God of Fishing - Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: Faced Octopus

Chapter 336 Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus

When there was a forest, there would be insects, whether the forest was above or under water .

Walkingsticks were large insects that were best at disguising themselves . Sometimes, when one stared at a twig for a long time and confirmed that it was a twig, it was actually a Walkingstick .

Han Fei regretted it the moment he barged into the bamboo wood, because he found that the Walkingsticks he perceived were only a tiny proportion of the population .

At this point, he was still moving on rapidly, when one of the purple bamboos suddenly moved .

Han Fei felt terrible . He had been looking for insects on the bamboo . Little did he anticipate that the bamboo could be insects themselves .

Also, there was more than one of them . When Han Fei stopped briefly, he found that at least five of the ten bamboo shoots were Walkingsticks .


Han Fei immediately went in half-stealth mode and quickly cut the insect limbs with two daggers .


Clink, Clink…


The limbs were harder than he expected . Han Fei thought that they could be used to build magic weapons .

A moment later, Han Fei’s face changed . Different from other insects, the Walkingsticks had pointy hooks at the front end of their limbs, and those hooks weren’t shown unless they were attacking . What shocked Han Fei was that the hooks were so penetrative that they could stab into his skin!

Thankfully, the Walkingsticks weren’t exotic creatures, or he would’ve been riddled with holes if all of them poked their hooks in him .

Clank, Clank, Clank…

Han Fei swam quickly amidst the noise and ignored the minor injuries . It had occurred to him that earthworms with appalling fangs would emerge from the soil if he slowed down .

Han Fei had been accidentally bitten when he was dodging the Walkingsticks, and hundreds of tentacles stretched out from the big worm and intended to tie him up . Han Fei was so scared that he launched a spiritual energy explosion immediately .

To his astonishment, the big worm kept biting him when it had been half blown up, and it seemed to be planning to attack further .

“I’m going to kill you!”

The big worm was finally cut into pieces by thirty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, but when he was delayed, the tentacles of the Walkingsticks and other big worms popped up again .

“Little Gold, attach and retreat…”

Han Fei cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself and fled . He knew that the Water Dungeon Array couldn’t stop the pursuers forever, and he had to find a place more dangerous before they broke free .

In the middle of the Sea Red Wood, one of the guys from the Sun Family gathered half of his spiritual energy and crumbled the Water Dungeon Array .

He launched another attack and cut dozens of spiders apart .

Their leader shouted, “Sun Qi, you will retreat first . Whatever it takes, inform Young Master Sun Mu of what has happened!”

Sun Qi was the guy who broke the Water Dungeon Array . In order to break the array, Sun Qi had not just consumed half of his total spiritual energy but also his mental power . He couldn’t be back to his peak state soon after the attack .

Sun Qi nodded and said, “Wait for me . ”

Sun Qi turned around and left, and the other five didn’t look too good . Their leader said, “Don’t let the boy weaken us again . We’ll circumvent the next Spirit Gathering Array we see . ”

While the people of the Sun Family were stuck in the array, Han Fei finally passed through the bamboo wood, but he had tiny holes all over him and looked like a beehive .

Han Fei found himself to be in a spacious place with seaweed and reefs everywhere . Above him were entangled algae, and below his feet were countless shells, mostly broken and in various colors .

Not far away, Han Fei saw a huge clam opening and closing, and several Black Moon Sickle Fish were swimming quickly amongst the reef .

Han Fei was slightly relieved . This place seemed much safer than the bamboo wood . He should be safe as long as he stayed away from the algae .

However, when Han Fei was about to press forward, he noticed an enormous eyeball staring at him hundreds of meters away . On a closer look, he found that it was on the head of an enormous dark green snake .


Data popped up in his eyes .

Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus

This is a mutated creature that’s developed from a combination of multiple eggs . It’s appallingly fast and aggressive . It can swallow creatures ten times its size . It’s highly venomous .


Exotic 4,568 Points




Han Fei was stunned for a moment . He had thought that it was a snake, but it turned out to be an octopus?

Another seven heads suddenly emerged next to the first snake head, which were gruesome .

Han Fei had goosebumps all over his body . He could accept a three-headed snake, or an eight-headed one, but how could this creature have eight snake heads and a shark head? How did it grow?

Han Fei stepped back when the eight snake heads and the shark one stared at him, knowing that he must’ve trespassed on the creature’s nest .

He had sensed spiritual fruits behind the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus . It was not one of the fruits on trees but growing among bushes .

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Those spiritual fruits must be extraordinary since they had such a protector . If it were any other time, Han Fei might’ve fought this freak and tried to kill it .

But this day was different . He had people chasing him! Now, he had to slip away from this creature, or it would attack him relentlessly if nobody else distracted it .

Han Fei did not intend to enter Forge the Universe here . By his estimation, strong as the creature was, it was only equal to a peak-level Dangling Fisher at best .

If he had more than one hunter, this creature would definitely be killed by them .

He didn’t think that this creature was as invincible as it seemed . So, if he were to enter Forge the Universe here, when would he get out?

Han Fei’s plan was to consume the spiritual energy of his pursuers without giving them any time to rest . Then, he would attract a lot of creatures to a dangerous place and let them kill the pursuers .

Even if the pursuers weren’t killed, it would be very easy for him to finish them off .

But it seemed that he had to give up his plan now . For a moment, Han Fei was in a dilemma .

“Damn it . Let’s do this . ”

The water surged, and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold were released at the same time .

The moment the two legendary creatures were released, Han Fei saw that the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus retreated its heads .

Han Fei said, “Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, stay there and watch it . Little Gold, too . Don’t attack until I ask you to . ”

As he spoke, Han Fei carved the mud with three Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers . This time, Han Fei did not create an array with spiritual energy but carved it with daggers, which was much more difficult .

Also, it was not a Spirit Gathering Array but a Stealth Array

The Stealth Arrays that Han Fei had deployed earlier could only hinder other people’s senses at best and prevent them from seeing things clearly .

However, Han Fei had to wager on the Stealth Array that he wasn’t very familiar with, because the octopus would definitely follow him if he were to leave immediately, and the pursuers would be here in no time if he stayed .

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After a minute, a complicated pattern took shape, but it was not enough . Han Fei filled spiritual energy into the lines, and the Stealth Array was finally activated .

When the Stealth Array was filled with spiritual energy, the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus moved again .

“Damn it! Don’t panic! This is not a Spirit Gathering Array! Don’t be excited!”

Han Fei hurried to establish a Spirit Explosion Array outside of the Stealth Array . He had planned to threaten the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus with it, but the creature only got more excited .

Han Fei’s face immediately changed . “Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, Little Gold, expand to your maximal size . ”

Receiving Han Fei’s message, the two contractual spiritual beasts bulged, and a moment later, two monsters thirty meters long appeared .

The Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus was briefly stunned . Though it was opening its mouths nonstop as if it was going to challenge them, it didn’t move in the end .

Different creatures could perceive each other . Even though the exotic creature was of a higher level, it was naturally scared of a legendary creature .

Han Fei was slightly relaxed and dug into the mud . He didn’t know if the Stealth Array could trick his pursuers . For his safety, he decided to hide in the soil .

He had made up his mind that he would take shelter in Forge the Universe for a couple of times if he was unfortunately exposed .

He waited half an hour, and his pursuers were still not coming . The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp’s tails had almost been extended to the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus’s face, and the creature’s snake heads had bared their fangs .

“Hurry up! If you don’t come, I’ll have to fight this creature first!”

While Han Fei waited anxiously, he heard bamboo shoots being broken behind him .

Immediately, Han Fei buried himself in the soil and recalled the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold .

The Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus was stunned . It finally gathered enough courage to fight its enemies, but where had the enemies gone?