “Be careful out there . This is no longer the level-two fishery! Little Black, you must protect Little White . Don’t run about, and stay within a kilometer from me…”

Hardly had he said that when Little Black swam away and moved up and down at the bottom of the ocean .

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Very soon, it returned with an Anti-Heaven Blade .

Han Fei was lost for words . That’s too outrageous! The Anti-Heaven Blade was definitely humiliated since it was caught by a creature that was only level 26 .

Gloomily, Han Fei grabbed its tail and said, “You’re grounded…” Then, he addressed Little White, “Everybody should be obedient like you, Little White! Can you tell where the spiritual energy is abundant?”

Little White had been resting on Han Fei’s shoulder . After Han Fei asked that, it swam to a direction without even thinking .

“Huh? That looks promising . ”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered . He had known that Little White was a great treasure hunter, but he didn’t expect it to find treasure so quickly .

Han Fei hurried to ask the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp to kill the Purple Soldier Crab and join him .

After only one moment, Han Fei found a silver tree ten kilometers from that place, and a spiritual fruit was hanging on the tree .

Han Fei was immediately overjoyed . A spiritual fruit from the level-three fishery? And only ten kilometers from him? He didn’t expect it to be so close .

Han Fei looked around and extended his hand, taking out the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Pole . When the hook landed on the tree, he didn’t pull it immediately . Instead, he waited for its protector . Generally speaking, most spiritual fruit in the sea were under protection, or they would be swallowed by regular fish long before human beings could find them .

As he expected, after only two seconds, two eyeballs that looked like lanterns emerged in the dark water . Not just that, Han Fei even saw a glittering horn and two rows of gray

teeth .

“Huh… A Unicorn Shark?”

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Han Fei was stunned . He could tell that it was a shark without the full view of the creature, whose body size and brutal eyes reminded him of the Unicorn Shark he read .

He had never seen a shark in the general fishery, the level-one fishery or the level-two fishery .

The only shark he had known was Zhang Xuanyu’s Bloodthirsty Shark . However, after only a day in the level-three fishery, a shark was already here .

Data popped up in his eyes .

Unicorn Shark

This is a carnivorous shark that has a unicorn horn . It can spew flames of ice and is highly aggressive . Its horn can unleash mysterious sword aura . When it’s under attack, it may go on a rampage, and its horn can tear apart regular magic weapons easily .



1,616 Points

It can strengthen veins and improve health if it’s eaten over a long period of time .

Silver Radiance Horn, Shark Teeth, Shark Incense

Han Fei narrowed his eyes . A rare-quality creature was not impressive, but its level was still quite high .

Immediately, Han Fei summoned Little Gold .

When Little Gold appeared, the Unicorn Shark almost fled right away, but Little Gold had blocked its retreat when it ran only fifty meters .

Little Gold bumped into the Unicorn Shark, head to head, spinning the Unicorn Shark for countless laps in the water .

Han Fei nodded in satisfaction . It was doubtless that the Unicorn Shark could defeat Little Gold . However, it was best to keep the creature’s horn intact .

Han Fei instantly sent a thought, Little Gold, don’t break its horn .

After a brief daze, Little Gold unfolded its wings and grew significantly bigger . Its gold and red wings were like sharp blades .

Han Fei could only see that Little Gold was everywhere in the water . When the powerful sword auras were launched from the shark, he tried blocking it with his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger, only to be blown fifty meters away . “Hiss! You’re quite good!”

Han Fei’s face slightly changed . Not that the Unicorn Shark was weak, but Little Gold was too strong . It was genetically decided that legendary creatures could crush rare creatures .

When the Unicorn Shark was about to die, Han Fei recalled Little Gold and fought the Unicorn Shark on his own .

The half-dead Unicorn Shark was finished off by Han Fei in no more than five minutes .

Han Fei cut the Unicorn Shark’s horn . He weighed it and collided it with his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger, only to see a white mark on it . It did not seem as hard as he thought .

As for the Shark Teeth and the Shark Incense, he did not intend to keep them at all, as they were not valuable to him .

Han Fei thought for a moment . By his estimation, the level-three fishery was not as dreadful as he thought . From the fact that the few guys from the ghost boat sneaked up on him through the water, it was obvious that though there were threats in the water, they were not fatal for Dangling Fishers . But of course, the case was completely different for a great fishing master, who would’ve been devoured by the Mess Swallowing Worm and couldn’t resist one attack from the Unicorn Shark .

Han Fei grinned and smiled . It seemed that the level-three fishery was not dangerous except for the treasure troves . However, in order to be stronger and find treasures, he had to go to the dangerous areas .

With that in mind, Han Fei was less enthusiastic when he looked at the spiritual fruit not far away, as it was merely a common and cheap spiritual fruit .