God of Fishing - Chapter 340

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Chapter 340: Subdue the Monster

Chapter 340 Subdue the Monster

The monstrous octopus was rather speechless . It had never been more annoyed by a human being . The guy just appeared and disappeared without any pattern .

Because of Han Fei, it dare not sleep again .

Yes, Han Fei was out again . This time, his target was very clear . He was going to kill the monstrous octopus or subdue it .

As for the spiritual fruit, it was already Han Fei’s possession . Little Black had already sneaked to it and could steal it if Han Fei distracted the octopus .

Han Fei looked at the four heads of the octopus that were shivering and looking at himself, knowing that it wouldn’t be easy to defeat this one . He wondered if he could afford being bitten by the creature with his current body .

Grabbing his rod, Han Fei commanded Little Gold and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, “Let’s go and kill it together!”

When Han Fei suddenly took action, the octopus was stunned at first, before it burst into rage and aimed its remaining four snake heads at Han Fei, roaring .

A stink of poison was flowing alongside the waves, but it was much weaker than the Green Arrow Frog Venom .

Of course, Han Fei wouldn’t let it reach him . He protected himself with a spiritual energy protective cover .

The snake heads were extremely fast . Two of them bit Han Fei relentlessly .

“Shoot… Are you sure you’re overestimating me? You think you can take care of the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold with each of your heads?”

Han Fei hurried to wave the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers . Boosted by the Saber Manipulation Art, the effect of the Million Knife Art was doubled . At this point, the daggers launched at one of the heads like dancing dragons .

In the meantime, Han Fei aimed his rod at the other head and dealt a Spiritual Energy Explosion on it .

The octopus didn’t know how good the rod was, but it knew that the human being was dangerous, and that it would win the battle if it killed him .



Han Fei was blown backwards, and half of the snake head had been squashed by him .

Han Fei warmed up his body . His strength had been increased by about three thousand kilograms, and he was sturdier than before, or he would at least vomit blood after the previous blow .

Han Fei stomped and charged again, but after suffering a setback, the octopus refused another head-on clash and simply spurted a cold stream of water at Han Fei .

After the blink of an eye, Han Fei had been frozen in ice .


Breaking the ice with his spiritual energy, Han Fei was very cold . He had always been curious how creatures acquired these weird abilities . Did it have ice in its stomach? Or was it one of its skills?

On the other hand, after being bitten by the octopus last time, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp dare not whip it with its tails anymore . At this point, it picked up its nature as a shrimp and punched the snake head that was swimming towards it into the mud . Han Fei grinned . If the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp hadn’t punched, he might’ve forgotten that it was a Mantis Shrimp .

Maybe the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was no match for the octopus in other aspects, but in terms of punching, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was much better .

After the punch, Han Fei couldn’t see the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp clearly anymore . He could only see that its feet and its limbs were fluttering quickly . Then, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp swam to the shark head, only to be scared back when the shark head roared .

Han Fei’s face was bleeding after the soul attack . His soul hardness was not good enough anymore! The Soul Resistance Pearl seemed less effective now .

“No, it seems that I have to put the cultivation of the God Scaring Painting on my agenda now . ”


Han Fei put his rod down and took out the

Sea Wandering Dragon Bow, before he shot arrows at the shark head .

“Keep screaming! Keep screaming! Don’t stop!”

Han Fei shot a dozen arrows that each cost 800 points of spiritual energy . Explosions were bursting out on the octopus’s head as if it were being struck by lightning .


Little Gold folded its wings and simply crashed at the shark head .


Smoke and dust were rising within a hundred meters . When Han Fei could see things clearly again, he found an enormous hole in the octopus’s head .

Little Black returned at this point, with a green vine where a scarlet fruit was hanging in its mouth .

Han Fei looked at it and felt awful .

Angry Spirit Fruit

This is a spiritual fruit that grows where anger and hate gather . It contains a lot of irritating spiritual energy and may likely trigger mutations .



210,564 Points

This must not be eaten, or it may lead to unexpected consequences .


Han Fei almost vomited blood . The spiritual fruit protected by such a powerful monstrous octopus turned out to be something full of negative effects? Did this octopus become this after having the fruit?

Han Fei burst into rage and shot an arrow worth 3,200 points of spiritual energy .

“You lying son of a bi*ch… I thought that you were protecting something good… But it’s only a garbage spiritual fruit?”


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The arrow failed to blow up the shark head, because one of the snake heads took the attack for it .


The snake head exploded, and the octopus furiously launched another soul attack, but Han Fei fired another arrow worth 3,200 points of spiritual energy, determined to kill

it .

The tentacles that had lost the heads rose together, trying to block Han Fei’s arrow, but after an explosion, the octopus’s body was full of wounds .


When Han Fei was about to shoot the third arrow, a snake head drifted by before Han Fei’s eyes . He turned around, only to see that Little Gold had cut a sneak head off with its sharp wings . “Huh! Good job, Little Gold…”

The octopus, which only had two snake heads left, immediately attempted to run now that it had lost its spiritual fruit and it was about to be killed .

Nobody could deny that the octopus was a very smart creature . Han Fei shouted, “Where are you going? Little Black, bite it . Little Gold, cut another snake head…”

Seeing that only two snake heads were left, and one of them had been half squashed by the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, Han Fei was no longer scared and quickly swam to the octopus .

“Collect the demon!”

While the octopus looked at it in fright, the Demon Purification Pot flashed, and the enormous monster disappeared .

Han Fei saw that the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was still punching when the target was suddenly gone . It looked at Han Fei stunned .

Han Fei was stunned as well . He had to try many times to collect other creatures, but this one did not put up any resistance at all .

Han Fei was lost for words . If he had known that it would be so easy to do so, he would’ve collected it a long time ago!

Han Fei snorted . “Humph! Did you think that you would be my contractual spiritual beast? You wish! I would never have such a hideous contractual spiritual beast . ”

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At this point, there were four creatures in Han Fei’s Demon Purification Pot, namely an exotic Iron-Armed Lobster, a mysterious Mutant Devil Fish, an exotic Millennium Snapper, and an exotic Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus .

Han Fei realized that, if he collected another exotic creature, he would be able to combine them into a contractual spiritual beast .

But he had his doubts . Up until now, nobody had a third contractual spiritual beast . He had never asked about it before . It seemed that he had to later .

Han Fei couldn’t help but imagine what a splendid scene it would be if he went treasure hunting with a bunch of legendary sea monsters .

In that way, would he be able to explore all the dangerous treasure troves without doing anything himself?

But on second thought, Han Fei became gloomy again, as he had consumed tremendous amounts of spiritual energy .

The battle just now cost Han Fei 30,00 points of spiritual energy, and he only had 208,016 points left, which would be used up after another two battles of the previous day’s size .

Han Fei looked at the Angry Spirit Fruit in his hand sadly . It was really the most helplessly thing to look at a spiritual fruit without being able to enjoy it .

Right when Han Fei was about to store the spiritual fruit, Little White suddenly leaned close and bit the spiritual fruit .

“Hey… Little White, spit it out . You can’t eat that, not unless you want to become like the monster just now…”

However, Little White simply looked at Han Fei innocently and swam to Han Fei’s hand that had been moved away .

Han Fei was briefly stunned, as Little White was brimming with spiritual energy, and so was Little Black . Those two little fish expanded a little bit .

“Really? You’ve leveled up?” .

Han Fei was dazed . They leveled up so easily? Han Fei asked quickly, “Good girl, do you feel anything wrong? You can really take it?” Little White suddenly spewed out a mass of pure spiritual energy . Dumbfounded, Han Fei swallowed the spiritual energy .

The storage of the Demon Purification Pot was immediately increased by 8,000 points, and Han Fei’s body was filled with spiritual energy .


Puzzled, Han Fei looked at the Angry Spirit Fruit and then at Little White . He suddenly had a speculation .

Was it possible that Little White could overcome its negative effects?