God of Fishing - Chapter 338

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Chapter 338: Complete Annihilation

Chapter 338 Complete Annihilation

It never occurred to Han Fei that someone would be bitten in half directly .

To Han Fei’s surprise, he found that the whip guy had taken out another fruit and was sending it to his mouth .


He immediately shot another arrow, but it was too late . Though the man was bleeding because of the poison, he still blocked the attack as a peak-level Dangling Fisher .

Besides, the monstrous octopus seemed to have completely lost interest in him after he was poisoned, and it was attacking the rest of the human beings .

“Attach! Attach!”

Han Fei immediately unfurled his wings and, dodging an enormous snake head, carried a mottled rod on his shoulder .

Seeing that Han Fei was going straight at him, the whip guy roared, “Little thief, you can’t kill me even if I’ve been poisoned!”

“Say that again after you take this attack . ”

The iron rod was slashed down and collided with the long whip . Crack! Crack! Crack!

The long whip, which was a spiritual weapon, was broken, and the whip guy vomited green blood, but he evaded Han Fei’s attack .

Sensing something behind him, Han Fei did not even bother to look back . He simply unleashed thirty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers at the enemy .

The best time to kill an enemy was when he was sick .

Han Fei knew that very well and would certainly not give the man any time to rest . He pressed the Water Dividing Seal down like a hill and stabbed a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger at him .

The whip guy was very anxious . Everything was happening so fast that he had no time to cry for help . He widened his eyes and glared at Han Fei . “If you want me to die, just die with me . ”

His broken whip was straightened like a sword and it stabbed into Han Fei’s body .


They crashed and fell on a cluster of purple bamboo . A Walkingstick was about to attack them but was squashed by them .

Han Fei vomited blood as the long whip penetrated through his abdomen, but the whip guy was even poorer . He had been stabbed in the neck by Han Fei, but he stuck the long whip to Han Fei’s abdomen towards his death .


Han Fei sensed a stinky wind without looking back . He hurried to pick up the guy below him and sheltered himself behind the guy, but in the next second, half of the guy’s body was gone .


Ignoring the pain, Han Fei drew out the long whip and cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself . He then flapped his wings and flew towards the armorist .

Because everything happened too fast, the armorist hadn’t realized that he was poisoned yet . He had just minced one of the snake heads when Han Fei passed him .

He couldn’t have looked more awful when he saw Han Fei swimming to him . His two companions had died in the past ten seconds, and it was all this little thief’s fault .

Han Fei smiled bitterly . There were four snake heads left and three guys from the Sun Family . He couldn’t defeat them yet .

Han Fei suddenly disappeared, and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was detached and started digging

“You want to run?”

After only ten meters deep, Han Fei saw that the enemy’s spirit gatherer threw a ball of spiritual energy at him .


“Nine-Star Chain…”


Nine chains blocked the unexpected snake head, and Han Fei retreated quickly, glaring at the spirit gatherer . The enormous snake head bit the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and tore it for quite a while . Failing to bite a tail off, it simply threw the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp away .

Han Fei’s face greatly changed . He sensed that the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp had been badly hurt .

“You’re asking to be killed . ”

Han Fei recalled the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and gathered three balls of 1,000 point spiritual energy, before he threw them at the three enemies .

He roared, “Come on! Let’s see if your spiritual energy is more than mine!” Han Fei shot 3,200 points of spiritual energy at the shark head of the octopus as an arrow, cursing the creature for biting his shrimp .

Immediately, tremendous scales tried to block that arrow, but they were all pierced through . The snake heads were fine, but a huge hole was left on the shark head .


The chaotic battle went on .

All three parties were exhausted . The people from the Sun Family were all shocked, wondering how much spiritual energy Han Fei had, and why he could still throw out 3,000 points so casually at this moment .

The spirit gatherer was rendered speechless . He saw that a spiritual fruit was thrown to him and detonated .


Han Fei responded, “Thief? Go to hell!”

The monstrous octopus was in dire need of spiritual energy . It was very strong, but it couldn’t resist so many people! Seeing the outburst of spiritual energy over there, its four heads all moved there .

“No! Sun Qi, give me a hand…”

The manipulator of the Sun Family was quickly swimming to the sea algae, but he was too late . The four snakeheads bit him from multiple directions and tore him into shreds in the blink of an eye . He died the most miserable death .


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Han Fei was feeling great when he suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis . He tried to swim away, but a saber was slashed on his back when he was one meter away .

At that moment, Han Fei felt that he was dying . He had been hit hard and sure by the enemy’s armorist from his shoulder to his waist .


When Han Fei was hit, Little Black, eager to protect him, bit the armorist crazily .

“Little Black, come back!”

Han Fei was lost for words . That guy is poisoned! Don’t you see that he never took an antidote? Why did you bite him?

Han Fei flew back with the counterforce and dissolved all the remaining Green Arrow Frog Venom in the water current towards the armorist .

On the other side, he grabbed the half body of the dead archer and searched his Sea Swallowing Seashell .

Thankfully, he had seen the fruit earlier, so he soon found what he wanted . Holding back the agony, he stuffed the fruit into Little Black’s mouth . “Remember not to bite until I tell you to . ”

Not far away, the manipulator of the Sun Family looked at him in shock . In his eyes, Han Fei inserted an antidote fruit into some empty water .

“Wait . Something is here, and it’s stealthy . ”

But it was too late . The manipulator, after discovering that, was about to break away from the battlefield and escape .

However, there was no way that Han Fei could let him run away even at the cost of his own life . He darted out the nine chains again, cutting through the sea algae and blocking the man .

Han Fei unfolded his wings and simply threw two spiritual fruits towards the armorist who was taking the antidote .

The armorist was already dying . He was already hopeless when he found he was poisoned . There was no telling how much Green Arrow Frog Venom Han Fei had filled him with, but he was bleeding after he took three antidote fruits .

At this point, seeing that Han Fei threw two spiritual fruits at him, he simply cursed, “Damn it!”

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In the next second, the armorist was surrounded by snake heads .

What about Han Fei? He had raised his bow and gathered his magnificent spiritual energy as an arrow . The muscles, bones, and veins on his right arm were stretched out again .


Activating the sixth arrow of the War Soul Art again, Han Fei vomited blood, but he grinned . This battle was definitely worth it . He had annihilated all five of the peak-level Dangling Fishers .

Looking at the manipulator who was trying to protect himself with the sea algae, Han Fei sneered . Do you think you can block my tracking arrow with your algae?


Tremendous amounts of purple bamboo was razed to the ground . Han Fei recalled Little Black and Little White and stood quietly while the monstrous octopus had the spiritual fruits .

Three seconds later, the monstrous octopus’s four heads bit Han Fei simultaneously, but Han Fei’s lips curled . “Goodbye, my weird friend . ”

By the time the four heads reached Han Fei, Han Fei had already been gone, leaving the crazy monstrous octopus turning the purple bamboo wood upside down .

Han Fei had to thank the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus, which was more ferocious than he expected . Who could’ve thought that an exotic creature could kill three human experts on the same level as itself?

Even though Han Fei had also played a part, the biting force and the astonishing speed of the monster were still remarkable .

Inside Forge the Universe, Han Fei cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself now and then went in the spiritual spring .

He was quite lucky this time to be helped by the monstrous octopus, or he might’ve only been able to kill one of the five peak-level Dangling Fishers at the cost of his own life . There was no way that he could’ve killed all of them .


Han Fei vomited blood and smiled bitterly at his right arm which was bloody and deformed .

“It seems that I have to make a breakthrough!”