God of Fishing - Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Shadow

Chapter 311 Shadow

If the beauty under the white mist was breathtakingly beautiful, then this person in front of him made Han Fei utterly upset .

The person was none other than himself .

Suddenly, Han Fei realized something and quickly looked down, and what he saw made him turn pale .

He hadn’t noticed until just now . Since the salt layer under his feet was like a mirror, then why didn’t he see his reflection in it?

At this moment, Han Fei looked down and found that there was only a black shadow under his feet, but no reflection was mirrored back .

Han Fei raised his head with a jerk and his eyelids twitched . “Who the f*ck are you? What did you do to my shadow?” However, the opposite self didn’t speak but just stared at him like a puppet .

Han Fei swallowed . That’s really scary! His reflection that should have appeared in the mirror suddenly ran to the opposite side of him and became a person . Scarier yet, this person tried to punch him just now!

Han Fei narrowed his eyes slightly, trying to calm down .

His first feeling was that there was a problem with the salt concentration in this water area . By rights, it should be mixed with the brine above but it wasn’t .

The water here was very pure . To be exact, the water here was not saltwater, but fresh water .

Han Fei secretly held the Water Dividing Seal and hid it in the palm of his hand . He had already seen the weirdness here .

Han Fei shouted via voice transmission, Can you speak? As my shadow, you can only be a shadow for the rest of your life . How can you fight against me?

As Han Fei waved his hand, Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers shot out instantly .

However, to his shock, although the shadow on the opposite side did not have any Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, he suddenly took dozens of knives similar to the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers out of thin air and shot them at him .

“Damn it…”

Clank, Clank, Clank…

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The next second, Han Fei smiled .

Haha, that’s funny . My Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers are all mid-quality spiritual weapons! What the hell are those in your hand?!

At this moment, the fake knives summoned by the shadow broke one after another . Han Fei grabbed at one of them and raised his brows . Are they made of salt?

Han Fei couldn’t believe it . In this world, only his shadow would take salt as his weapon! But the shadow was his, which made him feel both funny and annoyed .

The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers continued to attack the shadow, but at this time, Han Fei was no longer so scared . The shadow couldn’t even copy his weapons . He was certainly not as strong as him!

But the shadow was moving and what he used was the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies .

Han Fei was speechless . No wonder he couldn’t cut him just now . It turned out that he was cutting himself .

The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were very strong, very fast, and carried the power of ice .

But after all, his opponent was his own shadow, so the shadow always narrowly dodged his attacks . Even if the dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were shot at the shadow at the same time, he wasn’t hurt .

Han Fei smiled . “You can dodge 10 knives, but what about 30?”

As Han Fei waved his hand again, 20 more Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers floated out of his body and shot out again .

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This time, the shadow could hardly resist these knives . There were 30 knives and Han Fei also activated the Million Knife Art and Saber Manipulation Art . Han Fei believed that even he himself wouldn’t be able to block them, let alone his shadow!

Sure enough, under the siege of 30 knives, the shadow seemed completely unable to cope with his attacks .

However, the next minute, Han Fei widened his eyes again . The shadow also possessed a super-strong physique, and a layer of salt crystals appeared on the surface of the shadow .

“Shit… What is that?”

Clank, Clank, Clank…

Han Fei saw the large pieces of salt crystals being broken, and the shadow took the chance to avoid the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers that should have penetrated his body .

Han Fei narrowed his eyes . This move was smart! He could learn it .

However, even if the shadow blocked this attack could he still block the following attacks?

Soon, when the first dagger plunged into the shadow’s body, Han Fei rushed up . While the shadow froze for a moment, Han Fei swung the small seal in his hand at him .


The beautiful mirror of the sky was destroyed and a big hole appeared . The salt layer of the shadow was smashed by this blow and then all the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers pierced the shadow madly .

Looking at the hedgehog-like shadow, Han Fei actually felt a bit uncomfortable . After all, that was his shadow!

But then he told himself that this was a fake, so he immediately picked up the Water Diving Seal, came up, and kept smashing at the shadow with all his force .

Even Han Fei himself wouldn’t have been able to stand the continuous impact of the Water Dividing Seal and the crazy cutting of the dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, let alone his shadow!

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Soon, the shadow was smashed to death by him . In the end, Han Fei discovered that this thing was actually bloodless and fleshless and was just a puddle of salt .

“What the heck is this? A salt spirit?”

Han Fei put away the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and the Water Dividing Seal and twisted his neck . Haha, what makes you think you can fight me, Salt Spirit? I’m afraid that you are out of your mind!

However, within three seconds, Han Fei got a violent strike . He was sent flying and rolled on the ground several times .

When he got up, he saw a brand-new shadow appear .

Han Fei was dumbfounded . This is cheating! Why did another pop up as soon as he solved one?

This time, Han Fei attacked even more fiercely . A storm of blades swept across and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and the Water Dividing Seal attacked the new shadow at the same time .

But in a blink of an eye, this shadow also held a Water Dividing Seal .

“F*ck… You damn copycat! How can your fake weapons piled up with salt be compared to my high-quality spiritual weapons?”

Han Fei shouted . The shadows of the two big seals collided and the fake seal was shattered .

However, Han Fei found that the shadow turned stronger this time . If the shadow just now had only less than 50% of his strength, then this one already had almost 60% .

After half an hour, Han Fei chopped the shadow into two pieces and finally killed this shadow .

Han Fei was confused . Am I so strong? Did it take me so long to beat my own shadow?

However, the next moment, he felt something was attacking him from behind .


Han Fei felt his blood freeze . Not again!

Han Fei jumped up and dodged . When he looked back, he found that a new shadow appeared again .

Han Fei was helpless . Damn! Are these shadows endless? If it were an ordinary person, only two shadows would exhaust his spiritual energy . Even if it was Han Fei himself, without the reserve of spiritual energy, he had consumed two-thirds of his spiritual energy . But in this blink of an eye, another shadow popped up… How long could he hold out without his reserve of spiritual energy? This time, Han Fei tentatively tried to fight without using weapons .

But the shadow didn’t follow him but controlled the fake daggers and fake seals to attack him .

Han Fei cursed and turned to run . Shit, the shadows are endless . I’m not going to waste any time here… Han Fei didn’t run towards the exit above the mist but to the plants .

The plants that could grow in such a place must be special . He would take away all the spiritual plants here first .

The speed of the shadow was not as fast as Han Fei . Therefore, once he distanced himself from the shadow, the latter couldn’t catch up . If you really want to fight, let’s fight after I collect all the treasures here .

After a while, Han Fei picked up a small green fruit tree with a spiritual fruit hanging on it . Without hesitation, he uprooted it and threw it into Forge the Universe .

Soon, he found another cluster of blue melon vines with arm-long melons on it . He uprooted them and took them away too .

And then, he saw a red weed, which he also uprooted and took away .

After running for about thirty minutes, Han Fei suddenly discovered that he had reached the edge of the mirror of the sky .

“Oh! I thought you were boundless… It turns out that you also have a border!”

At this moment, Han Fei looked back and found that the shadow was still kilometers away from him, so he couldn’t help but hook his finger at the shadow . “Hey, come here!”