God of Fishing - Chapter 332

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Chapter 332: The Seaborne Prairie

Chapter 332 The Seaborne Prairie

Han Fei continued reading the journal .

The story continued on the fish skin . “Those Big Red Trunk seemed to be under the control of a certain mysterious power . We didn’t break in until we ran out of our spiritual energy . Then, we saw the greatest wonder in this world…”

“It was a branch which seemed to have stretched out from the starry sky and covered almost ten thousand square meters . Full moons were dangling from the branch, and goddesses were singing in the shadows of the moon . The branch did not attack us but offered us its fruits…”

The rest of the fish skin was too broken to be read . Han Fei could clearly see the holes caused by sharp swords and the burns caused by fire .

Then, Han Fei saw familiar words again at the end of the fish skin .

“You must not eat the fruits… Those fruits were too delicious and improved my Spiritual Heritage easily . I felt that I was cleansed, and a strange power melted with me . . When I turned around, they tried to kill me…”

What came next was illegible . Obviously, whoever wrote the journal was beaten up . The fish skin was dyed red by his blood . There was no more content .

Han Fei grew wary . In any case, he bore it in his mind that there seemed to be a strange tree in the forest of Big Red Trunk below the Seaborne Prairie, and that the fruits of the tree were highly alluring but must not be eaten .

Han Fei collected the fish skin and searched for more leads, only to find nothing .

“This doesn’t make sense! How can those spiritual plants be flourishing without the support of enough spiritual energy?

But after swimming around the place several times, which only had a coverage of five square kilometers, Han Fei found nothing but only several holes that connected to the outside world . It seemed that this place was based on nothing .

In the end, Han Fei could only regard it as a wonder of nature, like the ever-sprawling corals that seemed to contain all the colors in the world . They were simply there, even though people didn’t know why . Han Fei stopped wasting his time now that he didn’t find any treasure . Nothing here was valuable except for the Millennium Snapper and the mutated Big Red Trunk . This was not so much a treasure trove as an undersea wonder .

Han Fei did not think too much, as there were too many undersea wonders, such as the cliffs at the bottom of the ocean or the coral reefs .

Five days passed .

Han Fei finally came to the edge of the Seaborne Prairie according to the map .

He was relieved to see more and more plants in the water . Protruding his fishing hook out of the surface of the ocean and observing for a moment, he quietly ascended .

If his guess was correct, somebody must be hunting him on the surface of the ocean .

Two days earlier, he had run into a peak Dangling Fisher at the bottom of the ocean who charged at him without saying anything . Unintimidated, Han Fei summoned the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, and the man immediately fled .

Because of that, Han Fei had been hunted for three consecutive days . He couldn’t have dodged those guys if Little Gold weren’t as fast .

At this point, Han Fei did not enter the Seaborne Prairie directly . While the bottom of the Seaborne Prairie was often explored, this place was famous not because of the bottom but because of its surface .

He thought that it would be a shame if he couldn’t appreciate the Seaborne Prairie . He didn’t think that the Sun Family could discover him . After all, the Seaborne Prairie was really huge .

On the surface of the ocean… The plants were less dense at the bottom of the ocean, but when Han Fei left the water, more and more seaweed covered the area .

The boat ascended to the sky .

Han Fei took a deep breath greedily and looked at the ocean that really looked like a prairie .

The surface of the ocean was a combination of seaweed and algae that was almost half a meter thick, enough for a human to walk on .

But of course, walking there could be as dangerous as walking in a swamp . One would never know what they would step on next .

The seaweed puffs were full of barnacles . Above the seaweed, the high reeds rose in clusters everywhere .

Han Fei finally knew why this place was dangerous . If a person walked on the seaweed around the reeds, it meant that they would see absolutely nothing except the sky above them .

There was no telling if a sea serpent would suddenly jerk from the bottom of the ocean, or if daggers would be darted to them from somewhere nearby .

Han Fei realized that the Seaborne Prairie was terrifying probably also because the Dangling Fishers’ range of mental perception was not huge .

At this point, Han Fei looked at the distance and found that the reeds spread to a hundred kilometers away .

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There were only two ways to enter the Seaborne Prairie: from the surface, and from the bottom .

Undoubtedly, certain special creatures must be hiding among the reeds . They might be less dangerous than those in the water, but Han Fei had never been there so he couldn’t really tell . When he briefly stopped in the sky, someone flew a boat dozens of kilometers away .

“Shoot! Really? How can it be so coincidental?”

Han Fei was about to run, but that boat simply changed its course and flew away .

“Hu! How scary… Damn it . It’s just a badge . What exactly is this Sea Token? Why are the people from the Thousand Star City trying to catch me in the level-three fishery? Is it really worth it?”

Han Fei was relieved knowing that the stranger was not from the Sun Family .

It was the tradition in the level-three fishery that most people were unwilling to have any sort of communication with others, unless they were pirates on ghost boats, because they couldn’t tell if others were friendly or not . But of course, the rule did not apply to the strongest experts .

Eventually, Han Fei decided to land .

He thought that, since he was merely at the periphery of the Seaborne Prairie, it couldn’t be too dangerous .

Besides, he had seen people around here, which meant that there must be plenty of adventurers at the edge of the Seaborne Prairie . After all, he could only see dozens of kilometers, and the Seaborne Prairie was much bigger . There must be people in other areas too .

When he was fifty meters from the surface, Han Fei began to perceive . He found a turtle hiding among the algae and some common fish that were of no threat to him .

So, he collected his boat and landed on the reeds softly .

After he landed, he was mired in the algae after only two steps .

“Hey! This road is rather tricky . ”

After that, Han Fei moved agilely and cleared the path with multiple Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers . The reeds on his way were all cut apart .

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He had already examined those reeds with his perception, but it was possible that there might be hidden dangers .

After several hundred meters, Han Fei suddenly looked down, only to see a few Sea Stars which had climbed to his legs and were trying to penetrate their tentacles into Han Fei’s skin .


He unleashed his spiritual energy and shattered the Sea Stars into pieces .

Apart from the Sea Stars, several creatures that looked like tiny snakes suddenly lunged at Han Fei .

They were not really slow, but they were regular creatures after all, and they had been chopped into pieces before they could bite Han Fei .

“Huh? Should I go from the bottom? There does not seem to be any treasures here!”

After another couple of kilometers, Han Fei frowned . It was obviously unrealistic to travel on the Seaborne Prairie on foot, as the reeds were even denser than the algae in the water . Han Fei decided to give up .

When Han Fei was about to take out his boat, he had a strong sense of crisis and stepped aside subconsciously .

At that moment, Han Fei peeped at one side, only to see a flashing tongue that was thin and long like a noodle .

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Han Fei was greatly shocked . How could a creature have sneaked up on him when he had been on full alert?

He had already slashed out with his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, but he missed his target . A gigantic creature jerked and rolled its tongue at Han Fei again .

Han Fei was not exactly scared with his two daggers, but the moment he saw the information, he trembled and fell back .

Green Arrow Venomous Frog This is an aggressive frog that lives in the Seaborne Prairie . They can kill beginner Dangling Fishers easily . They’re good at disguises and live among the algae most of the time .



1,620 Points


Green Arrow Venom

Han Fei swallowed . A frog that could kill a beginner Dangling Fisher easily? He was slightly shocked, knowing that he probably couldn’t resist the poison . The anti-poison fruits he had were only helpful when he was a great fishing master, but now that the venom had reached a new level, those fruits probably wouldn’t help .

Immediately, Han Fei raised his hand and established water shields .

Seeing that the Green Arrow Venomous Frog quickly disappeared into the reeds, Han Fei darted out thirty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and blocked its retreat .


The Green Arrow Venomous Frog was killed after it had just jumped into the algae . Its stomach was cut open, and three daggers were left in its head .

After clearing the reeds within thirty meters with the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, Han Fei finally pulled the frog out carefully .

When he saw the patterns on the back of the Green Arrow Venomous Frog that were identical to the algae, he couldn’t have looked more awful .

This creature had clearly fooled his senses earlier when he reached out with his perception .

“What a remarkable disguise, and it’s just a rare creature . ”

“Huh? Is this the poison sac?”