God of Fishing - Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Everybody stared at them . According to common sense, the battle between a level-seven and a level-six did not have any suspense . However, Han Fei was not anything common . Since he defeated Hu Kun in one move, it was indeed possible that he could fight a level-seven .

Under everyone’s watch, they began their fight . Han Fei jumped and smashed, because he did not know any other battle techniques .

Xing Qiu sniffed . His spiritual energy surged out . He was ready to knock Han Fei down in one attack .

Han Fei thought differently . He couldn’t catch too much attention . Level seven was already the peak at the school . If he took Xing Qiu down like how he took Brother Gang down just now, something terrible would happen .


Han Fei changed his expression and pretended to step back . “You are good . Is this the strength of level seven? Impressive!”

Xing Qiu looked proud and confident, feeling good that he taught Han Fei a lesson . But deep in his heart, he was shocked at Han Fei’s power . His hands were almost numb .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

“Damn it! Level seven is truly magnificent!”

“He Xiaoyu, I don’t think I can win this time!”

“Hey, are your hands not numb? You’re bleeding . ”

Han Fei mumbled as they clashed five times . At first, the audience thought that Han Fei had indeed felt the domination of level seven .

However, they soon realized that Xing Qiu was not any better . His hands were cracked, and his face was becoming paler and paler . Even his rod was shaking .


Xing Qiu was flung away . His rod remained straight, but his arms were slightly broken . He almost fell over .

Han Fei said, “Sheesh! The level-seven experts are truly unstoppable . My hands are shaking . ”

As he spoke, Han Fei shook his hands .

Everybody was speechless .  Do you think we can’t tell that you’re pretending?

Mr . Yang seemed calm but was greatly shocked . How had Han Fei grown so strong? Not only had he defeated someone of a higher level, but he did not even suffer any injury .

Everybody fell quiet .

Someone smacked their head .  Am I in a dream? Is this really Han Fei?

He Xiaoyu opened her mouth, her eyes full of disbelief . Why did she not know that Han Fei was so good in the past four years?

Han Fei hurried to drop a hint at He Xiaoyu .

However, He Xiaoyu did not really get it .

Staggering to He Xiaoyu, Han Fei cried and fell on He Xiaoyu .

Han Fei said, “Hey, although I won the battle, I seem to have suffered heavy wounds . ”

Then, Han Fei felt that something was not right . He had touched a certain part .

“Huh? So soft?”


He Xiaoyu blushed in fury . “You’re shameless!”

Han Fei was stunned . “Why are you slapping me when I’m already heavily wounded? My internal organs are shaking . I want my Swallowed Spirit Soup…”

Everyone rolled their eyes .  Can your acting skills be any worse? You want soup when you’re dying?

Mr . Yang tried to calm himself down .  I’m not going to be infuriated by a boy . Calm down . Hu…

Mr . Yang bellowed, “All right, end of this battle! Han Fei, come with me . ”

Han Fei said, “Sir, I need to have the soup, or my internal organs can’t be soothed…”


Han Fei was kicked more than ten meters away, but he jumped up and immediately tried to flee .

Mr . Yang shouted, “Stop there! You can claim the soup in the cafeteria later . Come with me… He Xiaoyu, you will come too . The rest of you, send Hu Kun and Xing Qiu to the medical room . ”

Wang Jie was staring at a bottle of valuable body-conditioning fluid, when he saw his colleague lead two of his students to him with a grim face .

Wang Jie asked, “Mr . Yang, what’s up?”

Mr . Yang said, “Mr . Wang, your student hid his abilities quite well! Han Fei knocked out a peak level-six in one attack and defeated a level-seven with only a few hits . Do you know about this?”

Wang Jie was stunned .  What did you say? He knocked out a peak level-six in one attack and defeated a level-seven with only a few hits?

Han Fei said in a hurry, “Mr . Wang, my internal organs are shaking, too…”

Mr . Yang said, “Shut up! You did not even tremble . You think I didn’t notice?”

Looking at Han Fei thoughtfully, Wang Jie turned to He Xiaoyu and asked, “Xiaoyu, tell me . What was your plan this time?”

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Blushing hard, He Xiaoyu failed to come up with anything for a long time .

In the end, Mr . Yang grinned and said, “Your student was addicted to swindling other people of their soup . I caught him right when he tried to do it again . Since he’s your student, it’s not my place to discipline him . Right, I think few students in our school except Tang Ge can defeat him now . Let him hoax elsewhere . ”

Han Fei secretly complained . Who could’ve known that a level-seven was so weak? Brother Gang had resisted him for quite a while!

After Mr . Yang left, Wang Jie finally looked at Han Fei weirdly . “What exactly did Tang Ge give you that made you advance so fast?”

At the edge of a level-two fishery, on a white extravagant boat, Tang Ge sneezed and frowned .  Is my brother being bullied by someone? I have indeed been away for too long this time, but what can I do since this sir wouldn’t let me go?

He decided to find a way to go back in a couple of days . He did not want to see Han Fei bullied by other people .

Fang Ze was holding a fishing pole next to him . On the fishing pole was a three-headed snake . He said to Tang Ge with a smile, “This is a three-headed sea snake . It won’t die even if its heads are cut from its body, and the heads will be regrown a while later . Its gallbladders are the best tonics . Here, take them . You will reach level nine after you take them . ”

Wang Jie thought that Tang Ge was behind everything . Han Fei only had a Level One Spiritual Heritage . However talented he was, how could he become a level-seven fisher from a level-two one after half a month? If he had such talent, he would be distinguished even in the town .

Wang Jie said thoughtfully, “You may feel good if your cultivation is excessively improved with external help, but it will be more difficult for you to advance in the future . However marvelous the spiritual fruit is, it’s a medication and should not be taken randomly . You must not advance too quickly, or your foundation may be ruined . ”

Han Fei said, “All right! Sir, I’ll listen to you . ”

Wang Jie did not feel comfortable to see the loser of his class growing into a top expert among his peers . He waved his hands and said, “Go now! Stop dueling with other people . You will be given two bowls of Swallowed Spirit Soup in the future . ”

Han Fei nodded his head . He suddenly asked, “Sir, I’m told that there are more experts in other campuses of our school?”

Wang Jie’s eyelids shivered . “They’re nothing good . They’re in level seven at best . Do not do anything outrageous . ”

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Han Fei said, “Got it, sir . I won’t do anything outrageous . ”

Then, Han Fei intended to leave . He Xiaoyu followed him .

Wang Jie said, “Wait . ”

Han Fei turned around . “Is there anything else, sir?”

Wang Jie said, “You’d better watch what you’re doing . You’re too little to be together . I won’t stop Mr . He if he hits you someday . ”

He Xiaoyu suddenly blushed .  Who’s together with him? I’m only following him to drink soup .

He Xiaoyu said, “Sir, there is no such thing . He Xiaoyu and I are pure friends, as pure as the meat of the little white fish…”

Wang Jie said, “Get out of here . ”

Han Fei hurried to go . It seemed that he couldn’t trick the students of his own campus anymore . The teachers could all recognize him .

He Xiaoyu said, “He Xiaoyu, we’ll go to the southern campus after we have soup in the cafeteria . I’m sure we can get fifty bowls of Swallowed Spirit Soup there . We also need to buy a big calabash, which can contain the soup when we are full . However, you must lend your bamboo rod to me . I cannot use my super iron rod easily…”

Han Fei talked for a long time, but when he looked back, he found He Xiaoyu walking angrily without looking at him .

Han Fei said, “What’s up? Don’t be upset . We’re pure friends, as pure as the clouds in the sky . ”

He Xiaoyu turned back abruptly . “Am I not pretty? I have too many pursuers! I’m not interested in you at all!”


Han Fei rubbed his head .  What’s going on? Are we talking about the same thing? How can I like a twelve-year-old girl? I’m almost thirty years old .