God of Fishing - Chapter 320

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Chapter 320: Ghost Speed Divine Boat

Chapter 320 Ghost Speed Divine Boat

Right now, as far as he could see, there were millions of marine animals gathering . If they had all become his reserve of spiritual energy, Han Fei could have deduced the fourth and fifth levels of the Void Fishing Art in one go .

Han Fei swallowed, watching the fish jumping out of the water and the spiritual energy storm formed by endless amounts of spiritual energy, he was lost in thought .

Han Fei asked, “Lin Miaomiao, in the level-three fishery, how fast is the fastest fishing boat?”


Lin Miaomiao seemed to be used to this scene and immediately replied, “I’m not sure . I can only use the most common fishing boat . However, the fishing boats of the most excellent talents of the Thousand Star City can fly 30,000 miles a day!”

“Thirty thousand miles a day?”

Han Fei calculated . His white fishing boat could fly about 10,000 miles a day if the spiritual energy was sufficient, and the fishing boat bought in the Linglong Tower could reach up to 7,000 miles a day .

But what if he carved speed formations all over his fishing boat?

Han Fei narrowed his eyes . He knew how to make speed formations! In the “Spirit Gathering Scripture” left by Old Jiang, although it was mostly about the applications of spirit gathering formations, it also introduced many other kinds of formations, including speed formations .

Han Fei’s breathing became a little short . What if he got a fishing boat with a basic speed of 30,000 miles per day and then engraved speed formations all over it?

This thought flashed out of Han Fei’s mind but moved him deeply .

The formations on a boat could gather spiritual energy, so could they accelerate a boat?

“That’s great…”

Seeing Han Fei pondering seriously, Lin Miaomiao smiled . “Are you shocked by this huge formation? The first time I saw it, I was also shocked and couldn’t even speak . Later, the waves will be surging and the seawater will jump straight to the sky, making it even more spectacular . ”

Lin Miaomiao thought that Han Fei was stunned by the scene in front of him, but he was actually stunned by his own thoughts .

Han Fei wanted to build a boat, the fastest boat in the level-three fishery .

With such a boat and his reserve of spiritual energy, he could almost traverse the level-three fishery in dozens of days . At that time, he could start from the iconic places such as the Sea Grassland or the Steps into the Sea to explore the dangerous places on the map from Old Bai…

The more he thought about it, the more Han Fei was excited .

He finally knew why he hadn’t encountered many dangerous places so far . It was because he didn’t have a good boat .

When the water curtain covered up the sky, the schools of fish leaped and the spirit gathering formations on the dragon boat stopped gathering spiritual energy, the grand scene came to an end and the crowd began to disperse .

Han Fei didn’t mean to leave, but asked Lin Miaomiao, “Do you know where I can buy a fishing boat on the dragon boat?” “Buy a fishing boat? I think your fishing boat is pretty good . ” Han Fei just asked, “Just tell me where to buy one please!”

Lin Miaomiao suspiciously said, “I will take you there but the best fishing boats sold on the dragon boat are not much better than yours . ”

“It doesn’t matter . ”

On the way .

Han Fei asked, “Why does the dragon boat need to gather spiritual energy?”

Lin Miaomiao looked at Han Fei like she was looking at a fool . “For use! There are countless rooms on the dragon boat . The higher the level, the more spiritual energy there is . Some people consume a lot of spiritual energy in cultivation… Besides, a large number of creatures are kept at the bottom level of the dragon boat . They all need spiritual energy and consume a lot . ”

Han Fei remembered that the spiritual energy in his room was indeed more than outside . This dragon boat was so big, so there must be many places that needed to consume spiritual energy . Just controlling the dragon boat to move forward would consume a striking amount of spiritual energy .

There were few shops selling fishing boats on dragon boats, only two or three . The one Lin Miaomiao brought Han Fei to was run by an old man .

“Grandpa Seven, I brought you a customer . ”

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Han Fei saw a thin old man who was playing with a Floating Stone . The shop was messy, like a repair shop, with all kinds of small accessories scattered everywhere .

Han Fei was surprised . “Do you know him?”

Lin Miaomiao pursed her lips and said, “When I came to the level-three fishery for the first time, my fishing boat was destroyed . Fortunately, I met Grandpa Seven . I am trying to save money to buy a new fishing boat . ”

The old man said with a smile, “Miaomiao, you haven’t been here for a long time . Have you made enough money to buy a boat?”

Lin Miaomiao secretly sighed . “Well, soon . Grandpa Seven, this is my client . He wants to buy a fishing boat…”

Before she finished speaking, Han Fei interrupted, “I’m not going to buy a fishing boat . ”

The old man glanced at Han Fei . “Then why are you here?”

Han Fei grinned . “Sir, I’m here to buy knowledge . Could you tell me what materials are required to make an ultra-quality fishing boat?”

Lin Miaomiao looked stunned at Han Fei silently . What materials? Do you want to make a fishing boat yourself?

The old man was obviously taken aback, then raised his eyelids and looked at Han Fei up and down . “You just want to know about the materials, not the structure?”

Han Fei nodded . “Yes . ”

Han Fei knew very well about the structure of a ship . Except for aircraft carriers and cruisers, he was very familiar with all kinds of ships, including yachts, fishing boats, dredgers…

Of course, these ships were very different from the fishing boats in this world .

The old man looked at Han Fei . “Huh? So what kind of fishing boat do you want to build?”

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“The fastest one . ”

The old man sneered . “There is no fastest fishing boat in the world . Fishing boats will only become faster and faster as the materials get better . ”

Han Fei shrugged . “Then I want to build the fastest fishing boat in the level-three fishery . ”

Lin Miaomiao was speechless . Are you serious? The fastest fishing boat in the level-three fishery? Do you know how much a fishing boat that travels 30,000 miles a day in the Thousand Star City costs? It was at least four to five million mid-quality pearls .

However, the old man just smiled . “That’s fine . But the knowledge about it is not cheap . ”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as you can provide it . ”

The old man nodded casually and stood up lazily . “Since you have been brought by Miaomiao, I can give you a better price . 100,000 mid-quality pearls . ”


Han Fei was dumbfounded . Come on, with 100,000 mid-quality pearls, I can buy a fishing boat!

The old man snorted . “I guess you are inspired by the Great Spirit Gathering Formation, right? There are not many materials that can carry formations . You want the fastest, but do you know how fast the fastest fishing boat in the level-three fishery is?”

Han Fei shook his head . “How fast?”

The old man raised a finger . “At present, the fastest one is the Ghost Speed Divine Boat in the Thousand Star City, which can travel 4,200 miles per hour . In theory, this is the fastest fishing boat . It can even travel smoothly in the unknown place and few other fishing boats can catch up with it . ”

Han Fei’s eyelid twitched as he calculated in his head . This speed was indeed fast . If he traveled with it all day and all night, theoretically, he could travel a distance of 50,400 miles .

Han Fei took a breath and asked, “How many Ghost Speed Divine Boats are in the level-three fishery?”

The old man thought for a moment . “I have no idea . They were all brought in from outside, but I think there must be a dozen or so!”

“So many?”


The old man patted a boat in his shop and said, “Do you know how much a Ghost Speed Divine Boat is worth? No less than 10 million mid-quality pearls, and you may not be able to buy it even if you have the money . Do you think that’s a lot?”

Han Fei took a breath . 10 million middle-quality pearls? That’s quite a lot . If he used this amount of money to buy spiritual fruits, how many could he buy?

Han Fei realized once again that he was terribly poor . Why did he think that he wouldn’t spend much in the level-three fishery? See, only asking a question would cost him 100,000 mid-quality pearls . He was really going on a spending spree in the level-three fishery!

Then he asked the old man, “Sir, if you build a boat with those materials, how fast can it be?”

The old man shook his head slightly and sighed . “If you can get all the materials and are able to make it, it may reach the speed of 5,000 miles an hour . ”

Han Fei frowned . “After engraving the formations on it?”

The old man rolled his eyes at Han Fei . “Yes! Do you think it’s so easy to make a top-speed fishing boat? If it’s so easy, wouldn’t they have filled the entire level-three fishery? Are you buying or not?”

Lin Miaomiao was speechless listening to the conversation between the two . She was still considering how to improve her strength, but Han Fei had already started to play with fishing boats!

She couldn’t help but secretly sigh . She really didn’t understand the rich man’s world! Being fast or slow, in her opinion, didn’t make much difference .

However, Han Fei smiled and said, “Yes . ”