God of Fishing - Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: Oh! What A Coincidence!

Chapter 309 Oh! What A Coincidence!

Han Fei didn’t feel much about Wang Ye’s surrender .

Judging from the current situation, this was entirely because Wang Ye was suppressed by his force . But even so, he didn’t care . The reason why he wanted to engage in the ghost boat business was that these people wandered around the level-three fishery all year round and they must know a lot .

In addition, Han Fei also felt that this was a very promising business . How easy it was to rob people! And he might snatch something


Han Fei looked at Wang Ye . “Go, let’s go find your companions . ” Wang Ye obviously hesitated for a while, then nodded and took the initiative to control the fishing boat .

After a moment .

About 600 kilometers away from the previous location, Wang Ye stopped the fishing boat . “Master, this is it . ”

Han Fei nodded slightly . “Okay . You two, go down with me . ”

Yang Ruoyun did not object . In fact, she was now on the chopping block . Han Fei didn’t even say whether he would let her join the ghost boat business, so her only remaining value was that she knew a secret realm .

Underwater .

Han Fei discovered that there were many sunken ships here . In just a small area, there were nearly a hundred shipwrecks .

Wang Ye said through a voice transmission, This was once a dangerous place . There used to be a deep-sea big octopus lurking here and attacking passing fishing boats . Therefore, some strong master came and killed it . Han Fei responded, So, this is where you meet?

Wang Ye nodded . Han Fei was speechless . Who would come to such a place? Who could he rob here?

Suddenly, Han Fei smiled .

“Oh, what a coincidence! We meet again . ”

Under the water, Han Fei saw the three guys who ran away from him .

At this moment, the three were startled and were about to run .

Han Fei immediately transmitted his voice, Hey, don’t run! Don’t you see Wang Ye by my side? He has already pledged allegiance to me .

Not knowing if his words worked, Han Fei looked at Wang Ye who seemed to be communicating with the three .

Han Fei said to Wang Ye, “Just tell them, I can promise them what I promised you . ”

Han Fei He just wanted to persuade them first . After they surrendered, it would be his greatest kindness to let them go .

Wang Ye nodded and continued to transmit his voice to them .

After a while, a voice sounded in Han Fei’s head, How can you promise that you will not attack us?

Han Fei disdainfully said, Attack you? Why the bother? Are your weapons better than mine, or is your money more than mine? Don’t overestimate yourselves . Believe it or not, I can stone you to death with mid-quality pearls!

The faces of the others changed slightly . This guy was really arrogant, but if what Wang Ye said was true, they’d better not be his enemy!

The female manipulator swam forward and looked at Han Fei . “Then why do you want us to be under your command?”

Han Fei smiled . “How long have you been in the level-three fishery?”

The female manipulator responded, “Almost 3 years . ”

Han Fei nodded . “The reason why I want to accept you is that you are familiar with this place . You know more about the level-three fishery than me . When I know enough about this fishery, you can go . ” Another spear-bearing man said, “Who knows whether or not you’ll kill us then!”

Han Fei gave him a sideways glance . “As I said earlier, what good is it for me to kill you? None of you are worthy of a mid-quality spiritual weapon . Why do I bother to kill you?”

They were embarrassed by what Han Fei said . How can you look down upon us like this? Anyway, we are junior peak-level Dangling Fishers and all have spiritual weapons and have obtained a lot of opportunities . Why did you speak as if we are a bunch of small potatoes?

Han Fei said, “It’s up to you . Anyway, I didn’t expect anything from you . If you don’t want to go with me, just continue to run your ghost boat! Don’t regret missing today’s chance when you die . ”

With that, Han Fei swam away . Although he needed others to tell him about the level-three fishery, he didn’t want to waste time on these people .

Behind him the people followed .

Although they themselves thought it was ridiculous for them, four Dangling Fishers, to surrender to a person of the same level .

Han Fei glanced at them and then pointed his finger at the endless sea, saying, “Look at this, what the hell is this place? No one passes by here at all! Why did you choose to run a ghost boat here? Can’t you choose a better place?”

Everyone: “???”

Han Fei scoffed . “The best way, of course, is to find a dragon boat first . Then, look for a target on the dragon boat . After the target leaves the dragon boat, follow him, and get him in one go . Look, how easy it is…”

Han Fei was trying to teach them the right way to rob people and the four people including Wang Ye were dumbfounded . This guy can’t be a normal teenager! He is a robber!

The hunter among the four was named Zhao Haitao, and he said, “People who dare to disembark on the dragon boat are all strong masters . With our strength, it is very difficult to follow and hunt them . ”

The female manipulator named Chen Yuan added, “We used to have an armorist . He died on a failed hunt . ”

Han Fei looked at the spear-bearing soul warrior whose name was Liu Han . The latter smiled bitterly and said, “The ghost boat business is actually not tolerated by the cultivators of the level-three fishery . Many people will deliberately lure us into traps with themselves as bait . ”

“That’s just your excuse . ”

Han Fei rolled his eyes and said, “To put it bluntly, your strength is not good and your weapons are too poor . In the level-three fishery, strength is above everything else . ”

Scolded by Han Fei, these people lowered their heads in embarrassment . They had never dreamed that one day they would be scolded by a boy for performing too poorly in robbing people .

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Han Fei waved his hand and asked, “Do you know where the nearest dragon boat is?”

Chen Yuan said, “A month ago, there was a dragon boat heading westward from here . I’m afraid it’s too late for us to catch up with it now . ”

Han Fei curiously asked, “So… Can we only


They nodded .

Han Fei was helpless . “Do you mean there are so few dragon boats that we must depend on luck to board one?”

Everyone: “…”

Han Fei asked again, “Then do you know any dangerous places or secret realms that others don’t know? Tell me about it . Let’s explore them one by one . I promise you won’t regret it . ”

Wang Ye paused . “Master, the nearest secret realm we know of that hasn’t been explored much is 100,000 miles away . ”


Han Fei was dumbfounded . “Then why didn’t you explore it?”

Everyone was embarrassed, and Wang Ye said, “That place is a little closer to the sea grassland . We have approached it once, but there, our armorist was killed . ”

Han Fei hung his head . “You lost an armorist there even though you were all Dangling Fishers? It seems that this secret realm is not bad . Okay, when we finish exploring the secret realm around here, we will go there . ”

Wang Ye quickly said, “Master, it is very dangerous there…”

Han Fei glared at him . “So what? If it’s not dangerous, can it be called a dangerous place? If it’s not dangerous, how can it be called a secret realm? No wonder you are only Dangling Fishers at such old ages… You’re too timid!”

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Everyone was speechless again and thought, That’s enough . How many times have you humiliated us?

Han Fei looked at Yang Ruoyun . “Well, where is the secret realm you mentioned?”

Yang Ruoyun hesitated . “It’s within ten thousand miles, but I couldn’t get to that place . ”

“Within ten thousand miles?”

Wang Ye and the others looked at each other, and Wang Ye said, “But as far as we know, there is no dangerous place within ten thousand miles . ”

Yang Ruoyun added, “It’s covered by ice clouds and white mist . I tried to go in once but felt a strong breath, and then I withdrew . ”

“White Mist Salt Marsh?”

The others couldn’t help but exclaim .

Han Fei looked at them . “Hey! Don’t you know this? Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

Wang Ye said, “Master, we know about the White Mist Salt Marsh . It’s special because there is a special salt marsh with high salt content under that water area . Therefore, ordinary creatures will be dehydrated to death once they go in because of the difference in internal and external salinity . ”

Chen Yuan added, “Yes, we once explored that place, but we couldn’t make it into the depths . Besides, we didn’t feel any dangerous breath there . ”

Everyone looked at Yang Ruoyun . How could there be a living creature in a place with extremely high salt content? At least they hadn’t encountered it .

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “Let’s go check it out . Just because you couldn’t get in doesn’t mean I can’t . ”