God of Fishing - Chapter 348

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Chapter 348: Foxy Seaweed Monster

Chapter 348 Foxy Seaweed Monster

Han Fei felt the scene at this moment was very weird .

This seaweed monster really didn’t care about vitality . A large amount of seaweed and vines directly enveloped the Dry Leaf Worm Grass . Thousands of vines turned from green to yellow, and a large area of seaweed withered instantly .

That voice rang again casually, “This thing is interesting . It’s so small but can absorb a huge amount of vitality . However, it’s a pity that it’s full after only absorbing for a short while…”

Han Fei: “…”

In Han Fei’s eyes, the Dry Leaf Worm Grass was maturing rapidly . In just a moment, it became a super tonic . “Gulp!”

Han Fei asked carefully, “Well… Is your vitality endless?”

Han Fei didn’t panic anymore . He couldn’t figure it out at all . What did this thing mean? Why did it harm itself in front of him? Is it trying to impress me through self-harm? If this was the case, then this seaweed monster had succeeded . Han Fei was indeed shocked .

A vine wrapped the Dry Leaf Worm Grass and sent it to Han Fei . “This thing is of no use to me, but to humans, it seems to be an extremely rare treasure . ”

This was certainly a super tonic! Although it didn’t contain much spiritual energy, it contained a lot of pure energy and a lot of vitality . If practicing the Indestructible Body Art with it, he would yield twice the results with half the effort .

“Do you need it?”

Han Fei suddenly came back to his senses, suppressing his desire to take it .

Han Fei nodded . “OK, just tell me what you want . Don’t talk nonsense that you smell a familiar breath on me! I won’t believe it! Just tell me your purpose…”

However, the figure said very seriously . “No, I do smell a familiar breath on you . A few years ago, a creature ran past here and I failed to stop it… Yes, you seem to have the same smell . ”


Han Fei was puzzled . “A few years ago? At that time, let alone the level-three fishery, I was still in the ordinary fishery!”

The voice seemed a little confused . “I don’t know . However, I can be sure that you have the same smell . ”

“Whatever… You can’t attack me . If you dare to do it, I will smash the Flash Stones and run away . Now tell me what you want me to do for you . I will think about it . ”

Han Fei pondered, This monster is so strong that it doesn’t have to cheat me . What’s the point for it to kill me since it is so powerful and intelligent?

“Help me grab a fruit . ”


Han Fei was stunned and blurted out, “You are so powerful . It is not a problem for you to grab a piece of fruit…”

The voice said, “I can’t leave this seagrass water area, and the fruit is thousands of miles away . ”

Was this guy talking about the center of the Sea Grassland?

Han Fei shivered . “I haven’t reached the central area yet and I’ve already met a strong master like you! In the central area, will there be other powerful creatures? If so, how can I resist them?”

“No, you are very special . Just like the creature I saw last time, although you can’t beat me, I seem unable to kill you… You should be able to avoid my pursuit, right?”

Han Fei was silent for a while . Who is this bastard talking about? Who do I know in the level-three fishery?

Is it Ren Tianfei? No, Ren Tianfei is an old monster who lived hundreds of years ago . He certainly wouldn’t bother to come to the level-three fishery . This seaweed monster should not be able to stop him!

But if it’s not Ren Tianfei, who is it? My dad? Could it be Old Jiang? Sister Qin?

Damn, is it Tang Ge?

Immediately, Han Fei shook his head . It can’t be Tang Ge . Years ago? No matter how fast Tang Ge’s strength grew, he couldn’t have become a Dangling Fisher a few years ago .

Forget it . Han Fei did not continue to guess . As the seaweed monster said, he wasn’t quite afraid of it . Especially now he also had Flash Stones…

Han Fei held his head high and said, “Okay, I’ll try to pick it for you . However, just one Dry Leaf Worm Grass is not enough!”

“10 pieces . ”


Han Fei swallowed . This seaweed monster is really awesome! Ten pieces of Dry Leaf Worm Grass? Gosh!

Although Han Fei had not taken this Dry Leaf Worm Grass, he knew the energy contained in it couldn’t be underestimated . Just think about the huge amount of life energy the seaweed monster had!

However, Han Fei did not immediately agree . The greater the temptation, the greater the price he might have to pay .

Han Fei asked, “What does the fruit you’re looking for look like? Do you know what it is called?”

The seagrass monster said leisurely, “I don’t know but that kind of fruit is as red as blood, occasionally turning into a red fish…”


Han Fei was dumbfounded . Is it a fruit demon? Turning into a fish? Are you kidding me?

The seaweed monster said lightly, “You can have a try . It’s okay . Whether you can get it or not, this grass is yours . ” With that, the vine put down the worm grass . Han Fei reached out and took it . Of course, he wanted it .

Then, a cunny gleam flickered through Han Fei’s eyes . “Hey! Promise me two more conditions . ”


Han Fei said, “I need a spiritual spring . The more, the better . Since you are so strong, you must have noticed that I can absorb a lot of spiritual energy . ”

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The seaweed monster thought for a while and said, “I have a lot of spiritual energy, but I won’t give it to you . After you get the spiritual fruit, I can give you a million points of spiritual energy . ” Han Fei said, “But I need the spiritual spring to fight now . You see, I wasted tens of thousands of points just to avoid you just now…”

However, the seaweed monster said leisurely, “The spiritual energy you just consumed does not exceed 10,000 points in total . ”

Han Fei: “…”

The seaweed monster continued, “I can give you 100,000 points of spiritual energy . Sometimes, it’s not a good thing to have too much spiritual energy . Bring me the fruit, and you’ll get even more than you want . ”

Han Fei’s eyes almost narrowed into a line . This bastard is really cunny! It is afraid that if I’m given too much spiritual energy, I’ll run away… But 100,000 points of spiritual energy is too little! Only the amount of spiritual energy in a single spiritual fruit! It might not even be enough for me to run away if I need to…

Seeing that he could not talk the spiritual energy out of the seaweed monster, Han Fei said, “If I’ve guessed right, in the next few days, there may be many peak-level Dangling Fishers passing by the seaweed wall . Can you help me kill them?”

“I can help you block them, but whether I can kill them depends on their strength . ”

Han Fei frowned . This seaweed monster’s answer is ambiguous and it literally promises me nothing… I can’t manage it!

However, Han Fei made no further requests . He grabbed the Dry Leaf Worm Grass and stuffed it directly into Forge the Universe . He would just leave this damn place first… What this seaweed monster wanted so badly couldn’t be a common thing! Maybe, when he got the fruit, he could just keep it .

Han Fei nodded . “Okay! I agree to help you find the fruit . Let me go now . ”

The seaweed monster said, “You can come up . I won’t stop you . ”

Han Fei pondered . If he went out, he could still escape if the monster attacked him . After all, he had Flash Stones in his hand . Besides, he could still enter Forge the Universe .

When the seaweed receded, Han Fei got out of the cave .

After coming out, the seaweed did make way for him and no longer stopped him . Those vines also disappeared . Han Fei looked around . “Hey! Who are you? What do you look like? Why don’t you come out?”

“We will meet one day . ”

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Han Fei remained vigilant and walked unhurriedly . He did not dare to use combat skills to speed up, in case this seaweed monster played any tricks on him .

About two hours later, when Han Fei was about to walk out of this seagrass forest, his face lightened up . I’m finally getting out of here!

However, when Han Fei was walking carefully, he suddenly felt pain in his feet .

Han Fei suddenly used combat skills to break through the last seaweed blockade . Looking down, he found a circle of green seaweed on his ankle .


Han Fei was angry . I was so fucking careful, but who would have expected that I was tricked at the last moment .

Han Fei was furious . “Asshole, what did you do to me?”

The seaweed monster still said leisurely, “This is my soul lock, which represents the contract between you and me . Get me the spirit fruit and I will remove it . ”

Han Fei was furious! I was f*cking tricked again… Ahh, how I want to have Nine Tails kill it!

“Spiritual energy, give it to me . ”

Han Fei gnashed his teeth .

When a mass of spirit spring flew towards Han Fei, he took it and left without looking back .

And the seaweed monster’s leisure voice rang again, “Don’t try to erase this soul lock . Otherwise, it will self-destruct . ”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes and said without turning his head, “Remember to kill those peak-level Dangling Fishers for me . ”