God of Fishing - Chapter 343

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Chapter 343: SpongeBob?

Chapter 343 SpongeBob?

Han Fei felt that they were idiots . If one fruit equaled a month of cultivation in the Blue Sea Town, he would’ve exchanged The Fish Dragons’ business for spiritual fruit .

Yang Ruoyun said angrily, “Can you absorb all the spiritual energy inside the spiritual fruit? Your utilization rate will be remarkable if you can absorb half of it . ”

Han Fei realized that she was right . He had never considered the problem because not a drop of spiritual energy that entered his mouth ever leaked out . He had preserved all of it .

Yang Ruoyun thought for a moment and said, “Nobody in the ocean replenishes themselves with spiritual fruit because it would be too extravagant to refill their spiritual energy with them . Instead of buying spiritual fruit, they prefer to buy Spirit Refilling Pills, which are more effective and cheaper . So, few people carry a spiritual fruit with them on their trips to the ocean . They would only have it if they found any spiritual fruit during the trip . ”

Enlightened, Han Fei asked again, “Why are spiritual fruits so cheap on the dragon boat if they’re so rare?”

Yang Ruoyun shook her head . “Cheap? A common spiritual fruit costs between 800 to 1,000 mid-quality pearls, and the finest Spirit Refilling Pill only costs several dozen . Most people won’t buy spiritual fruits unless they’re making a breakthrough . Spiritual fruits are not as cheap as you think…”

Han Fei thought to himself, What a bunch of idiots . But he didn’t ask further . Five spiritual fruits and 40,000 points of spiritual energy equaled more than 400,000 points of spiritual energy . Plus the 300,000 he had stored earlier, he had 700,000 in total .

If it were before, he couldn’t have imagined that he could acquire such an amount in a few hours . If he had so much spiritual energy when he got started, he would’ve grown much stronger .

Seeing that he had sufficient spiritual energy for now, Han Fei was not in a rush anymore . He asked Yang Ruoyun, “You said that you came to the level-three fishery for the Seaborne Prairie? Do you want to team up with me?”

Yang Ruoyun hesitated . Though Han Fei saved her, he was as much a danger as the Seaborne Prairie itself . Should she go with him when so many experts were hunting him?

However, when she looked at the depths of the deep, dark jungle, she couldn’t help but sigh .

“Okay! However, the place I’m going to is more dangerous than rewarding . You may be good, but too many experts have died in the depths of the Seaborne Prairie, including the peak-level Dangling Fishers . ” Han Fei asked casually, “Then why are you going there when you’re just an intermediate Dangling Fisher?”

Yang Ruoyun said solemnly, “I have my reasons . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “It’s more important than your own life?”

Yang Ruoyun nodded . “Yes, more important than my life . ”

Han Fei somehow admired the woman . He came here because he was confident, but she was here with nothing but her determination!

Judging from the battle between Yang Ruoyun and the twins, she might be stronger than regular intermediate Dangling Fishers, but she couldn’t be stronger than a high-level Dangling Fisher . She must have an important reason to travel on the Seaborne Prairie on her own .

In Han Fei’s opinion, what motivated her even at the risk of her life could only be treasure, which he had to fight for . Unlike Xia Xiaochan and his other teammates who were talented, Han Fei knew that he had to fight for as many treasures to build himself up as possible .

Han Fei smiled casually, “Then let’s go! However, try not to be killed . I’m still hoping to explore the treasure trove you mentioned!”

Yang Ruoyun rolled her eyes . She really wondered why Han Fei was so interested in treasure troves… Well fine, treasure troves were indeed attractive .

Now that they were a team, Han Fei cast the Divine Healing Technique on Yang Ruoyun, and they didn’t move until half an hour later when Yang Ruoyun was mostly recovered .

Yang Ruoyun asked, “Which way did you come from?”

Han Fei said, “The purple bamboo wood! It’s a beautiful place, except it has too many pests . ”

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Yang Ruoyun looked at Han Fei in surprise . “You came here from the purple bamboo wood?”

Han Fei was puzzled . “You didn’t?”

Yang Ruoyun’s lips cramped . “Of course not . The purple bamboo wood is extremely wide, and well-known for Walkingsticks and Red Spirit Spiders in there . Nobody except armorists would enter the Seaborne Prairie from there . ”

Han Fei shrugged . “I’m not an armorist; I’m a spirit gatherer . ”

Yang Ruoyun rolled her eyes . I’ll be damned if I believe this wicked man! She might’ve been tricked if she hadn’t known Han Fei earlier .

Yang Ruoyun pointed ahead and said, “The first thousand kilometers into the Seaborne Prairie is more dangerous than the middle part, but it has ensured the peace in the depths of the Seaborne Prairie . The next five hundred kilometers after that will be safer, with mostly seaweed and algae . It’s also the place suitable for common fish in the Seaborne Prairie . ”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “You were here before?”

Yang Ruoyun shook her head . “No, but I’ve studied this place for a long time . ”

As they swam further, Yang Ruoyun continued introducing the Seaborne Prairie to Han Fei .

After the communication, Han Fei learned that, while this place was named after the reeds on the surface of the ocean, the reeds were much less dangerous than under the water .

According to Yang Ruoyun, with enough spiritual energy, one could fly across the reeds in the sky, so anyone or anything special had long been discovered and taken care of .

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While it was less dangerous on the surface of the ocean, most people wouldn’t explore the reeds on foot because of the Green Arrow Venomous Frogs .

Of course, for the people who were interested in poison, the place was interesting and full of collections . But those people weren’t common, not because they hated poison, but because they might accidentally get them killed by poison . Few Dangling Fishers had poison-related arts .

Things were different in the water . According to Yang Ruoyun, she had been ambushed three times in the Seaborne Prairie . But since she had been fighting with the twins, and other people kept a distance from them, she managed to come in .

It was said that there would be more ambushes at the fifteen hundred kilometer mark, which was the second barrier of the Seaborne Prairie . Those ambushers would be even stronger .

Like she said, Han Fei did not run into any unusual beasts on his way .

After two hundred kilometers, Han Fei found that the view around him was changing . The seaweed and algae were reducing, replaced by stones, or rather, weird objects in various colors that looked like stones .

They were quite creepy . Some were pillars with holes in the center, some were lines like coral, and some were fat and wriggling… “Sponges?”

Yang Ruoyun nodded . “It seems that we aren’t so lucky . We’re in the sponge section . Hundreds of kinds of sponges live here . They may seem dead, but there are special sponges in this place…”

Han Fei was rendered speechless . “They’re sponges however special they are . Can they jump and hit me?”

Yang Ruoyun turned around and looked at Han Fei . “They’re even more horrible . Rumor has it that someone in the level-three fishery ran into special sponges that could suck any living creature and transform them into stones . ”

Han Fei was dumbfounded . Were they still sponges? Was he bad at biology, or was it a miracle of life? Sponges, as living creatures, had no head, tail, torso, limbs, or nerves . They were mostly made of calcium carbonate, silicon carbonate, and various gels… He knew that very well, and now, someone told him that certain sponges could petrify people? Were they Medusa?

Suddenly, Han Fei paused and said, “Wait a moment . ”

Yang Ruoyun: “???”

Han Fei took out his fishing pole and cast the hook . The hook disappeared the moment it was cast out, turning to a water current .

Yang Ruoyun was slightly surprised at the strange fishing skill . She looked at where Han Fei was aiming and exclaimed, “Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber . ”

Han Fei said, “That’s good and rare stuff . It’s more expensive than a spiritual fruit . I bought one on the dragon boat, but I’ve always regretted it . I should’ve bought more . ”

Yang Ruoyun frowned . “The Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber contains a lot of nutritions but not much spiritual energy . It’s mainly for body-building . You do that too?”

Han Fei didn’t reply . He would’ve been killed a long time ago had it not been for his tough body…

He activated Thousand Twining and Flash Hook at the same time, tying up the Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber before it realized what was going on .

But when Han Fei retreated the hook, a spherical yellow sponge came close in contact with the hook .

Han Fei: “???”