God of Fishing - Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: Good Luck

Chapter 316 Good Luck

Han Fei felt that only fools would sell clues about dangerous places and secret realms . Those are chances! How could anyone not want them?

As if she could guess what Han Fei was thinking, Lin Miaomiao said bluntly, “Dangerous places do not necessarily mean chances . Some people have discovered dangerous places, but they don’t have the strength to explore them, so they can only choose to sell the clues about them . After exchanging the clues for money, they can also buy a lot of resources on the dragon boat to improve their strength . ”

Han Fei wondered . “Then how can the purchaser ensure that the clue is real? What if it’s fake?”

Lin Miaomiao shook her head . “The dragon boat will buy the clues first . After confirming the clue is true, the dragon boat will choose to explore them on their own or sell them… During this period, the seller is not allowed to leave the dragon boat . ”

So the dragon boat acts as a dealer . They must earn a lot from this business .

Lin Miaomiao smiled . “In fact, you are right . Normally very few people sell the clues about dangerous places . Even on the dragon boat, this kind of person is rare . ”

They wandered about for a long while and Han Fei got much information from Lin Miaomiao .

He learned that there were several places in the level-three fishery where danger and opportunity coexisted . Those places seemed to have shocking secrets . Every moment, people went to those places and some got opportunities while some died .

There were no less than 10 such places in the level-three fishery . And the most typical one of them was the Steps into the Sea .

Lin Miaomiao explained that the Steps into the Sea was an extremely amazing place in the level-three fishery . There, there is a vast offshore platform, and in front of the platform are steps naturally formed by water currents .

No one knows how these steps were formed… People only knew that in a thousand-mile radius around this place it was all forbidden, sealed off by a huge seal .

If you wanted to enter the Steps into the Sea, you could only take that offshore platform . The steps stretched down and it is said that every step down, more danger awaits .

It is said that the current record of the Steps into the Sea was 208 steps . Someone went down 208 steps and did not die . Such a result meant that the challenger had received an unparalleled opportunity .

However, Lin Miaomiao was not clear about the details . She was just an advanced great fishing master, not yet qualified to go to the Steps into the Sea . For a great fishing master, the dragon boat was better than anywhere else in the level-three fishery .

At this moment .

Lin Miaomiao took Han Fei to the trading area on the Negative-One Floor .

As soon as he entered the trading area, Han Fei heard various kinds of voices .

“The blue amber that I just got from the sea is an excellent material for making spiritual weapons . It’s on sale!”

“A yellow-blooded sea cucumber caught from a secret realm, which can quickly increase the body’s vitality and blood and is a super tonic… If you want to buy it, be quick . This is the only one . ”

“The horn of the Single-Horned Shark! Anyone want it?”

“The Black-Moon Sickle Fish is on sale, only 100 mid-quality pearls . ”

“Treasure Hunting Fish on sale, 200 mid-quality pearls each… Open its treasure bag, and you may get a big chance!”

“The Dead Leaf Starfish that is extremely difficult to capture, 800 mid-quality pearls each . The first choice for a contractual spiritual beast . Don’t miss it . ”

Han Fei was dumbfounded . Sure enough, the things sold on the dragon boat were different . These were all good things! He still remembered when he first went to the level-one fishery, they fought so hard for a Treasure Hunting Fish . Then he saw a stall with hundreds of Treasure Hunting Fish, and from time to time, people went to buy the fish to get a treasure .

Treasure Hunting Fish were better than Treasure Digging Fish . After all, it was a species in the level-three fishery . The things drawn from them should be worth some money .

Lin Miaomiao shook her head . “Don’t be tempted . The probability of getting a treasure is not high . You may not even get a spiritual fruit . ”

Han Fei swallowed . “But it’s only 200 mid-quality pearls per fish!” Lin Miaomiao was speechless . Why do you want to waste 200 mid-quality pearls?

Lin Miaomiao said, “Drawing a lottery is easily addictive . Some people come to buy Treasure Hunting Fish every day but end up penniless . ”

Han Fei hadn’t experienced this before, so he just waved his hand . “It’s OK . I’ll just buy some for fun . ”

Lin Miaomiao: “…”

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Han Fei quickly walked to the Treasure Hunting Fish booth . The boss was a little old man . Seeing Han Fei, he hurriedly greeted him . “Little friend, take a look? A couple of days ago, someone got a piece of green jadeite from a fish I sold, which was worth 20,000 mid-quality spiritual beads . He really made a fortune! Do you want one, my little friend?”

Han Fei rubbed his hands and said, “I want 10 . ”

The little old man’s eyes lit up . Wow, this is a big customer!

Lin Miaomiao tried to stop Han Fei . “Hey! Why do you buy so much?”

Han Fei smiled . “I’m curious . I have always wanted to cut open a Treasure Digging Fish, but later, I felt the Digging Treasure Fish was too low-leveled . Now I want to try the Treasure Hunting Fish…”

The little old man hurriedly nodded . “Yes, yes! If you come to the level-three fishery but don’t cut open a Treasure Hunting Fish, that’s a pity! My little friend, you look like a lucky guy! I bet you can get something good…”

As he said this, Han Fei pointed . “I want this one, this one… And this one…”

Suddenly, when Han Fei’s hand passed a Treasure Hunting Fish, he noticed a slight tingling in his wrist, and quickly said, “And this one…”

Han Fei carefully chose for a long time and 10 Treasure Hunting Fish were placed on the table . The little old man held up a knife and asked, “My little friend, may I cut them open for you or will you do it yourself?”

Han Fei reached out and a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger appeared in his hand . “I’ll do it myself . Let me try my luck . ”

Han Fei secretly smiled . My dear calabash selected some for me and I also chose some myself… In case these people were shocked by my “luck”…


Under the stares of the passers-by and Lin Miaomiao, the big bump on the Treasure Hunting Fish’s head was cut open, revealing a pale golden stone, which was inlaid with crystal clear gravel . “Ah, Natural Gold! It’s worthless…”

Some passer-by sighed .

The little old man said, “Nonsense, who said that Natural Gold was worthless? Natural Gold is also called Fish-Head Gold . It’s a material for refining high-quality magic weapons . It is worth 100 mid-quality pearls . ”

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Han Fei didn’t care and continued to cut .


“Oh! Soft Plaster, this time it is even worse . ”

The little old man tried to drive the onlookers away again and smiled . “My little friend, don’t listen to their nonsense . Soft Plaster can be used for healing . It is a first-class medicinal material that is worth 80 mid-quality pearls . ”

Han Fei had never researched this material before . As a spirit gatherer, he didn’t need any medicinal materials! He was surprised that there was almost everything in the ocean . This Soft Plaster was soft and looked delicious…

Han Fei continued to cut .

“Huh? A Water Drop Crystal, this thing is not bad . ”

Someone immediately said, “Little friend, I’d like to buy it for 200 mid-quality pearls . Can you sell it to me?”

Another one said with a smile, “Little friend, I can pay 300 mid-quality pearls for it . ”

The little old man rolled his eyes . “Shut up . This Water Drop Crystal can temporarily store about 1,000 points of spiritual energy and can instantly fill up your spiritual energy shortage at critical moments . It can save your life, so its value is at least 500 medium pearls or more . Little Friends, it’s yours now!”

Han Fei looked at Lin Miaomiao, who was also a little surprised . Han Fei is lucky!

Lin Miaomi nodded slightly . “It’s worth about 500 mid-quality pearls . ”

Han Fei said casually, “Put it aside . Let me continue . ”

However, when he cut open the fourth fish, there was nothing in its head .

The little old man hurriedly said, “Little Friend, don’t worry . It is really rare to see a Treasure Hunting Fish with no treasure!”

Han Fei nodded and continued to cut, only to see the treasure bag glowed yellow .

Someone exclaimed, “Oh, it’s a treasure!”

Han Fei felt people immediately gather up from behind . He quickly dug up the thing, only to hear the little old man exclaim, “It’s a Flash Stone . Crushing it, you can appear 10 miles away in a flash . It can save you when you’re running for your life . It is worth at least 3,000 mid-quality pearls . Little Friend, you have made a fortune!”

Someone behind him shouted, “Little Brother, I want this flash stone . 3,000 mid-quality pearls, I can pay now . ”

Another man said, “Hey, no rush . Brother, I’ll give you a price that you can’t refuse . I can give you 4,000 mid-quality pearls . ”

Suddenly, a woman transmitted her voice to him, I can pay 5,000 mid-quality pearls .

Han Fei looked back and saw that it was a girl . However, Han Fei ignored her and threw the flash stone into his Forge the Universe . I’m not going to sell it!

Then, Han Fei got a spiritual fruit, which contained more than 80,000 points of spiritual energy . Someone offered to buy it with 800 mid-quality pearls, but Han Fei didn’t sell it either .

After that, Han Fei got two more spiritual fruits, all of which were worth more than 500 mid-quality pearls . The on-lookers were all stunned by his good luck .

The crowd behind Lin Miaomiao and Han Fei couldn’t help but be surprised . Han Fei is so lucky! He has earned nearly 10,000 mid-quality pearls in total, right?

Han Fei pushed the Treasure Hunting Fish that he had cut open aside and said to the little old man, “I want 10 more . ”

Hearing this, the crowd behind him also shouted .

“I want two . ”

“I want five . ”

“I’ll pick ten . ”

Everyone was a bit jealous of Han Fei . Was it because the quality of this batch of Treasure Hunting Fish was exceptionally good? Even the old man himself doubted it . Is this lad’s luck really so good?

Even Lin Miaomiao wanted to have a try . Han Fei paid 2,000 mid-quality pearls for the fish and instantly earned 5 times that amount? Is his hand guided?