God of Fishing - Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: Water Dividing Seal

Chapter 306 Water Dividing Seal

The wall seemed smooth from far away, but on a closer look, it was full of sword marks as if someone had been practicing sword arts here .

To Yang Ruoyun’s surprise, Han Fei stepped on the wall and ascended with his spiritual energy protective cover, fearless of the possible danger .

The wall was no more than a hundred meters high . Han Fei was not scared of such an altitude at all .

When he set foot on the wall, he suddenly felt that the sword marks on the wall seemed to be back to life .

Shadows of swords seemed to be flying in the void and stabbing at Han Fei .

His lips cramping, Han Fei took a turn and accelerated, dodging the sword shadows easily, but as he climbed higher, the sword shadows got denser and denser .

Soon, the sword shadows were so concentrated that it was impossible for Han Fei to dodge all of them with his 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies .

As Yang Ruoyun watched it in shock, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers emerged from Han Fei’s body one after another, and very soon, Han Fei was surrounded by the sharp daggers that left even more marks on the wall .

In the blink of an eye, Han Fei had approached the pommel, but before he reached for yet, the sword shadows had accelerated continuously and overwhelmingly to the point that the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers could barely defend him .

If the sword shadows were real swords, Han Fei would’ve been less worried . However, as sword shadows, they would only regather after they were blocked and dispersed by the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers without being really broken .

At this point, Han Fei sensed strong saber auras . If a peak great fishing master were here, they would’ve been cut into pieces in no time .

Those sword shadows were already as powerful as beginner Dangling Fishers Besides, they were simply too dense!

Thankfully, it was Han Fei who came to draw the sword . Having practiced the Saber Manipulation Art and the Saber Sutra, Han Fei strengthened the attacks of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and managed to resist the sword shadows .

While Yang Ruoyun observed it in fright, Han Fei laid his hand on the pommel .


A sword was drawn out, and the vigorous aura of the saber cut Han Fei’s spiritual energy protective cover with a clunk .


The spiritual energy protective cover was broken, and the saber aura kept cutting Han Fei’s skin, raising the same noises .

“Humph . You’re just a sword . Do you really think you’re something?”

Han Fei sensed that the sword was trembling and trying to break free from him . He realized that he might’ve met a weapon that had a spirit .


Han Fei grabbed a random Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger and cut the sword . Clang! Clang! Clang! “If you’re disobedient, I’ll beat you up until you obey . ”


Han Fei jumped off from the wall . He then threw the sword to the sky and slashed it hard with dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers .

Yang Ruoyun was completely dumbfounded, not expecting anyone to threaten a spiritual weapon that had been sealed for the next owner into obedience .

It was truly an eye-opener for her . After only one minute, the sword stabbed into the ground, not moving at all anymore .

If the sword could talk, it would be crying out aloud at this point . Have I ever done anything wrong to you? Why are you slashing me? I’m a spiritual weapon . Please show some respect!

It was not until this moment that Han Fei finally examined the information of the sword .

Wind Sword

This is forged with Fine Wind Rocks . It weighs three thousand kilograms and can break the wind .

Mid-quality Spiritual Weapon

Anti – Heaven Blade

Note: Because of the restrictions of its materials, it can only be reforged into a mid-quality spiritual weapon at best .

“Hehe! No wonder you gave in so quickly . You’re just an Anti-Heaven Blade . ”

Han Fei grabbed the Wind Sword with one hand . Its weight suited him well, but he was not a swordsman . Also, an Anti-Heaven Blade as the spirit of the weapon was beneath him . This sword was no better than his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers anyway…

He was about to throw the Wind Sword into Forge the Universe, when he noticed that Yang Ruoyun was staring at it . He chuckled . “You want it? That’s fine . What do you want to exchange for it?”

Yang Ruoyun looked at Han Fei thoughtfully . “You have so many spiritual weapons . Do you need this one?” Han Fei shrugged . “I don’t . But it’s mine whether I need it or not . If you want it, you have to give me something for it . ”

Yang Ruoyun said, “I have a spirit-level, ultra-quality technique named Wind Sword Nine Slashing . Do you want it?”

Han Fei chuckled and pointed at the nine statues on the aisle . “You mean that technique? Sorry, but I’m not interested in it . ”

Yang Ruoyun was silent . She was poor in the first place . What could she possibly have to exchange for a spiritual weapon?

Han Fei waved his hand, and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp loosened the chains .

Han Fei said casually, “Forget it . I’ll spare your life for all the information you told me, but don’t think about this weapon . It’s a spiritual weapon with a real spirit that can be sold for hundreds of thousands of mid-quality pearls anyway . I won’t give it to you for free . ”

Yang Ruoyun rose palely . “This spiritual weapon is really too precious for me . Farewell . ”

She did not beg . Now that she couldn’t have it, she decided to leave, fearing that Han Fei might change his mind later and kill her .

But Han Fei did not stop her, but simply watched her leave with a smile .

He was considering something else in his mind: he needed to polish his weapons again .

Now, his only worthy weapons were the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers . The invincible Water-Stirring Seal in the past had almost been shattered, and the Snow Silver Rod was barely useful too .

After Yang Ruoyun left, Han Fei sent a thought and asked the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp to guard the door and kill whoever trespassed .

Then, Han Fei sat down, and a calabash appeared in his hand . The Water-Stirring Seal, the Wind Sword, the bones of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon, Sun Ye’s spiritual sword, the Snow Silver Rod, and all the rods he acquired in recent days were stuffed into the calabash .

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“Hey! Forge now!” Han Fei sensed that his spiritual energy was plummeting . He had truly invested a lot this time, including two spiritual weapons, multiple ultimate magic weapons, and treasure rods .

If the level-three fishery was truly as dangerous as Yang Ruoyun said, a great weapon would be indispensable .

Han Fei devoted all the materials to a tiny seal, but its materials were much more valuable than those of the Water-Stirring Seal .

More spiritual energy was consumed than when he forged the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers . Each Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger cost about fifty thousand points of spiritual energy, and it was just a low-quality spiritual weapon . However, he sensed that he spent ten times more spiritual energy this time .

In his head, he imagined a seal the size of a fist with two fish on the top and four sides down below .

The Demon Purification Pot, on the other hand, soon forged the seal according to Han Fei’s imagination .

Han Fei could sense that a lot of materials were being obliterated . The previous Water-Stirring Seal had only the size of a fingernail left, and the Snow Silver Rod also became an unknown white substance .

The other treasure rods had even less left than the Snow Silver Rod did when the impurities in them were vaporized .

Eventually, it was the Wind Sword and Sun Ye’s spiritual sword that provided most of the advanced materials .

A moment later, Han Fei spent almost five hundred thousand points of spiritual energy, and a blue seal popped up before him .

A string of data appeared in his eyes .

Water Dividing Seal

This is forged with hundreds of rare materials . Weight ten thousand kilograms, it can suppress anything . It’s so hard that only an ultra-quality spiritual weapon can break it .

High-quality Spiritual Weapon

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Note: Since nothing is enchanted yet, this weapon can be forged into high-quality at most . Its level may increase when spirits are enchanted to it .

Han Fei grinned and dripped his blood on it . Then, the Water Dividing Seal submerged in his body .

Then, he triggered a thought, and an enormous seal was summoned . “Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!”

Han Fei tested the limits of the Water Dividing Seal . It was almost too much for him to bear when it was about fifty meters long . The bigger the seal was, the more spiritual energy it required, and the more powerful it was .

He knew that the Water Dividing Seal could still be bigger, but it would be less condensed if so .

The seal was gradually reduced in size, and when it was about thirty meters long, Han Fei sensed that the Water Dividing Seal had peak damage .

“Hey! It’s related to the upper limit of my spiritual energy!”

Han Fei sensed that the power of the seal had to do with his limits . Earlier, when he used the Water-Stirring Seal, he almost made it a dozen meters long . Back then, because the Water-Stirring Seal’s level was low and his spiritual energy capacity was high, he didn’t feel anything .

But this time, he sensed that his weapon had to be supported by his power . Therefore, theoretically speaking, the stronger he was, the more powerful his weapon would be .

Although this Water Dividing Seal almost consumed all of Han Fei’s materials, he did not feel regret at all . If anything, he found it to be a bargain .

He knew that the number of materials did not always matter in refining . It was impossible to build a mid-quality spiritual rod with however many ultra-quality treasure rods . It was the quality of the materials that decided everything .

It was possible to cross one minor level, but it was very hard to cross two minor levels .

At this point, although the Water-Stirring Seal had only turned from an ultra-quality magic weapon to a high-quality spiritual weapon, it was completely different from before . Han Fei only waved his hand casually, and…


Squeezed by the Water Dividing Seal, the wall had a dent multiple meters deep . Han Fei’s attack had ruined the previously flawless wall .