God of Fishing - Chapter 323

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Chapter 323: Killed Three Men With One Cut

Chapter 323 Killed Three Men With One Cut

The man picked up the ax, visibly stunned, and then looked at Han Fei . “This ax is not bad, but it’s a bit expensive . ”

Han Fei replied, “My goods are better than normal . ”

However, the man shook his head . “How do I know who you are? How about… 40,000?”

Lin Miaomiao transmitted a message to Han Fei, Bargaining is common in the black market . You can refuse to sell or bargain with him . However, the price is usually fixed…

Han Fei nodded slightly and looked at the person opposite him . “I can charge you 5,000 less . Otherwise, I won’t sell it . My goods are all ultra-quality magic weapons made by a refiner . What I have here are all first-hand sources…”

The man thought for a moment and glanced back . When he saw several people approaching, he took a deep look at Han Fei . “I’ll take it . ”

The man put down the money and left, and Han Fei was overjoyed . Wow, it’s so easy to make money here! In the blink of an eye, he had earned 45,000 mid-quality pearls . One of the people who had just walked over was obviously a woman . She picked up a long whip that was serrated and extremely sharp and stroked it lightly with her hand and scarlet blood immediately dripped out .

Han Fei wanted to say, Don’t drip your blood on it before you pay! But the next moment, two big boxes appeared in front of him . Han Fei grinned . 50,000 mid-quality pearls! This woman bought the whip without further ado .

After a moment .

Lin Miaomiao was surprised . She had never seen people selling ultra-quality magic weapons before . Very few people would buy high-quality or mid-quality magic weapons, so she thought this business was not very profitable . But what she saw now was really an eye-opener for her!

Only half an hour later, Han Fei had already sold 10 ultra-quality magic weapons . Seeing Lin Miaomiao’s eyes widened, Han Fei said, “Don’t be surprised . You don’t know the difference between an ultra-quality magic weapon and a high-quality one . An ultra-quality magic weapon that gives play to its full power is sometimes comparable to a low-quality spiritual weapon . ” Lin Miaomiao blinked . She really didn’t know this . She was just an advanced great fishing master and only had one high-quality magic weapon . Therefore, she didn’t know much about weapons .

After a while, Han Fei sold another seven or eight ultra-quality magic weapons . At this moment, he had already made a lot of money . Wow, this business is so profitable!

If he kept doing this, he would earn tens of millions in half a month!

Who could have expected that he could earn the total profit of The Fish Dragons over a year in a few days in the level-three fishery?

While Han Fei was smug, he suddenly found three men in black robes standing in front of the stall .

Han Fei said to them via voice transmission, If you want to buy something, hurry up! They’re going to be sold out soon .

However, the three people didn’t move . One of them glanced at Lin Miaomiao and then spoke to the two of them . You have broken the rules here . Don’t you know that no more than ten high-level products are allowed to sell in the high market at a time?

Lin Miaomiao was stunned . When did this rule come into being?

The man gloomily glanced at the two of them and explained, An ultra-quality magic weapon sells for nearly 50,000 mid-quality pearls and 10 pieces would be worth 500,000 . Because of this, you will quickly drain the money in the buyers’ hands . Then how can other booths do business?

Lin Miaomiao said to him via voice transmission, But… I’ve seen some people selling spiritual weapons and combat skills here, much more than 10 pieces at a time .

A black-robed man snorted . That was before . This is now .

Han Fei’s eyes changed slightly . I’ve sold more than ten now . Then what are you going to do?

The man said, Tell me who refined this batch of ultra-quality magic weapons . Where is he? Tell me and then you can continue to sell here today . Han Fei narrowed his eyes and thought to himself, So these people are picking on me! They are jealous of me…

Han Fei looked around and found no one came up to preside over justice . He immediately realized that it was the managers of this black market who were interested in the source of his goods .

Han Fei was silent for a while and then suddenly said, Let’s call it a day . We’re leaving .

However, the next moment, these three people stepped on his goods . If you want to leave, leave these ultra-quality magic weapons .

Han Fei looked at Lin Miaomiao and smiled coldly . Is killing allowed in the black market?

The three black-robed people sneered . You broke the rules of the black market first . Leave the goods behind . Otherwise, leave your lives here .

Han Fei smiled slightly and looked at them . What if… I say no?

Go to hell…

Han Fei felt a powerful force suddenly hit his mind . This was a soul attack! Han Fei was not injured . After all, he had the Soul Resistance Pearl and the God Scaring Painting, and his spiritual power was much stronger than an ordinary fisher’s .

But Lin Miaomiao was just an advanced great fishing master . Sure enough, Han Fei turned his head and saw that Lin Miaomiao was already bleeding from her nose and mouth and she fell backwards .


At this time, Han Fei didn’t care about the shit rules they said!

Although Lin Miaomiao was a bit greedy for money, she had really helped him a lot these days and was also very dedicated . If he hadn’t asked her to, she wouldn’t have taken him to this black market .

But now, she, an advanced great fishing master, was attacked by a Dangling Fisher that was good at soul attacks . Han Fei really hoped that she would not become a moron by this blow .

Han Fei’s face was all dark . This was quite possible!

He remembered when Le Renkuang had fainted by the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish, he was also bleeding from his nose and mouth . But Le Renkuang was much stronger than Lin Miaomiao . Just because he could withstand a soul attack didn’t mean that Lin Miaomiao could…

Han Fei was instantly angry and a long knife appeared in his hand .

The three black-robed people on the opposite side were surprised when they saw that Han Fei was unharmed . The next second, they all summoned their weapons, but Han Fei had already cut at them .

In an instant, spiritual energy surged like a dragon, and within a hundred meters, there was swirling spiritual energy . The black-robed man in the stall next to Han Fei hadn’t had time to run before he was thrown off by the momentum of the knife .

“Stop it!”

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At the moment Han Fei launched the attack, he heard someone shouting in the distance . The sound waves billowed in and many stallholders immediately began to pack up and were about to leave .

But how could he take back the attack that he had launched? A horrible knife light cut across the sky and the three people in front of Han Fei retreated in a panic, looking horrified .


Before they finished shouting, the knife light had cut through and the two of them were directly beheaded . The person left reacted the fastest and protected himself with a low-quality spiritual weapon .

However, it was useless . With a crack, the spiritual weapon broke and a blood line came down from the person’s forehead and he was directly cut in half .

“Bastards! How dare you make trouble on the black market?! Go to hell!”

After killing the three of them, Han Fei took Lin Miaomiao and at the same time, with a wave of his hand, all the ultra-quality magic weapons on the ground were collected by him . Then he rushed out of the black market like a cheetah .


Han Fei felt an arrow darting at him from behind after running less than a kilometer . For some reason, he felt this arrow could be fatal to him .

Han Fei was a little horrified . This person was at least a peak-level Dangling Fisher…

Han Fei held Lin Miaomiao in his arms and made weird postures, narrowly dodging the arrow .


Han Fei ran wildly but was followed by three more arrows . Han Fei was shocked . This black market was actually controlled by a peak-level Dangling Fisher?

“I dodge… I dodge…”

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The arrows were too fast . Although Han Fei had tried his best, he was still hit by the last arrow .


His spiritual energy protective cover shattered instantly . Han Fei stumbled and fell forward, but then he had Nine Tails attach to him and he stabilized his body with the virtual claws, and broke out of the door .

Han Fei’s face was pale . A peak-level Dangling Fisher was really strong and the arrow went three inches under his skin! And the other party’s remaining spiritual energy was still rampaging around in Han Fei’s body…

“F*ck! Next time I come back, I’ll kill you . ”

Han Fei’s figure quickly shuttled through the Negative-Three Floor . Along the way, many people were at a loss about what was going on, only feeling a gust of wind blowing past .

But to Han Fei’s surprise, although he had run out of the black market, that person still chased him out!

Yes, once again, Han Fei sensed an extremely powerful arrow . Han Fei glanced at Lin Miaomiao, who was unconscious, looked around, and then went straight into a dark corner .


The houses on the Negative-Three Floor were shattered by this arrow . After a few seconds, a man in a black robe walked grandly in the cabin of the Negative-Three Floor .

This person held a longbow, looked at the ruins caused by him, and felt something was wrong .

He blasted out the ruins with a punch, only to find that there was no one in the ruins .

“Huh? Where are they?”