God of Fishing - Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: Fishing Boat Materials

Chapter 321 Fishing Boat Materials

Han Fei certainly would not be surprised by the price of 100,000 mid-quality pearls .

On the contrary, if he could really buy knowledge about the materials for making the fastest fishing boats in the level-three fishery with only 100,000 mid-quality pearls, he was very willing to spend this money .

Dum! Dum! Dum!

Han Fei waved his hand and suddenly five large boxes fell on the ground .

When the boxes were opened, they found they were full of mid-quality pearls, and Lin Miaomiao’s breathing became short after seeing it . This was 100,000 mid-quality pearls! Is anyone really willing to spend so much money just to buy a list of materials?

Han Fei didn’t ask if the list given by the old man was true, because he saw that the piece of wood the old man played with was a spiritual weapon .

What shocked him more was that he saw that there was a formation engraved on the wood, which seemed to be a speed formation, which was slightly different from, but very similar to what he knew .

So he was sure that this old man wouldn’t cheat him just for 100,000 mid-quality pearls…

Han Fei said calmly, “Please check the number of pearls . ”

The old man glanced at Han Fei again . “Don’t you want to know whether it is difficult to obtain these materials or not? If they are so easy to obtain, do you think the fastest fishing boat in the level-three fishery would still be the Ghost Speed Divine Boat?”

Han Fei smiled . “Being difficult to obtain doesn’t mean impossible to obtain . Or you can write an alternative next to each material, OK? Even if the made boat doesn’t reach 5,000 miles per hour, it will not be much slower than the Ghost Speed Divine Boat…”

The old man nodded slightly . “OK, I can write down the name of the materials and even tell you the approximate locations of them . However, I don’t know where some of the materials are . It depends on your luck…”

The old man rummaged in the shop’s trash for a long time and finally found a small box . Then, he took out a fish-skin map, wrote something on, and threw the box to Han Fei .

The old man picked up a Floating Stone and said, “For this kind of fishing boat, one Floating Stone is not enough and you’d better not use ordinary Floating Stones on it . Would you like to buy some from me? They are not expensive . I can give you them for the price of 30,000 per stone . ”

Han Fei ignored the old man . The Floating Stone in your hand is the same as that of the fishing boat I bought for 100,000 mid-quality pearls, okay?!

Han Fei looked at the old man’s fish-skin map, and saw he needed four Floating Stones . Then he looked and saw information about the main keel, side keel as well as the words “dragon boat-tendon” and “dragon boat-ribs” and realized that the old man’s plan was to turn a single-cylinder engine into a four-cylinder engine… What a genius!

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth twitched . “I’ll buy some, but only for 20,000 each . ”

The old man shook his head . “20,000? Impossible! I’ve already given you the lowest price . OK, I can charge you 5,000 less…” This old fox! Han Fei smiled . “Sir, I will pay you 50,000 at most because I’m running out of money . ”

The old man said indifferently, “You can still make money . Look at the people on the boat, everyone is making money . ”

Han Fei smiled . “I don’t know if I can meet you again after I get off this dragon boat . If I board another dragon boat, someone else will earn this money . ”

The old man thought about it . What he said made sense . So he said sullenly, “Forget it! If it weren’t for that fact that Miaomiao brought you here, I wouldn’t give you this price . OK, 50,000 . Take them…”

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On the side, Lin Miaomiao froze with just her eyes blinking . Are rich people all so wayward? He spent 150,000 mid-quality pearls only to buy a fish-skin map and two Floating Stones! His spendthrift ways shocked her!

After leaving the fishing boat shop, Han Fei walked onto the deck and looked up at the sky . “Why am I so poor?!”


Lin Miaomiao rolled her eyes . Are you serious? If you are poor, then there are few rich people on this dragon boat . Han Fei found that now he only had 20,000 mid-quality pearls left! This was only the second day after he boarded the dragon boat! And he had almost spent all the 200,000 mid-quality pearls… Who could understand his pain?

Something suddenly occurred to Han Fei and he looked at Lin Miaomiao . “I have a batch of goods to sell . Can you sell it for me?”

Lin Miaomiao blinked . “What goods?”

Han Fei waved his hand and some spiritual wood and a sea bamboo weapon of ultra-quality, magic-level appeared in his hand . “This . ”

Lin Miaomiao took a look at it and rolled her eyes . “This kind of submarine spiritual wood and spiritual bamboo rod may be worth a lot of money in the towns . However, in the level-three fishery, it is worth at most 500 mid-quality pearls . ”

Han Fei smiled . “OK, then I’ll sell it at the price of 500 . How much is an ultra-quality magic weapon?”

Lin Miaomiao thought for a moment . “This kind of spiritual wood can only be refined into mid-quality or high-quality magic weapons worth about 20,000 mid-quality pearls . As for an ultra-quality magic weapon, the price is around 40,000 or 50,000 . ”

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Han Fei was taken aback . “It can sell for 100,000 or even 200,000 in the towns…”

Lin Miaomiao rolled her eyes again . “The town is the town and the level-three fishery is the level-three fishery… Besides, there are very few ultra-quality magic weapons in the towns . People prefer spiritual weapons . Only very special kinds of ultra-quality magic weapons can be sold at such a high price . ”

Han Fei wondered . “In this case, if I buy here, sell there, and pocket the difference, wouldn’t I make a fortune soon?”

Lin Miaomiao shook her head . “Of course not . First of all, even if you come to the level-three fishery, you won’t directly appear on a dragon boat . You need to spend time finding a dragon boat . This risk is not small . Maybe you think it doesn’t matter to strong masters, but if you buy 10 pieces of ultra-quality magic weapons, it will cost you 400,000 based on the lowest price of 40,000 each, and 4 million for 100 pieces… How many people on this entire dragon boat have so much money? Besides, things in the level-three fishery are cheaper . Many people can’t resist the temptation and will spend the money here…”

“Even if someone spends 4 million and successfully takes back 100 ultra-quality magic weapons, who can he sell these products to? Very few people who can’t come to the level-three fishery can’t afford it, and those who can will buy it directly here… And even if he can sell them, it will take him a long long time! People come to the level-three fishery, not for business, but to improve their strength . Therefore, very few people will do the reselling you mentioned!”

Han Fei glanced at Lin Miaomiao in surprise . This girl is very talented in business!

Indeed, although the purchasing power of the townsmen was much stronger than that of the villagers, it was still incomparable with the people in the level-three fishery . If he did the reselling, he might be able to make some money but it would take him a lot of time .

Han Fei changed the topic . “OK, let’s go… Take me to buy some materials and I’d like to buy only ultra-quality materials . ” “Huh? Are you still going to do more shopping?”

Lin Miaomiao was speechless . Didn’t you just say that you were running out of money…

Han Fei chuckled . “Yes, things are cheap here! I still have some money and can buy some more . ”

In the trading area, Han Fei saw the Treasure Hunting Fish stall replenished with Treasure Hunting Fish . He swallowed and said to himself, “No hurry, no hurry . It’s still early Do the most important things first . ”

After a while, Lin Miaomiao was dumbfounded .

Han Fei spent money like water and bought almost all the materials of the ultra-quality magic-weapon level . Within half an hour, Han Fei had already bought nearly 40 materials .

Han Fei suddenly turned his gaze to Lin Miaomiao . “How about the things I asked you to sell for me? Where is the money?”

Lin Miaomiao’s eyelids twitched . “Are you still going to buy more? Don’t you have spiritual weapons? Why do you buy these magic weapon-level materials?” .

Han Fei did not answer but urged her for the money, “Just give me the money…”

Lin Miaomiao was speechless . She reluctantly took out 5,800 mid-quality pearls and handed them to Han Fei, wondering in her heart, This guy must be a spendthrift!

Within half an hour, the 5,800 mid-quality pearls were all spent . Han Fei said to Lin Miaomiao, “I’m going back . Come to me tomorrow morning . ” Lin Miaomiao was surprised . “Huh? It’s still early today!”

Han Fei said indifferently, “I’ll go on shopping tomorrow . ”

“But the guide fee for today…”

Han Fei waved his hand and said without turning his head, “I will pay you in full . ”