God of Fishing - Chapter 303

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Chapter 303: Dangerous Areas?

Chapter 303 Dangerous Areas?

Han Fei had been surprised that he found a spiritual fruit so easily when he first saw it .

But he lost his interest when he realized that it was only protected by a Unicorn Shark .

Generally speaking, better spiritual fruits were protected by stronger guardians . So, Han Fei was not hopeful about this spiritual fruit .

However, when he saw the data of the spiritual fruit, it was quite beyond his expectation .

Secret Jujube Tree

This is a precious tree that grows in the darkness . It can be used to create the best magic weapon . The fruits of this tree can strengthen your muscles and bones .

37 Ultra-Quality Treasure Tree

92,645 Points

Secret Dates


Han Fei was slightly surprised . This tree was obviously on the same level as the Snow Silver Bamboo, but it could only be made into a magic weapon at best .

However, it contained almost a hundred thousand points of spiritual energy, which was outrageously high .

Han Fei’s eyes glowed, as a hundred thousand was a lot for him . If this fruit contained a hundred thousand points of spiritual energy, he did not need it to boast any other effects .

Immediately, Han Fei picked the fruit and tossed it into his mouth .

At that point, he tasted sweetness like never before, and the refreshing fragrance spread throughout his body .

Han Fei specifically stayed here without going away .

He wanted to find out if fish and crabs would be swarming at him like those in the fisheries that he had been to earlier .

However, to Han Fei’s disappointment, he only saw some Fallen Leaf Starfish floating at him . Some Fearful Shrimps emerged and observed for a moment, before they hid themselves again in the sand .

Not only were they quiet, but the shoals of fish above him also passed him without launching attacks .

Han Fei suddenly slapped his thigh, as he realized that he forgot to recall Little Gold and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp .

Immediately, Han Fei recalled Little Gold and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp .

After only one moment, tremendous amounts of Fearful Shrimps, Demon Eating Conchs and Anti-Heaven Blade appeared .

It was the Demon Eating Conchs that launched the attack first . With their sturdiness and fearlessly, they opened their mouths wide like black holes .

Han Fei, on the other hand, drew out his Snow Silver Rod and whipped them . Then, the Fearful Shrimps were deployed, followed by the Anti-Heaven Blade .

“Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, Little Gold!”

The moment they appeared, the diving Anti-Heaven Blade took a turn and slipped away .

The Fearful Shrimps and the Demon Eating Conchs backed off into the mud too .

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Naturally, Han Fei did not really intend to fight those common sea creatures . He was only testing the dangerousness of the level-three fishery .

It had been proven that the creatures here were smart and cherished their life .

Having sensed the formidableness of Little Gold and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, they abandoned all their attacks . Only the Fallen Leaf Starfish, which were too lowly creatures to think, were still crashing into Han Fei, but they couldn’t even break his spiritual energy protective cover .

At this point, Han Fei was enjoying the energy from the spiritual fruit, which circulated in his body like a gentle brook .


Han Fei sensed that the calabash on his wrist was glittering . He realized that part of the spiritual energy flowed into the Demon Purification Pot .

He was dumbfounded . Why are you competing for the spiritual energy from a small date when there is so much spiritual energy in Forge the Universe? But then, Han Fei noticed a change in the Demon Purification Pot that had been quiet for a long time .

He closed his eyes to perceive it more clearly, only to see two vague words that seemed to be breaking out of the dark void in the pot .

Maybe because the spiritual energy was not enough, or maybe for other reasons, the two words were not manifested in the end .


Han Fei was greatly shocked . Did the Demon Purification Pot have other abilities?

Han Fei remembered that the pot gained new functions after he took spiritual fruits . However, since it was hard to find spiritual fruits, he had been accumulating spiritual energy by eating fish . Also, he had acquired spiritual springs from the Mantis Shrimp Cave, the Hexagon Starfish, and the Fire Cloud Cave .

However, Han Fei had forgotten that it was the nature of human beings to devour other things . He had been treating the little calabash as a refining furnace and a storage space when it was silent .

Will the Demon Purification Pot grow continuously when it absorbs spiritual energy from spiritual fruits?

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Han Fei was overjoyed by the thought of that . It was certainly worth a try since it wouldn’t waste much of his time anyway . Besides, he was going to stay in the level-three fishery for a year!

Han Fei patted Little White’s head and asked, “Do you see any other spiritual fruits around here?”

Little White was really considerate and a most skilled treasure hunter .

After only three days, Han Fei found seven spiritual fruits and collected seven treasure rods . Though they could only be made into magic weapons, magic weapons could be valuable too! The ultimate magic weapons in the Linglong Tower were worth hundreds of thousands of mid-quality pearls and were as expensive as the boats .

The Demon Purification Pot hadn’t mutated yet, perhaps because the spiritual fruits weren’t enough, so Han Fei kept searching with Little White .

Because the fishery was vast, Han Fei did not think he would run into anyone . Besides, he was hundreds of meters deep in the water . He didn’t think that the guys from the ghost boats would submerge so deeply . So, he simply kept Little Gold outside .

At this point, Han Fei was seated on Little Gold’s back, and Little Gold was sliding in the water with its wings opened . No creatures dared to approach them .

Han Fei started to think that it was not completely a bad thing that the fish were clever . At least, he wouldn’t have to worry about them attacking him recklessly .

Suddenly, Little White stopped and swam downwards .

Han Fei patted Little Gold and said, “Let’s go down . A spiritual fruit is coming . ”

But after Han Fei descended, he found that Little White was trying to squeeze into a rock .

“Huh? Wait . Come back, Little White . ”

Han Fei’s face slightly changed . Having studied arrays for a year, he had known a thing or two about them . After he saw the distribution of the rocks and the rarity of the fish nearby, he knew that an array had been established here .

Han Fei picked up a long saber .

This sword was built with the bones of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon too, but different from the daggers for the Million Knife Art, this saber was longer and was protected by a sheath .

It had been forged specifically for Drawing, the skill in the Saber Manipulation Art . Back then, Han Fei complained that the Saber Sutra, as a heaven-level technique, only had this one offensive move, which was quite embarrassing

However, when he used Drawing for the first time half a year earlier, he broke Le Renkuang’s six shields . Since then, he had known that Drawing was a magnificent life-saving skill that he should not use unless it was absolutely necessary .

Han Fei took out the saber at this point because he was scared .

It was said that there were thousands of dangerous areas in the level-three fishery, and one could easily encounter them . Some of those areas were obvious, such as steep trenches, places with exuberant plants, or debris full of rocks… Those areas were easy to find, and of course, they had all been explored .

However, some of the dangerous areas were less obvious and well hidden, such as the Fire Cloud Cave or the invisible cave Xia Xiaochan found when she had an attack . Those areas were difficult to be noticed .

At this point, Han Fei was pretty sure that he had come to a dangerous area surrounded by an array .

This place seemed plain and not dangerous at all, but just like Old Bai said, when you came to a dangerous area, you would know that it was dangerous .

Han Fei recalled Little Black, Little White, and Little Gold and then released the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, which made a better teammate when it came to fighting .

Han Fei circled the rocks and smiled . “A maze? It’s quite a delicate design . Those rocks are not random . Some of the rocks and a shipwreck are the pivot of the array . ”

Han Fei kicked a pebble at a certain rock, and then the rock completely submerged into the soil .

“Haha! Gotcha!”