God of Fishing - Chapter 342

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Chapter 342: Bad Boy

Chapter 342 Bad Boy

Han Fei’s sudden change of attitude disrupted the twins’ attack . Both of them looked awful . Why had this guy burst into fury when he was smiling a moment ago?

Yang Ruoyun was uneasy but more or less relieved . It seemed that she had hope now . She wasn’t sure about Han Fei’s personality, except that he was a greedy person . After all, she had never seen anyone else who would hire pirates as their subordinates .

The twins said telepathically, Boy, you think that spiritual fruits are just out there for you to pick? How can we have so many spiritual fruits?

Han Fei said, You must be lying . When I was on the dragon boat, I could buy dozens of them easily . Why don’t you have any? The twins almost vomited blood . That’s the dragon boat! Hundreds of thousands of people live on a dragon boat! Of course you can buy spiritual fruits from them . But who would carry spiritual fruits with them?

Han Fei realized that it did make sense . He only found three spiritual fruits from the Sea Swallowing Seashells of the guys from the Sun Family . It seemed that they were indeed rare .

However, Han Fei shook his head and said, Give me spiritual springs if you don’t have spiritual fruits . Each of you will give me a spiritual spring worth a 100,000 points, or I will attack you .

The twins were of a mind to skin Han Fei . Why did this guy come here at such a critical moment? They could not let go of Yang Ruoyun, but if she had a helper, it would be hard to tell the consequences .

So, one of the twins said aloud, “We don’t have a lot of spiritual energy either, but we can give you a low-quality spiritual weapon . ” Han Fei was uninterested and thought to himself, A low-quality spiritual weapon? Why the hell would I want a low-quality spiritual weapon? Is that even usable?

But Han Fei smiled and said, “Give me the spiritual springs, and I’ll go and leave you to your battle . ”

The twins looked at each other and threw a spiritual spring at him .

Han Fei enveloped the spiritual spring with water, and the twins were both surprised, knowing that it was a spirit gatherer’s skill .

Han Fei peeped at the spiritual spring and sniffed . It only contained slightly more than 40,000 points of spiritual energy, not nearly enough for what he needed .

The twins looked at Han Fei warily, and Han Fei turned to Yang Ruoyun and said, “What about you? Give me five spiritual fruits, and I’ll help you kill them . ”

The twins: “???”

Yang Ruoyun’s face was dark, knowing that this was really a wicked man .

The twins shouted angrily, “Brother, what’s the meaning of this?” Han Fei glanced at them and said, “Why are you panicked? I’ll leave after I get more spiritual fruits . ”

Then, Han Fei spoke to Yang Ruoyun telepathically, Give them to me! If you give them to me, I’ll be justified to help you kill them!

Yang Ruoyun rolled her eyes and thought to herself, Who are you fooling? You’re talking about justification in the level-three fishery?

But Yang Ruoyun didn’t say anything and simply threw three spiritual fruits to Han Fei . “I only have three . Han Fei, stop messing around . I really know of a treasure trove . ”


The twins were immediately vigilant . What’s going on? Do those two know each other?

Han Fei grinned and looked at them . “Give me your Sea Swallowing Seashells, and I won’t help her . ”


Han Fei was responded by a saber, which was so fast that it reached Han Fei in the blink of an eye .

However, Han Fei grabbed the Water Dividing Seal and blew the saber away . “Why do you have to resolve a problem with violence instead of money? Can’t we settle it peacefully? Can you ever fix a problem by fighting?” “Not good, let’s retreat…”

Han Fei smiled casually . “Retreat?”

Nine chains appeared, and Han Fei grasped a long bow .

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Swish, Swish…

The fourth move of the War Soul Art was activated twice towards those two .

Shooting two arrows, Han Fei immediately took back the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow and said telepathically, What a huge loss! Fighting is really costly, isn’t it?

Yang Ruoyun was lost for words . How much spiritual fruit did you extort just now? You took five spiritual fruits and a spiritual spring of 40,000 points of spiritual energy, and you’re crying for losses?

The twins couldn’t be more alarmed . They might be fast, but they were not as fast as the ferocious arrows!

The fourth move of the War Soul Art failed to hurt the peak-level Dangling Fishers, but since the twins were only intermediate Dangling Fishers, the arrows crumbled half of their spiritual energy and almost killed them .

“Soul Stab . ”

“Shadow Kill . ”

Seeing that they had nowhere to run, the twins took reaction at the same time by filling themselves and their daggers with spiritual energy . In the meantime, Han Fei saw two purely dark squids emerging from them and extending their tentacles to the arrows that he shot .

Bam! Bam!

The twins were blown away like disconnected kites . Tremendous amounts of seaweed was shattered when they crashed .

Yang Ruoyun took the chance to approach one of them . Her contractual spiritual beast extended the scorpion tail and impaled one of them .

The other man roared in the water, as if he couldn’t bear his brother’s death . Seeing that Han Fei was drawing near with his seal, and looking at Yang Ruoyun who was about to kill him, he suddenly grabbed two daggers and concentrated all his spiritual energy .

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In that moment, Han Fei retreated quickly and pulled Yang Ruoyun back with his fishing pole .


The man detonated himself . The chaotic currents flung Han Fei and Yang Ruoyun away .

Han Fei rose from the seaweed and patted off the dust on his clothes . “That was quite a ruthless man . He almost got me . ”

Then, Han Fei tilted his head and looked at Yang Ruoyun . “Why are you here?” At the same time, Yang Ruoyun turned around and looked at Han Fei too . “Why are you here?”

Now that they asked the same question, Han Fei wasn’t sure what was going on . “You tell me first . ”

Yang Ruoyun stared at Han Fei and said, “This whole thing is all because of you . ”

“Because of me?”

Yang Ruoyun nodded . “Before you escaped from the dragon boat that day, I was going to talk to you, when I saw that strangers searched your room and asked other people about you . I followed them and found that they investigated your guide . So, I knew that you must have pissed off someone important . ”

Han Fei gazed at Yang Ruoyun and asked, “But why did you end up in the Seaborne Prairie?”

Yang Ruoyun replied straightforwardly, “I left after I knew that something happened to you! But I was never far away from the dragon boat, until I saw you jump from the boat and escape with the guide…”

Then, Yang Ruoyun looked at Han Fei thoughtfully . “Where’s the guide?”

Han Fei snorted and said, “Dead . ”

Yang Ruoyun shrugged . “Everybody has their own fate . It was preordained that she met you . But I didn’t expect you to survive the hunting of four peak-level Dangling Fishers . ” Han Fei smiled casually . “Everybody has their own fate . I survived because of luck . ”

Yang Ruoyun clearly didn’t buy it . Nobody could’ve survived four peak-level Dangling Fishers with sheer luck .

Han Fei didn’t explain more . He simply asked, “After that, I swam all the way here . What about you?”

Yang Ruoyun said, “My target in the level-three fishery has always been the Seaborne Prairie, so I came here . As for those two, I made them my enemy on my way, and we fought all the way here . ”

Han Fei didn’t ask much further . As Old Bai said before, there were too many fortuitous incidents in this world, and everybody must’ve been through some . It was pointless to dig into the details .

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Isn’t the treasure trove you mentioned outside of the Seaborne Prairie?”

Yang Ruoyun nodded and said, “It is . However, I never had a chance to go there because of those twins . Since we’re already here, let’s explore the Seaborne Prairie first If we can make it out alive, I’ll take you there . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “Judging from your tone, you’re not certain that you can make it out alive?”

Yang Ruoyun looked around and said, “Nobody dare say that they can certainly return from the Seaborne Prairie alive . ”

Giving no comment, Han Fei simply swallowed a spiritual fruit, nurtured by the abundant spiritual energy his body conditions were better .

Yang Ruoyun said in surprise, “The spiritual energy in the fruit will disperse if you eat it this way . ”

Han Fei pretended that he didn’t care . “I’m only having the fruit for fun . The dispersion of spiritual energy is not my concern…”

Yang Ruoyun: “…”

Suddenly, Han Fei asked, “Why do the people here have few spiritual fruits when they’re so cheap on the dragon boat?” Yang Ruoyun eyed Han Fei as if he were an idiot . “Those on the dragon boat are different from those in the ocean . Except for special ones, most spiritual fruits only contain spiritual energy and can help with training . The spiritual energy inside a spiritual fruit can be cultivated by a regular Dangling Fisher within a month . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . “One spiritual fruit for a month? Is that good enough?”