God of Fishing - Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: Boarding the Dragon Boat

Chapter 314 Boarding the Dragon Boat

The sight of the Dragon Boat shocked Han Fei .

The visual impact was too shocking . The huge hull was like an ancient behemoth in the ocean . Although it was still far away, Han Fei could see the huge bow, which was like a huge dragon’s head .

The hull was hundreds of meters high and towering, like a huge wave rising on the sea .

In front of the dragon boat, the sea was separated and countless Crescent-Moon Fish accompanied the boat while swimming, jumping up from time to time and rolling out arcs on the sea surface .

From a distance, Han Fei heard deafening humming sounds . There seemed to be a huge amount of Humming Fish surrounding the dragon boat . Han Fei even saw Single-Horned Sharks jumping out of the water .

When getting closer to the boat, Han Fei could see clearly . Not only the Single-Horned Sharks jumped out of the water, but also a large number of Butterfly Fish jumped out of the water from time to time, flying happily in midair .


The dragon boat made a great hooting sound and the billowing sound radiated in all directions and resounded throughout the sky .

But after a short while, the dragon boat approached .

Around the dragon boat, occasionally fishing boats left and flew to the boundless ocean . In the distance, there were also sporadic small black spots appearing, which were the people nearby coming to board the boat .

Han Fei controlled the fishing boat to take off and went straight to the dragon boat . This scene was simply shocking and quite fresh . Before, Han Fei had always heard about the dragon boat . Now he finally saw one . How could he not go up and take a look?

As the fishing boat approached, Han Fei felt the majesty of this huge dragon boat . There was a dragon-head decoration on the bow, and the hull was forged from bluestone and wood . Pieces of dragon-scale carvings brought the dragon a tint of mystery .

However, those dragon scales didn’t seem to be for decoration . Upon closer inspection, there seemed to be a small spirit gathering formation carved on each dragon scale . With the countless dragon scales, how many spirit gathering formations were on the hull?

As for the stern, Han Fei couldn’t even see the stern at all! The distance from the bow to the stern was too far, spanning more than 30 kilometers .

The dragon boat had five layers . The higher you went, the smaller the area was . The first deck layer was full of people, who were all fishing

At the moment Han Fei glanced over, he saw no less than a hundred people retracting fishing lines . And on their hooks, some were hung with Humming Fish, some Crescent-Moon Fish, some Spiked-Armor Fish, and some Anti-Heaven Blade . Han Fei even saw someone catch a Black-Moon Sickle Fish .

The fishing boat was still several kilometers away, and Han Fei heard a hubbub of voices on the dragon boat .

Han Fei also saw that around the dragon boat, there were armored guards who were holding long spears and standing in every corner of the dragon boat .


Han Fei had never boarded the dragon boat before, so he didn’t know where to get on . Fortunately, there were others who were going to board the boat and he just followed others to the middle of the boat .

After flying for three or five miles, Han Fei found that there were dedicated entrances on both sides of the hull . There were special personnel responsible for reception and a row of guards were guarding each entrance .

Han Fei immediately drove the fishing boat over and then heard someone shouting, “Do you need to deposit your fishing boat?”

With a thought, the fishing boat under his feet was taken into Forge the Universe and he jumped onto the deck from the sky .

Han Fei smiled . “No, thanks . ”

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The receptionist was a junior Dangling Fisher . He nodded slightly and said to Han Fei, “Which floor do you want to live on?”

Han Fei was taken back . “Is there any difference in living on different floors?”

“Huh! Is it your first time in the level-three fishery?”

His words attracted many people not far away who perked up .

Someone yelled, “My little friend, come here quickly . I am known as the Dragon Boat Know-It-All . I can explain to you everything about dragon boats and I’ll only charge 500 mid-quality pearls . ”

Someone waved to Han Fei . “Brother, you and I are about the same age . I can be your guide and only charge 400 mid-quality pearls . ”

Someone shouted, “Little brother, do you have any valuable treasures? I would like to buy them at a high price…”

“Little Brother…”

Han Fei was dumbfounded . Gosh, is there still a pimping business here?

The receptionist said with a smile, “If this is your first time boarding a dragon boat, you’d better find a guide . This dragon boat is not big nor is it small . There are all kinds of industries on board, and if you explore it by yourself, I am afraid it will cost you a lot of time…”

Han Fei nodded and said, “How much boarding fee do I need to pay?”

That person said, “If you only board the boat and don’t live here, 100 mid-quality pearls are enough . If you need a separate room, then you need to pay 300 mid-quality pearls for a room on the first floor, 500 on the second floor, 1,000 on the third floor, 5,000 on the fourth floor, and 10,000 on the fifth floor . This depends on your own choice . ”

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Han Fei was taken back . Sure enough, he underestimated the business on the dragon boat to be profitable . This is f*cking expensive! Yes, it only takes 100 mid-quality pearls to board the ship, but you would have to pay at least 300 if you want to stay…

The receptionist smiled . “If it is too expensive for you, there are still three floors of cabins 30 meters below the deck . The rooms on the first floor are 100 mid-quality pearls a day . Those on the second floor are four-bed rooms, only charging 50 mid-quality pearls . As for below the third layer, it is provided free of charge, but there are various kinds of people there . It’s up to you…”

Han Fei slightly narrowed his eyes . This dragon boat had eight floors . However, when he looked at the vast boat, he felt relieved . With this height, it was more than enough to build a 100-story building, let alone eight floors .

However, he had a lot of secrets, so he certainly couldn’t choose a place with too many people . The three layers below the deck were out of the question .

This first layer was the deck layer, where there were a ton of pedestrians and people fishing around the boat everywhere . This layer was almost a bazaar that was bustling with people coming and going, so it was also not suitable .

From the second floor up, the number of people suddenly decreased . Maybe most people were reluctant to spend so much money on rooms .

Han Fei smiled and said, “I will book a single room on the second floor for 10 days . ”

But the receptionist didn’t even bat his eyelids and seemed not to care about the 5,000 mid-quality pearls at all! He must have seen a lot of rich people .

“OK, just a moment . ”

The receptionist took out a small carved stone token from the desk beside him and handed it over . “Have a good time . By the way, the guide is only responsible for explaining the first and lower three floors . If you need to know more about the upper floors, you need to choose a better guide . Besides, if the guide is not a guest on the second floor or above, it will cost some mid-quality pearls for the guide to get on the upper floors . ”

Han Fei nodded . This was understandable . After all, on the dragon boat, the layers were so clearly divided, so of course, people were not allowed to go up randomly . Otherwise, it would be a mess .

Han Fei took the token, and at the same time, with a wave of his hand, 5,000 mid-quality pearls were stuffed into the box beside him .

Seeing this scene, the crowd all gasped . So many mid-quality pearls! This boy certainly wouldn’t live on the first floor…

Immediately, they drummed up more loudly .

Han Fei walked straight to the deck and was immediately surrounded by dozens of people .

Behind him, the guard scolded, “Don’t push . ”

But those people seemed to have been accustomed to this scolding and refused to leave .

Someone grabbed a fish-skin map and said, “Little Brother, I have a map of the dragon boat here . It only costs 100 mid-quality pearls . ”

Another person also held a fish-skin map and said, “Little Brother, I have a route map of the dragon boat . It’s not easy to get and only needs 100 mid-quality pearls . ”

Someone beckoned, “Brother, those are nothing . I have a map of the dangerous places of the level-three fishery . The price is only 500 mid-quality pearls . Yes, you heard it right, only 500 . ” “Dude, don’t listen to them . I can take you around the dragon boat . Only 400 mid-quality pearls are needed . ”

Han Fei was a little stunned . Just now, the receptionist suggested that he choose a good guide, but these people didn’t look trustworthy at all!

Suddenly, among these people, Han Fei spotted a little girl about his age . At this moment, she was looking at him with her lips pursed .

The girl didn’t speak but just looked at him, with one hand open, and the words “500 mid-quality pearls” were written on it .

Han Fei couldn’t help being curious . Others charged 400 but you insist on charging 500? The petite girl was only an advanced great fishing master . It could be said that she was the weakest in this crowd . After all, the others were at least peak-level great fishing masters .

Without any hesitation, Han Fei pointed to the girl and said, “I pick her . ”