God of Fishing - Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: Troubles of a Breakthrough

Chapter 339 Troubles of a Breakthrough

It occurred to Han Fei that the body he had been proud of was no longer invulnerable in the level-three fishery .

The peak-level Dangling Fishers caused wounds on him easily earlier, and just now, he had been stabbed twice and almost chopped into two parts . Everything indicated that his body had fewer advantages now .

Han Fei sensed that the Indestructible Body Art he cultivated had shortcomings that originated from his own body . They seemed to be restricting the power of the Indestructible Body .

But of course, the more important reason was that the enemy was two levels above him and had spiritual weapons . It was only logical that he was wounded .

Though the War Soul Bow was great, Han Fei could only shoot six arrows at this point, and his right arm would almost be wasted after that . The explosive power was too much for Han Fei .

Han Fei hesitated, as he did not have much spiritual energy left .

Now that he did not have an energy source, he could only polish his body with the spiritual energy in his storage . Based on the previous demands for a breakthrough, his spiritual energy would probably be used up after the recovery and the breakthrough . However, Han Fei didn’t have a choice . He wondered if more people were after him, and he knew that he would be wounded again if he went out and fought the monstrous octopus .

“Let’s do it . ”

Suddenly, Han Fei gritted his teeth and made the determination . He had only pressed a thousand kilometers into the Seaborne Prairie, and he had already run into such a powerful creature as the monstrous octopus . More challenging creatures must be awaiting him on his way to the Big Red Trunk .

A day later, Han Fei’s body was mostly recovered, but his spiritual energy had mostly run dry too . Han Fei estimated that there were no more than 300,000 points left .

Plus the 4,200,000 points of spiritual energy in his Demon Purification Pot, he only had 4,500,000 points of spiritual energy in total .

Han Fei gritted his teeth . “Break!”

Immediately, Han Fei was enshrouded in a storm of spiritual energy .

The spiritual pool below Han Fei’s butt was instantly dried without any sign, and the storage inside the Demon Purification Pot was declining at a horrifying speed too .

In the meantime, a torrent of spiritual energy flooded inside Han Fei’s body, expanding his veins and polishing his flesh and bones .

100,000 points…

200,000 points…

500,000 points…

It was not until one million points of spiritual energy were consumed that Han Fei finally felt that he was making a breakthrough .

Half an hour later…

A crack burst out, indicating that Han Fei had risen from a beginner Dangling Fisher to an intermediate Dangling Fisher .

After another hour, Han Fei sweated and frowned hard . He had a terrible feeling .

He only had 500,000 points of spiritual energy, but his body was still consuming it crazily, showing no sign to stop .

500,000 points…

300,000 points…

100,000 points… Han Fei grew even more anxious . No! Although he still had two spiritual fruits, they might still not be enough!

When the spiritual energy was finally used up, two spiritual fruits flew towards Han Fei from Forge the Universe, before they imploded and flowed into Han Fei’s body as surging spiritual energy . Alas, the two spiritual fruits were also consumed after only a second .

“Damn it…”


Han Fei vomited blood and stopped the physical polishing .

The spiritual energy required for this breakthrough was completely beyond his expectation . He had spent almost five million points of spiritual energy, but he still hadn’t achieved perfection .

At this point, Han Fei was starving, and he was much thinner than before .

Gritting his teeth, he looked at the data .

Han Fei

36 (Intermediate Dangling Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 0 (4,502)

Level-Four, High-Quality (Damaged)

Spiritual Beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 15)

Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers

Water Vein Technique, Volume Three of Void Fishing (Spirit-Level, Divine-Quality)

Han Fei’s eyes cramped, and he took a deep breath . His Spiritual Heritage was damaged?

He suddenly remembered that he had almost been killed twice in a row . His body was stabbed multiple times, and several spiritual weapons had consumed him in their self-explosions .

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“Did all those things affect my Spiritual Heritage?”

Han Fei’s eyes grew cold . He didn’t know that so much spiritual energy was consumed because his Spiritual Heritage was damaged .

That wouldn’t do . His Spiritual Heritage wasn’t as good as other people’s in the first place . Now that it was damaged too, he wouldn’t be able to defeat the Sun Family’s reinforcements if they came .

Han Fei suddenly reappeared in the purple bamboo wood, not to look for the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus but to swim to where the people from the Sun Family died .

He had taken one of their Sea Swallowing Seashells, and there should be another four .

He was in dire need of spiritual energy . It was unrealistic to steal the spiritual fruit that the octopus was protecting . After all, it remained to be seen if he could defeat the monster without spiritual energy .

No, it was certain that he could not defeat the monster if he didn’t summon the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold .

Soon, Han Fei found the manipulator’s Sea Swallowing Seashell . He scanned it, only to be lost for words, as there were no spiritual fruits inside .

“Damn it… You were a peak-level Dangling Fisher! It’s not right that you don’t have a single spiritual fruit in your Sea Swallowing Seashell?”

Han Fei turned back, only to see a snake head among the seaweed not far away . Han Fei was rendered speechless . Why was this monster haunting him? Had he got in its way again?

Next to Han Fei, Little Gold and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp both appeared, except that the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp seemed lackluster after being bitten by the octopus on the previous day .

But when the two legendary creatures popped up, the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus grew vigilant again . It was not stupid . Now that it had lost four of its eight snake heads, it did not want to fight either!

However, this thief was the one who blew an enormous hole on its head . It was certainly not going to forget that .

More importantly, the octopus was determined to protect the spiritual fruit that he had been guarding, unwilling to let it go .

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Han Fei simply ignored that and soon picked up another two Sea Swallowing Seashells . This time, he found three spiritual fruits .

Delighted, Han Fei searched for the fourth Sea Swallowing Seashell, only to no avail . He examined more carefully and found a calf of the last victim, whose torso must’ve been eaten .

Han Fei immediately looked at the monstrous octopus . It went without saying that the octopus had devoured both the victim and his Sea Swallowing Seashell .

After staring at the octopus for a while, Han Fei suddenly disappeared, which stunned the octopus . Where is he? Why is he gone again?

Inside Forge the Universe, Han Fei swallowed three spiritual fruits, and spiritual energy flowed again in his body . His slim body was finally more or less restored because of the nutrition of spiritual energy . Han Fei was finally eased after seeing that . “Hu…”

Han Fei took a long breath of relief . Seeing that his spiritual energy was restored to 238,242 points, he grew confident again .

However, when he looked at his body, he found that his body was still slim due to the lack of spiritual energy . He had to find a way to return to his peak state!

He had some spiritual energy now, but he dare not use it . It was all the spiritual energy he had, and it was not enough for him to fix his damaged Spiritual Heritage .

But of course, despite the damages and the slimness, his capabilities had been greatly improved .

In terms of physical strength, Han Fei felt that he could heave ten thousand kilograms easily .

He grabbed the heavy rod and found it much more convenient . It was no longer so burdensome that he had to carry it on his shoulder . It could serve as a weapon now, except that the rod still felt rather heavy and was not very handy yet .

“Hehe! It’s good enough that I can use it now . When I return to my peak state, it will definitely be handy…”