God of Fishing - Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: Color Crystal Mussel and Lotus Fish

Chapter 349 Color Crystal Mussel and Lotus Fish

Han Fei didn’t look back, because he was afraid that he would go crazy, rush in, and hack that monster to death…

From the beginning to the end, he didn’t even see the shadow of that bastard but had to take all its demands, which made him feel really unsettled!

Passing through the seaweed city wall, there were many types of common seaweed for hundreds of kilometers . Han Fei saw that he was far away from the seaweed city wall, so he sat on the ground and checked his feet .

Soul Lock

A special talent of very few creatures . Such creatures compress and refine a large amount of vitality, spiritual power, and spiritual energy to make a soul lock . Once a soul lock forms, it is telepathic to its maker . It is often used to control other creatures and explode when necessary . Advanced

188,862 points

When he saw this data, Han Fei’s face immediately turned green . He certainly couldn’t let this damn thing blow up! More than 180,000 points of spiritual energy! Even a spiritual weapon could be turned to dust…

However, when Han Fei saw the word “Absorbable”, he grinned . That’s great! His dear Demon Purification Pot was always so awesome!

Undoubtedly, Han Fei would certainly not cooperate with the grass he hadn’t even seen at the risk of his own life…

“Hehe, angry? Wanna kill? That’s exactly what I want…”

“Absorb it . ”

The spiritual energy in the soul lock was gradually decreasing . After absorbing less than 1,000 points, Han Fei suddenly saw the soul lock glow slightly . Han Fei was startled! That monster was telepathic to this soul lock . He forgot about that…



In the seaweed city wall, a huge ball of seaweed suddenly shook . Where is my soul lock? It had just noticed something unusual, but in a blink of an eye, it lost contact with the lock .

Han Fei didn’t know what the reaction of that “grass” was at this moment, but it must have been mad!

But he didn’t care . As long as he entered Forge the Universe, nobody could sense it!

“Absorb . ”

After a while Han Fei looked at the soul lock, exhausted of spiritual energy, and chuckled . “Humph! Do you think you can trick me? When I get a chance, I’ll definitely make you pay a price!”

The soul lock without spiritual energy was easily torn off by Han Fei . Then, he cut it into seventeen or eighteen segments .

Coming out of Forge the Universe, Han Fei was all smiles . His reserve of spiritual energy had almost reached a million points again . To be precise, it was a bit more than 980,000 points, but it could round up to one million!

As for the 10 pieces of worm grass that the grass monster mentioned, Han Fei didn’t care about it . He couldn’t imagine who would be so stupid as to spend such a huge amount of vitality to ripen 10 poisonous fruits of this level . .


Han Fei couldn’t help laughing, only to spit out a string of bubbles .

After getting rid of the strange grass, Han Fei was relieved . However, he snorted again, Yang Ruoyun, this nasty woman! She tricked him over and over again!

Now that he had come out and their destination was the same, they would meet sooner or later as long as she didn’t die . Then no matter what she said, he wouldn’t believe her .

After a while, Han Fei saw many undulating flake creatures in the distance . Han Fei couldn’t see clearly because they were far away .

This time, Han Fei was more cautious and didn’t rashly rush over, but he activated his spiritual perception in advance and walked over step by step .

Safety mattered more than speed .

After a while, Han Fei discovered that three or two round-shaped sea mussels appeared before his eyes . Noticing his presence, these sea mussels closed their mouths quickly and then hid in the mud .

“Huh! Sea mussels?”

In Han Fei’s view, a sea mussel had always been the lowest level creature . Whether in the ordinary fishery or in the level-one or level-two fishery, the seabed was almost covered with sea mussels and sea mussel shells .

Han Fei also saw a lot of sea mussels in the level-three fishery, but he didn’t pay much attention to these sea mussels . But Han Fei suddenly remembered that since he entered the Sea Grassland, it seemed that there were not many sea mussels found on the seabed… Was there any difference in these sea mussels he just found?

A string of data appeared in his eyes .

Color Crystal Mussel

A mutated species of sea mussel, containing Color Crystal Pearls that contain all kinds of colors and match the colors of all things .


Rare 856 points

Long-term consumption can enhance the body’s blood and Qi .

Color Crystal Pearl

Han Fei was surprised . Huh? Color Crystal Pearl, what is it?

Without hesitation, Han Fei picked up a knife and chopped it on the shell of a Color Crystal Mussel with a clang .

With a “crack”, the Color Crystal Mussel was split in half .

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After all, it was only a level-27 creature, which was quite vulnerable to Han Fei .

However, before Han Fei dug out the mussel meat, he saw many bright lotus flowers floating over!

Yes, Han Fei saw a group of three-colored lotus flowers floating towards him . With a cautious attitude, Han Fei immediately backed away .

After retreating for several meters, Han Fei saw flower-like little fish floating on the three-colored lotus flower .

“Oh, that’s amazing! Life is full of miracles . What the hell is this?”

Another string of data appeared in his eyes .

Lotus Fish

Mild and peaceful in nature, dislike fighting and killing . When it’s going to die, it will close its petals and sink to the bottom of the sea . The Lotus Fish likes to eat Color Crystal Pearls, which can keep its body shiny forever . Because of its inherent purity, it can get rid of filth .



1,219 points

Long-term consumption can broaden one’s meridians .


Han Fei blinked, watching the three-colored lotus flowers spread out vertically and horizontally . These fishes were about the same size as Little White but more colorful . Although they were not as beautiful as Little White in body shape, they were chubby and adorable .

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On the heads of these Lotus Fish, there were small flowers of different colors . When they swarmed up, the scene was gorgeous .

Han Fei had seen two kinds of plant fish . The first was the Wooden Fish, which was not aesthetically pleasing . The second species was this Lotus Fish . Its body and fins seemed to be made of lotus leaves and it was a non-aggressive fish .

At this moment, a group of chubby and adorable Lotus Fish were surrounding the Color Crystal Mussel that was hacked to death by Han Fei, forming a small circle, which looked quite amazing .

After a few purple pearls floated out of the mussel flesh, the Color Crystal Mussel began to sink slowly, gradually sinking into the sand .

Han Fei couldn’t help but curiously look closely at it . As a result, a group of Lotus Fish pouted their mouths and kept gently tapping Han Fei’s head, cheeks, and chest…

It seemed that these little Lotus Fishes seemed to be angry that Han Fei hacked the Color Crystal Mussel to death .

Han Fei was speechless . I just killed a Color Crystal Mussel . Why are you guys angry? Don’t many fishes like to eat sea mussels? How come these Lotus Fish are so friendly to sea mussels?

However, those Lotus Fish were soon mollified . They seemed very happy to see Han Fei . Five or six Lotus Fish began to revolve around Han Fei .

As they revolved, Han Fei discovered that there were colorful bits of stardust flying out of their bodies and sprinkled on him, which made him a bit uncomfortable .

Han Fei touched the heads of these little fishes, and after teasing them for a while, he found how these Lotus Fishes took food . It turned out that they didn’t eat meat at all but the Color Crystal Pearls in these Colorful Crystal Mussels . No wonder they all looked pretty .

Han Fei only stayed for half an hour before he was about to move on .

But when Han Fei was about to move forward, he saw that thousands of Lotus Fishes had stopped in front of him, stopping him from leaving!

Han Fei smiled . “Let me go, little fishes . I have something to tend to! I will play with you later…”


Han Fei suddenly turned around and found that a big Lotus Fish had bit his clothes and dragged him back .

Han Fei couldn’t help but frown . “Why do you stop me from going forward? is there something ahead?”