God of Fishing - Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: Take Me With You!

Chapter 308 Take Me With You!

It was one of the most regular things to hunt treasures in the level-three fishery, but the problem was that most people didn’t know where the treasures were .

For example, Han Fei was absolutely confused even though he had a map . The previous treasure trove he visited was not marked on Old Bai’s map, so Han Fei had no references at all .

After searching for two days, Han Fei couldn’t stand it anymore . He decided to see if he could board a dragon boat .

His plan was to locate one of the treasure troves on the map while he was on the dragon boat so that he could navigate it himself, or he couldn’t tell where he was at all without any references on the ocean .

On one particular day, Han Fei recalled Little Gold and rode the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp to the surface .

As it happened, when Han Fei was ascending, he saw something glittering far away . He had thought that it was an exotic creature, but when it was closer, he found that it was Yang Ruoyun, whom he kicked away a few days earlier .

“Is she here for me?”

“Huh? Wait . Someone is chasing her…”

Yang Ruoyun was also stunned to see Han Fei . She hurried to say telepathically, Help me!

Blinking his eyes, Han Fei replied, Don’t bring trouble to me! You’re neither my family nor my friend . Why should I help you?

Yang Ruoyun said, I know a treasure trove .

Han Fei immediately declared, Come to me! I’m never reluctant to rescue a damsel in distress!

Yang Ruoyun: “…”

She was completely rendered speechless by Han Fei’s dramatic change of attitude .

But she was too exhausted to run further . Han Fei was her last hope on this vast ocean to save her life now .

Han Fei immediately stood before Yang Ruoyun . He saw four people chasing her .

Yang Ruoyun hid behind Han Fei . Han Fei then found that the girl’s belly had been stabbed, and that she had multiple more wounds on her body . She was clearly not in her best condition .

When Han Fei saw her pursuers more clearly, his face changed, and he wondered whether they were lucky or unlucky, because they were the same people who ambushed him last time from the ghost boat .

Han Fei immediately whispered, “You stay here . You’ll die even if you escape . I’m the only one who can treat your wounds . ” Then, Han Fei rushed out .

He was eager to seek revenge . Last time, he was tricked by those people . Now that he ran into them again, how could he let them get away?

Those four people obviously slowed down, not believing that the woman had a helper . That was impossible! But how could she run into another person so luckily on the vast ocean?

More importantly, why was her helper so fearless? He was bold enough to launch an attack when he was against four people? When Han Fei approached them at a high speed, their faces all changed, as they recognized the young man from the other day . They wondered why he was still in this area .

They were rather speechless . Most people would have swum far away after such a long time, but Han Fei seemed to have spent all his time here . That didn’t make sense!

They immediately made the decision to run . As pirates from a ghost boat, they had keen eyes and knew that the young man was not normal, because no normal person would attack four people crazily . Han Fei shouted, “Stop, thieves! Stop if you don’t want to die, or I’ll chase you to the ends of the world!”

They couldn’t have looked more awful . For the first time in their life, they were threatened by a young man . But they did not dare to look back at all, because Han Fei was too fast . When they slowed just now, Han Fei had covered half of the distance between him and them, and he was still accelerating .

“Let’s run in different directions . ”

Han Fei couldn’t have looked more awful when they split . He could not catch up with the manipulator, so he went after the hammer guy . Those brawny guys were usually slow runners, and this guy was not an exception . Han Fei approached him quickly .

The hammer guy said, “Young friend, we’ve settled our score . It’s not smart to waste your strength here on this vast ocean . ”

Han Fei yelled, “Shouted? You can’t just get away after beating me up, wherever you


Yang Ruoyun was dumbfounded as she watched it . They were assassins from a ghost boat! He was chasing four assassins from a ghost boat on his own? Was she hallucinating?

The problem was that the assassins fled the moment they saw Han Fei . Why?

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Before Han Fei arrived, his daggers had been launched .

The ten Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, all enchanted, had become mid-quality spiritual weapons and were twice as fast . The hammer guy waved his weapon and tried to defend himself .

But he heard his flesh being torn apart in the next moment .

He hit none of the daggers when he waved the hammer crazily . Appalled, he attempted to run, only to find that he couldn’t move anymore . The freezing aura from the daggers had frozen him where he was wounded . He staggered and nearly fell over .

“Where are you going? Take my seal?”

The man saw the illusion of a seal behind him . Having no time to run anymore, he could only try his best to resist the attack .


Spiritual energy burst out of the hammer when it had a head-on clash with the Water Dividing Seal .


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To the man’s shock, his hammer, which was a spiritual weapon, was broken into halves .


The man was blown to the bottom of the ocean, raising a storm of dust dozens of meters high .

Delayed by the man, Han Fei knew that he couldn’t catch the other three . So, he simply landed at the bottom of the ocean and waited for the dust to disperse .

A moment later, Yang Ruoyun joined them, and the dust was mostly gone . She saw a brawny man lying in a pit with nothing but the handle of his hammer . Blood was bursting out all over his body .


Yang Ruoyun swallowed and peeped at Han Fei, feeling lucky that she didn’t keep attacking Han Fei earlier, or she couldn’t have resisted such a ferocious attack .

Han Fei asked, “Where are your companions? Confess!”

The man’s bones had almost been fully shattered . He struggled to reply, “Everybody from the ghost boats accepts their fate . If we die, we die . They won’t care about me . ”

Han Fei sneered . “Hehe . Since you split when you escaped, you definitely have ways or a rendezvous to regather . Take me there, and I may spare your life . That’s my promise . Look at this girl . She tried to kill me earlier, but I let her go . ”

The man gritted his teeth in silence, not convinced by Han Fei at all . It was a law that nobody in the level-three fishery was to be believed .

Han Fei squinted and waved his hand, covering the man with a healing sheen as well as Yang Ruoyun .

Both of them were greatly shocked .

“You are a spirit gatherer?”

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Neither the man nor Yang Ruoyun could believe it . With the daggers and the seal, the guy had undoubtedly thought him to be a soul warrior, but why a spirit gatherer?

Han Fei stepped on the bottom, establishing a Spirit Gathering Array . He then injected spiritual energy into their bodies .

Han Fei said unhurriedly, “I’m still new to the level-three fishery, and I’m in need of a few tour guides . You think I was chasing you to kill you?”

The man replied, dazed, “You weren’t?”

Han Fei said while rolling his eyes, “Killing is never the best choice . Aren’t you in the ghost boat business? Take me with you . I can be your boss . We can rob whoever we want . Wouldn’t it be much better than your four-man team?”

The man: “???” Yang Ruoyun: “???”

Both of them looked at Han Fei in disbelief . What was he talking about? Did he want to be involved in the ghost boat business?

The man stared at Han Fei, still confused . But Han Fei grabbed him and said to Yang Ruoyun, “Let’s talk on the surface . ”

A moment later…

Han Fei said lazily on the boat, “What can I earn from killing you? You deserve to be poor with your way of doing the ghost boat business, which is purely based on luck . ”

He looked at the man in disdain . “Why are you still holding the handle of your hammer? You call yourself a ghost boat sailor when you don’t even have a mid-quality spiritual weapon?”

The man swallowed and said, “Well… I…”

Han Fei interrupted him, “Well what? Later, when we find enough materials to forge spiritual weapons, I can give you each a mid-quality spiritual weapon with a sealed spirit, provided that you pledge your loyalty to me . ”

The man swallowed hard and thought quickly . He knew how expensive a mid-quality spiritual weapon with a sealed spirit could be . He could afford a spiritual weapon without sealed spirits, but those weapons weren’t real spiritual weapons, which, as their name suggested, required a spirit . Not everybody could forge a weapon with a sealed spirit…

Taking a deep breath, the man said, “I’m Wang Ye . I pledge my loyalty to…” Han Fei said, “To your young master . ”

“Wang Ye pledges his loyalty to his young master . ”